Brother Vishnu Gifts Sister River Cauvery Flooding July August

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If the approach of Hinduism to God at a personal level , by treating God as Father, Mother, Sister,Brother …..even as a Lover by Humans, it is more interesting to hear Gods engaged in Human like Relationships among themselves.

This becomes exquisite when Tamil joins hands with Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma in expressing Piety and Love of God.

We have Lord Shiva calling a  Saint , a Lady, Karaikkal Ammayaar as Mother.

During the month of Adi, Aashada, July/August when the Monsoon is in full flow in South India, the River Cauvery is in spate.

This normally occurs on the 18th of Tamil month Adi .

On this day, Lord Renganatha , Sri Rangam visites His sister River Cauvery at Amma Mantapam, Sri Rangam/Tiruchi and offers her His ‘Cheer’-brother’s Gift to Sister!

On this day, the Utsava Murthy, Renganatha arrives at Amma mantapam with His gifts for His sister Cauvery,

Renganatha, Srirangam, Vishnu Offers Gifts River Cauvery.jpg Renganatha, Srirangam, Vishnu Offers Gifts River Cauvery.

Turmeric powder, symbol of auspiciousness,



New Saree.

All these are kept in a Muram(normally used for sifting impurities in Grains), signifying that only the best is offered)

The materials are carried by the Temple elephant.

They are then kept in front of the Renganatha Idol.

Then the Temple elephant shall take the Muram with the materials and leave them in  Cauvery by getting into the river!


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