LTTE Prabhakaran and Son Tortured/killed Point Blank- Channel 4

To kill a child ..even if it were to be a terrorist’s is deplorable.

Even if it is war, what about Vienna Conventions? You can be tried like Milisovich of Bosnia or Nazis for The Final Solution.

On this Single count SriLanka’s war crime is proven.


New Photographs have emerged of LTTE’ Prabhakaran’s son being shot.

To say horrible is the least.

Rajapakshe still goes around, worse he keeps visiting India often!

Channel 4 is telecasting A Documentary on SriLanka‘s War crimes on 14 March 2012 GMT 1055 PM.


A series of photographs taken a few hours apart and on the same camera, show Balachandran Prabhakaran, son of Villupillai Prabhakaran, head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). One of them shows the boy sitting in a bunker, alive and unharmed, apparently in the custody of Sri Lankan troops. Another, a few hours later, shows the boy’s body lying on the ground, his chest pierced by bullets.

The images were taken in May 2009 at the very end of the Sri Lankan government’s operation to crush the LTTE, which had launched a bloody, decades-long insurgency against the state that led to the deaths of perhaps 70,000 people. The authorities always said Prabhakaran’s son was killed in cross-fire, as troops moved in to take the LTTE’s last stronghold, located on a scrap of coastline near Mullaitivu in the north-east of the country.

Tiger leader Prabhakaran (pictured) plays with his son Balachandran and LTTE comrades on a beach
Tiger leader Prabhakaran (pictured) plays with his son Balachandran and LTTE comrades on a beach


  • Balachandran was the youngest son of slain LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran
  • Bala was 12 years old when he was shot dead allegedly by Lankan army officials
  • A documentary by the UK’s Channel 4 reveals as many as five bullet holes in the child’s body
  • He is said to have been grilled regarding the whereabouts of his father and then brutally executed
  • The film shows Bala’s body with five bullet holes on it

But the images, contained in a new documentary, No Fire Zone, which will be screened at the Geneva Human Rights Film Festival during the UN Human Rights Council meeting in March, suggest the boy was captured alive and killed at a later stage.

“Next on Channel 4: Wednesday 14 Mar 2012 at 10.55pm

In 2011 Channel 4 exposed damning evidence of atrocities committed in the war in Sri Lanka. Jon Snow presents this powerful follow-up film, revealing new video evidence as well as contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, photographic stills and videos relating to how exactly events unfolded during the final days of the civil war.

“In 2011 Channel 4 exposed damning evidence of atrocities committed in the war in Sri Lanka. Jon Snow presents this powerful follow-up film, revealing new video evidence as well as contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, photographic stills and videos relating to how exactly events unfolded during the final days of the civil war.

The film forensically examines four specific cases and investigates who was responsible.

 LTTE Prabhakaran's Son Shot
LTTE Prabhakaran’s Son Shot

The four cases include: the deliberate heavy shelling of civilians and a hospital in the ‘No Fire Zone’; the strategic denial of food and medicine to hundreds and thousands of trapped civilians – defying the legal obligation to allow humanitarian aid into a war zone; the killing of civilians during the ‘rescue mission’; and the systematic execution of naked and bound LTTE prisoners – featuring new chilling video footage of a 12-year-old boy who has been brutally executed.

This painstaking investigation traces ultimate responsibility up to the highest echelons of the chain of command, asking questions of both President Rajapaska and his brother, the Defence Secretary.

LTTE Prabhakaran's Son just before  being shot.
LTTE Prabhakaran’s Son just before being shot.

What is more appalling is the information that the fresh Forensic evidence  is available in the Documentary that Prabhakaran’s son Balachandran Prabhakaran was shot point-blank with telltale wounds in his chest at not less than five places.

To kill a child ..even if it were to be a terrorist’s is deplorable.

Even if it is war, what about Vienna Conventions? You can be tried like Milisovich of Bosnia or Nazis for The  Final Solution.

On this Single count SriLanka’s war crime is proven.

Do watch Channel 4 programme today.

In a link quoted above  you shall see how Sinhalese chauvinist defend their Government.

Sad for a country that professes Buddhism.

One can not be a Killer and a Buddhist at the same time.

SrIlanka , a case of Split personality.

Bullet marks on the body of Prabakaran's child.
Derrick Pounder points out one of the five bullet wounds in the body of 12-year-old Balakandran Prabakharan

“‘One of the most horrific scenes shows the bullet-riddled body of 12-year-old Balachandran Prabhakaran, son of the Tiger leader Velupillai.

Professor Derrick Pounder, a forensic pathologist at Dundee University, confirmed the boy was shot five times rather than killed in combat duty.

He said: ‘There is a speckling from propellant tattooing, indicating that the distance of the muzzle of the weapon to this boy’s chest was two to three feet or less.

‘So he could have reached out with his hand and touched the gun that killed him. After receiving this wound he would have fallen backwards and it’s then that he is likely to have received these two wounds.

‘It’s likely that the shooter was standing over him while he was lying flat on the ground after the first shot. So this is a murder. There’s no doubt about it.’

