Johnson Johnson Baby Powder Banned

Couple of days ago, my daughter told me that Johnson and Johnson ‘ the makers of child care products’ like Baby Powder,Baby Soap,baby Oil was banned.

Somehow I missed the news as it was not highlighted in the Media, such is the power of Advertiser finance to the Media.

Of course there are exceptions.

Baby Powder Licence revoked,India.
Johnson and Johnson’s Licence canceled

It is not merely Johnson and Johnson.

We have Complan claiming that children will go twice Taller(?,

Horlicks has ‘Brian Boosters”,’Is the Brain Dead? and what is this Booster?

Bournvita,’Twice the Stamina’-who has defined Stamina and how does one measure it?

Pepsodent sensitivity, ‘cures sensitivity twice as fast’

I can go on.

Johnson and Johnson was caught not for the misleading ads, or for the harmful effect of the products but for following a  different process.

Easy to wriggle out in Court.

May be they have not paid enough to the people, they got caught as a waning to ensure prompt payment.!

Health officials have revoked Johnson & Johnson‘s license to make cosmetics at a plant outside Mumbai after they discovered the company had used an unauthorized process for sterilizing its baby powder.

J&J said in a statement on Friday that it is in “ongoing discussions” with Indian regulators.

“We understand their concerns and are diligently working with them to resolve the issue,” Peggy Ballman, a J&J spokeswoman, said in a statement, adding that there were no consumer complaints or adverse events reported due to its use of the process.

An investigation by the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration revealed that J&J, at its plant in Mulund, had used ethylene oxide – a substance used to produce industrial chemicals and to sterilize medical equipment – to kill bacteria in its baby powder and had not conducted mandatory tests to make sure there were no remaining traces in the powder.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, acute exposure to ethylene oxide can cause lung damage, nausea, vomiting and cancer.

Ballman said the plant has not been shut down and the company is appealing the decision. She said the sterilization process in question was used on a one-time basis on a limited amount of baby powder. Baby powder is made from corn or talc and is usually sterilized using steam, she said.

“For a brief time in 2007, we used an alternative sterilization process,” she said.

Ballman was unable to explain why the alternative process was used but said it is a “widely accepted and safe practice of sterilization used


5 thoughts on “Johnson Johnson Baby Powder Banned

  1. johnsons baby its over 100 years sevice for our childrens.they are donate lots of many to childrens educations & much more. they are things only need profit why doing this things.but they are doing donation not puplishing because we are helping others dont expecting anything. this is the company rools. so dont lying any companies


  2. After using of Johnson baby products my son has created rashes on his skin.

    Kindly stop using the Johnson and Johnson products advised by senior doctor @ Egmore Child Specialist Hospital.


    1. Necessary information is on the post.
      It is better to be safe.
      Advisable not to use Johnson and Johnson Products.
      I am posting another article on the subject shortly.


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