Beware Of Johnson & Johnson Ranbaxy Products

Buyers Beware.
Buyers Beware.

I had posted articles on how Ranbaxy had fallen short of  FDA Standards  and Johnson & Johnson Product Licence was canceled in India for the presence of Carcinogen.


However I have received emails and in the form of comments to that post(Johnson and Johnson) expressing a desire to continue with their products on the ground that they are being used for quite a number of years and would I mail more information on the subject.

I hold no grudge against Pharma Companies, so long as what they produce is of acceptable standard and are not exorbitantly Priced.

A suspicion and a report that the Products are suspect or have failed tests is sufficient for me to inform people to stop using the products for we are dealing with Lives.

One should know that FDA of US also has corrupt Officials(Please read The Final Diagnosis of Arthur Hailey) and when FDA issues warning it must be understood that they are being issued despite Money and Political Pressure.

Yet the desire to continue with their products persists, such is the power of Television  Advertisements!

Now I find Johnson & Johnson coming out with very catchy advertisements in TV placing the Products as a family’s Trusted product for the  same  Product that was banned.

Johnson& Johnson range Products .
“We understand their concerns and are diligently working with them to resolve the issue,” Peggy Ballman, a J&J spokeswoman, said in a statement, adding that there were no consumer complaints or adverse events reported due to its use of the process.
An investigation by the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration revealed that J&J, at its plant in Mulund, had used ethylene oxide – a substance used to produce industrial chemicals and to sterilize medical equipment – to kill bacteria in its baby powder and had not conducted mandatory tests to make sure there were no remaining traces in the powder.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, acute exposure to ethylene oxide can cause lung damage, nausea, vomiting and cancer.

As for as Ranbaxy is concerned, it has been served with Notices, not once, but  Five Notices in  Five Years!

It is a wonder why it is not shut down.

Beware of these Companies’ Products.

Source Ref:

The following are examples of the observations that support our conclusion that Ranbaxy
submitted untrue statements of material fact in drug applications filed with the Agency:
1. Ranbaxy submitted stability information in numerous approved and pending
applications that contain untrue statements of material fact, because Ranbaxy failed to
include critical information about the storage and testing of the product. During a
February 2006 inspection of the Paonta Sahib manufacturing facility, FDA found
that hundreds of stability samples, many of which were being used for room
temperature or accelerated stability studies, were being stored in refrigerators at
approximately between the time they were removed from their stability
chamber and the time they were tested. Among other things, FDA investigators
found that the sample logbooks did not identify the samples that were being held in
the refrigerators, their storage duration in the refrigerators, and the justification for
this storage. FDA issued a June 15, 2006 warning letter to Ranbaxy based on its
findings during this inspection, including the circumstances of these refrigerated stability samples.


One thought on “Beware Of Johnson & Johnson Ranbaxy Products

  1. All major Pharma MNCs have faltered in FDA compliance & have paid millions of dollars as penalty.

    Ranbaxy is no exception though the story is frightening to read– it is only the persistence of whistleblower who was an erstwhile Ranbaxy employee that paid —literally– he bagged 48.5 million dollars !


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