The programme has also obtained unofficial footage, which suggests that his father Velupillai sustained a massive head wound – when his body was shown on television his head was covered by a rag. Separate stills see him first in uniform, then stripped naked and finally smeared in mud.

Again Professor Pounder believes he was executed. ‘This would be very typical of a high velocity gun shot wound to the head,’ he said.

‘A single gun shot wound to the head is a little unusual in terms of an armed conflict – it would suggest it is a targeted shot at a subject who wasn’t moving.’

Also Read:

‘The short clip dates from the final hours of the bloody 26-year civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the secessionist rebels of the Tamil Tigers, the LTTE.

A 12-year-old boy lies on the ground. He is stripped to the waist and has five neat bullet holes in his chest. His name is Balachandran Prabakaran and he is the son of the LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. He has been executed in cold blood. Beside him lie the bodies of five men, believed to be his bodyguards. There are strips of cloth on the ground indicating that they were tied and blindfolded before they were shot – further evidence suggesting that the Sri Lankan government forces had a systematic policy of executing many surrendering or captured LTTE fighters and leading figures, even if they were children.

The footage – dating from 18 May 2009 and which seems to have been shot as a grotesque “trophy video” by Sri Lankan forces – will be broadcast for the first time on Wednesday night in a Channel 4 film, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished – a sequel to the controversial investigation broadcast last year which accused both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government of war crimes and crimes against humanity.



The World is concerned about Qadhafi and is pounding Libya.

Mass murderer is making deals with the world powers.

UN is yet to come to any decision on the atrocities committed on Tamils in Sri Lanka.

India is a mute spectator.

Whenever a mumble is heard from the rulers in Chennai is heard Nirupama Rao flies toColombo, has tea with the killers and comes back.

Hope that Jayalalithaas’s hard stand that Economic Sanctions on Sri Lanka bears fruit.

Dr.Kalaignar is busy weeping over a corrupt daughter.

Spokesperson for Tamils Against Genocide (TAG), a US-based activist group said, “this precedent setting decision by the United Nation’s sponsored war-crimes tribunal will likely guide similar evidence admissibility determinations in ICC and ICJ proceedings. When geopolitical conditions converge and UN members haul Sri Lanka to the ICC, the alleged war-criminals then have to confront Ambassadors Butenis and Robert O’Blake’s statements in a legal setting.”

Ambassador Butenis 

Ambassador Butenis

A January 2010 cable from US Embassy in Sri Lanka, made public by Wikileaks acknowledges that U.S. is cognizant of the fact that “responsibility for many alleged crimes rests with the country’s senior civilian and military leadership, including President Rajapaksa and his brothers and opposition candidate General Fonseka.” Ambassador Butenis further reasons the lack of progress in internal investigations: “There are no examples we know of a regime undertaking wholesale investigations of its own troops or senior officials for war crimes while that regime or government remained in power.”

Author: ramanan50

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger

17 thoughts on “LTTE Prabhakaran and Son Tortured/killed Point Blank- Channel 4”

    1. Please read my posts on this.
      No Fire Zone Video Authentic, Sri Lanka Refuses to Accept It.
      Also follow the Independent Link.
      Further Links You may find in the video analysis by searching Killing Fields, Video Fake,LTTE son Photo Fake.
      Patriotism need not blunt Humane feelings.


  1. It is brutal murder and barbaric act which people involved where preaching ahimsa of Buddha. Highly condemable act and killing of a little boy where he is not aware of his father motives is questionable. I am not able to sleep and think after hearing the incident it makes me to think how creully mankind travels.

    One thing we as an corporate citizen not raising our voice leads that we are supporting them.


  2. dont say they belong to buddisht country. They forgot everything. China is also a buddhist country but we know well about them. They never followed the principles of Buddha. we have a old tamil saying ‘ kallanai nambinalum nambu kullanai nambathe ( chinese)’. Rajapakshay comes under the category of Hitler,Ruhollah Khomeini,Maximilien Robespierre,Idi Amin Dada and many more. SADAM HUSSAIN was killed by America keeping the propaganda that he had weapons that are threat to the world and he is a dictator. Now rajapakshay is equivalent to S.Hussain killing lakhs of people. Will America will take war on Srilanka to hang him? America did in Iraq and Afghanistan for their own profits. UN has to take action. But i dont have hope in UN. Those actions that are taken by UN are opposed by CHINA. During war they had shelled UN hospitals in srilanka. What was the UN during that time? It almost 4 years over. Investigations will be done over year and years. We tamilans want INDIA to warn Srilanka and take action on them. But what here happening here is they are giving warm welcome to such a bastard killer rajapakshay and he comes to tirupathi temple for blessings. What a country is INDIA ? I feel really ashamed. If it would have happened to american people, imagine, Srilanka might have been only shells and cadavers. Good thing is the honourable CM of Tamil nadu had taken a good decision regarding asian atheletic event. Hatts off for her regarding this. But no more entry of any of the higher officials of srilanka should be permitted inside INDIA.


