Ranganatha Moves Bala Sayanam Eagle Does Not Fly

Lord Shiva advised Sage Vyargrapadha to worship Lord Ranganatha at SriRangam to enable Vyagrapada to attain Moksha (Vaikunta)


Vyaghrapada was joined by Sage Patanjali in his journey.



Because of  poor eyesight,the sages instead went southward, lost their way and reached KrupaSamudram (current Sirupuliyur).


They prayed to Vishnu to come to Srirangam to grant them moksha.


It is believed that Vishnu originally gave darshan (appeared) to the sages as Ranganatha, the form worshipped in the Srirangam temple.


Because of their old age, the sages could not see the big image of the Lord clearly and hence the Lord appeared in a smaller form known as Bala Sayanam


(smaller recline), a small kid in sleeping posture. Being the Lord in small form and the saint who worshiped was in the form of a tiger, this place is called Siru(small) Puli(Tiger)yur(Living place).


It is believed that the deity of this place gave protection to the snake Shesha from his enemy Garuda (eagle)


A special feature of this temple is that this is one of the only two Divya Desams where the Lord in Sayana Kolam (sleeping posture) is facing the Southern

direction, the other being Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam.


Garuda does not fly over this place-


Fight between Garuda and Adhiseshan


Once Garuda(the Vechile of the Lord) and Adiseshan(on whom rests the Lord) got into an argument as to who was more powerful and devoted to the Lord.

Seeing Garuda a little arrogant, Lord Vishnu went in favour of the Serpant God. Worried that Garuda might be angered at this, Adiseshan seeks Lord’s

protection, upon which Lord asks him to roll himself and lie under him. It is said that as a result of this anger, Garuda never flies over this place.

There is another story that Adiseshan won the argument and since snakes were sworn enemies of Garuda, Adiseshan hid himself under the waters of the temple tank.There is since been a temple for Adisesha.

A separate shrine for Sri Adhiseshan is present near to the pushkarani – known as Ananthalwar Temple.

It is said that one will be relieved of Naaga Dosham if one visits this place. Unmarried people and childless couple can also visit this temple for solution


How to reach Thiruchirupuliyur.


It is located 2 km away from Kollumangudi. Kollumangudi is 40 km away from Kumbakonam and 10 km from Karaikal.


It is also the junction of the Mayavaram – Tiruvarur high road.


Airport. Tiruchirapalli.


Bus/Railway Station.Mayiladuthurai,Thiruvarur.




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