No Fire Zone Video Authentic, Sri Lanka Refuses to Accept It.

The release of the War Crime Documentary on  Sri Lanka,No Fire Zone’ has not evoked any comments from the sri Lanka Government for quite some time.

I have posted in a Blog of mine at that time,may be Fifteen days ago that Sri Lanka had not commented yet.

But now a Minister of Sri Lanka  declares that the there is a concerted attempt by the International Community to defame Sri Lanka.

There is also a Link in the Wiki that the earlier film Killing fields of Sri Lanka is doctored.

The Analyst says  that the blood is not real, is faked and manipulated.

Now my points are.

1.If the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka is false.then why no claim was made disproving it then?

The first part is what is expected, but where is the effort to disprove the Video?

2.Now look at the analysis of the Video, No Fire Zone.

Why no rebuttal?

3.What does the International Community gain by taking on a small Nation as Sri Lanka?

4.Sri Lanka declared, at the time of the killing of Prbhakaran that the “LTTE’s back was boken and it was finished’

After the release of this No Fire Zone; LTTE has become active and is able to control World Opinion?

If it were to be so, it would have made Rajapakshe atand on Trail for War Crimes in the International Court by now!

Video And Photo Analysis of the No Fire Zone.

The pictures fill in chilling details on the circumstances of his murder — and leave the Sri Lankan government with yet more questions to answer about just how systematic the executions at the end of the war appear to have been. Last year, we first revealed video footage and stills which showed Balachandran’s body shortly after his execution. These were analysed for us by a respected forensic pathologist, Professor Derrick Pounder, to assess the cause of death.

Murder of Tamil, Sri Lanka
Murder of Tamils, Sri Lanka

The professor identified what he thinks is the first of the shots to be fired at the boy: “There is a speckling (on the skin) from propellant tattooing, indicating that the distance of the muzzle of the weapon to this boy’s chest was two to three feet or less. He could have reached out with his hand and touched the gun that killed him.”

The professor said the angle of the shots suggested that after that bullet was fired, the boy fell backwards and was then shot four more times. Unlike the men around him, there was no indication that the boy had been blindfolded or bound, so it was possible that the boy may have been made to watch the execution of his guards before the gun was turned on him.

The new photographs released today give us a chilling insight into what happened before that. They appear to demonstrate that the situation was calm and orderly. Balachandran was given a snack and some water. There was time to take photographs while he was held in the bunker and again afterwards. The forensic analysis report on the photographs concludes that there is “no evidence to indicate fabrication, manipulation or the use of effects to create the images” and concludes that the photographs “appear to be an accurate representation of the events depicted.”

From the separate video sequence recorded later (which has also been authenticated by both digital video analysis), it is clear that there were several military personnel in the area.

Sri Lanka Killing of  LTTE Prabhakatan's Son
Sri Lanka Killing of LTTE Prabhakatan’s Son

Investigation on war crimes and crimes against humanity,” said director Callum Macrae in a recorded message from London, adding that he hoped the film would lead to informed debate about the issue in the United Nations.

Sri Lankan Government Terms it as’ Fake and planted“.

The so called allegations in their footage of the entire Channel Four episode on the last stages of war in Sri Lanka, is fabricated and the government completely denies and rejects the, Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said.

The ‘Daily News’ reported that the minister was addressing the Cabinet press briefing yesterday at the Ministry Auditorium.
This is an organised agenda of pro-LTTE diaspora to tarnish the image of the country by releasing of this kind of sensational footages on the verge of the UNHRC sessions in Geneva, the minister said.
He questioned that without releasing it soon after the war, why the Channel Four to 3 to 4 years to come up with this documentary.
The minister said, observing the pattern, that the next doctored documentary of the Channel Four on the war in Sri Lanka to be released just before the next UNHRC sessions next year could be easily predicted.
He requested that the content of the footage should be critically analyzed as the government on earlier occasions had challenged them.
He stressed that the former army commander and security forces had plainly rejected these claims which had been directed at the entire security establishments, adding that, a technical analysis on Channel Four’s latest documentary on Sri Lanka is now in progress.
In a technical analysis of the mobile phone footage on behalf of Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, E. A. Yfantis, a professor of computer science at University of Nevada-Las Vegas specialising in computer graphics and image processing, stated that “based on mathematical analysis, blood in the 3GP videos is not real blood. It is not clear if the blood in the 3GP scenes is water with red dye or digitally constructed or edited video blood” and that “videographic and mathematical analysis of the two 3GP videos show that the videos either were edited, or staged, or both”. He concluded that “Careful analysis of the two 3GP videos which included both frame by frame visual inspection as well as the robust mathematical attributes of the video frames, has led us to the conclusion that this is a very deliberate and orchestrated video”.(Wiki)

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      1. why don’t you post rape cases in India ? Sri Lanka is better thane India , please don’t post edited photoes about sri lanka


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