  3. To kill a child in cold blood only goes to prove how brutal people have become. Indeed humanity has given way to animal nature. Animals do not have the capacity to think…. we humans do… and despite that, people behave like animals…. Be it a militants son, or for that matter any innocent child, the question remains – why should an innocent child suffer for faults committed by somebody else? There can never be a justification for the murder of children.


  4. Dear Ramani
    Just think of all those poor Tamil little boys whonwere conscripted by PRABAkaran and his Tiger terrorists and how many were killed in a useless civil war! What makes this kid special, just because his father was the world most ruthless terrorist? For all we know , he was killed in the cross fire when his fathers terrorists shot the innocent civilians fleeing them towards the SL army!!!
    Pls pls Get a Life!!!


    1. The manner of killing of Prabakaran’s son does not support the view that he was killed in cross fire.
      He was shot point blank, which is totally unacceptable.
      The fact that LTTE killed innocent Tamils,Eelam Tamil Leaders both in India and in Srilanka,Dealing in narcotics. Assassinating Rajiv Gandhi and using of small children as a shield by Prabakaran is totally inhuman and my views on this are totally against Prabakaran and his ideology of killing.
      Please read my blogs on this- filed under ‘SriLanka/Tamils’
      If the Srilankan government were to resort to killing as it has Prabakaran’s son, does it not make the SrILankan Government a terrorist as well?
      If Prabakaran were to be punished for Terrorism, so is SriLankan Government.
      There are no degrees in Terrorism.
      In these discussions, the plight of Tamils in SiLanka is relegated to the back-burner.
      This is the tragedy and this is what SriLanka wants.


  5. i have heard about the atrocities of srilankan army and govt many times. so far i have never taken it seriously. ltte is a terrorist organization so i didnt think much about it when they were killed. when i heard that civilians were killed i felt a bit sad but still didnt take it seriously.

    but now when i heard the news of a kid being killed, seriously i could not sleep last night. its the most pathetic thing that any right minded person could do. dont they have children in their home? how can they shoot a kid? does god exist? will they ever get any punishment? i am sure that the world will move on and forget this in a weeks time and srilankan scoundrels will go back to their business with chinese support.will they ever be brought before the law and get punished? if only india has a pinch of moral righteousness it will vote for the resolution for independent inquiry. but dont think that india has the guts to do that. india is more worried about questions being asked about its excesses in manipur and the possible chinese and pakistan support to srilanka. i sincerely hope that india will get a leader with spine who can stand tall against arrogance and black mail of this nature.
    we have invited their leader to watch world cup in our soil. shame on us.
    srilanka – i am ashamed that they are followers of buddhism.they are bringing disrepute to buddhism.

    i sincerely hope and pray that this resolution is a huge success and all the nations compel srilanka for an independent inquiry on the war crimes committed. i hope that the people responsible for such gruesome act suffers worst death in their life and not a good death.

    let the soul rest in peace.


    1. Hello Mr Khaleel.How are you.I Fully agree with your Comments,yes srilankan army did a wrong thing,which every parents of a child will condemn the way the army shot dead prabhakarans son.Now generally i would like to give you certain thinks the whole world condemns the way Prabhakarans terrorists men Killed srilankans Citizens and just born kids,without proper evidence i never speak out publicly,Prabhakarans men not only Killed thousands of Civilians but also killed very big army officers in Srilanka.No body Questioned this when he was mercilessly killing the civilians,do you know why.At that time media was not much powerful,but now every International reporter has the advanced phones/computer gadgets which they can record from any part of the world.
      I was very much pained in 1991 May 20th I still not come out of the Incident which our Former Prime minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi was Assassinated by the Prabhakarans men with the support of the congress people.If Sonia was not Involved in Rajiv Assassination Case why the Hell she sent her daughter to meet the Killers in Vellore Jail.Its a simple logic.Rajiv was made scape goat at the profit of Sonia Gandhi.just think twice.Now at the present situation the way she is taking congress is very Pathetic.many Congress Leaders were Killed in Accidents No Probe No Investigation.This is become very common in our Country.What happened to the C B I Investigation on BOFORS.Actually it was just Rs.67 crore Commission deal.For Investigating C B I Spent Rs.271 Crores.In this Main case you may be heard about Ottava Quttarachi an Italian Mafia and a Friend os Sonia was left free from the CBI.Why? The case is totally Closed.For Investigating this you remember Hindu Paper’s Mr Raman’s Wife she had just delivered a Baby she took the responsibility investigation and Published the Whole Transaction About the Bofor’s Deal Ultimately Bofors case is Closed.I have just givin you a sample of Sonia Gandhi.Many Cases filed by Mr Subramaniam Swamy against Sonia is still Pending in the Supreme Court.Why? You just Imagine………..How much powerful she is…………….


      1. Only animals can do it. But…
        INDIA needs a similar LTTE like organisation to fight the ethnic cleansing activities of indian higher caste.
        SL has done this in war. But but but more heinous crimes are being executed for generations in india by the higher cast to the lower caste peacefully in the name of hinduism. India should look at its OWN human right violations happening for thousands of years. This is barbarous more barbarous than the war crimes elsewhere in the world. And they are PEACE-CRIMEs by indians. Not a WAR-CRIME. India has no moral to comment for the crimes happening in others land.


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