Why And What I Write On Hinduism Sanatana Dharma

There have been some questions asked on what I write on my Blog and why do I write?

The answer to the first question is obvious.

Among other topics, about 116 Categories, I write more on Hinduism, the name given to Santana Dharma by the West.

I have found that the Youngsters , the Age group between 20-35, are quite curious and want to know more about Hinduism.

And they do not want to hear the answer that things are what they are in Hinduism and one should follow it.

But if one were to explain them in simple, yet in modern scientific terms , they are interested, ask for more and they become ardent followers of Hinduism.

The percentage of Readers for Ramani’s blog from the youth brigade outstrips the elder generation by quite a few yards.

And they ask me very pertinent , intelligent question, either in the form of comments or by personal email.

I wanted to provide material for their hunger.

The information in the Religious texts, Indian Philosophy is slightly difficult to follow as the concepts are very abstract and needs a careful study to understand their implication.

And reading in English from the West distort Hinduism, in most cases they were/are  deliberately done to malign Hinduism.

I am trying to provide information to provide as a sort of signpost for people to follow.

I provide the sources where people can read and research further.

I provide information direct from the sources in Sanskrit, simplify it, present in a language an average person can understand sans jargon.

Some times some difficult concepts are presented in such a simple manner, at times the full import of Philosophical implications may not be forthcoming.

But this provides people information to check further and seek clarification.

That’s it.

Once people read from the sources, I know they will get hooked to Hinduism.

And, in my opinion, our generation has failed in transmitting the information to the next generation mainly because most of us did not know the subject or could not communicate.

This has to be rectified to prevent our Great religion being maligned and ridiculed.

The scientific knowledge our ancestors have amassed and stored…..?

Mind boggling.

As to the question why I write,

Well , I like to write, that’s all.

I do not bother about earning through my writings as God has made me contented.

I spend about 10 to 11 hours reading and writing.

The feedback I get is more than what Money can give me and even if one is benefited by my posts, my purpose is served.

To those who read my posts, please take my posts as a starting point, cross check the information and wherever possible read from the original in Sanskrit.

And point out inaccuracies in my posts.

I would like my blog to be authentic as Ramani’s blog is now rated among the first twenty authoritative blogs on Hinduism.

I would like to be authentic and I do not hesitate to correct and correct information is more important.

(I also write replies to slanders on Hinduism through my other blog Ramani Comments at  https://ramanan50blogs.wordpress.com/

I have written on these subjects in this Ramani’s blogs( this blog) earlier.

Now I am writing in Ramani’s comments as a rejoinder, reply and translation of the English Blog at http://www.ramanan50.worpress.com)

And Thanks for 3.6 million Hits. 3,697,396 as on Date.


  1. Dear Sri Ramanan
    I had asked you sometime back whether a woman should sit to the left or right during a function and whether a woman can make offerings in the homa kundam. Can you please clarify this ?


  2. Hi Sir,

    I am a tamil Brahmin. I am in a relationship with a North Indian Girl of Brahmin Caste(Dubey). She is 3 months elder to me. My parents say this is against our dharma as we should not marry a girl elder to us. If so when she is doing namaskaram it will affect the family. But the girl has already learnt most of tamil and tamil brahmin culture. My parents are harping only on this age problem. Any points from you to convince them on this?


  3. Hi Sir,

    I am a tamil Brahmin. I am in relationship with a North Indian Girl of Brahmin Caste(Dubey). She is 3 months elder to me. My parents say this is against our dharma as we should not marry a girl elder to us. If so when she is doing namaskaram it will affect the family. But the girl has already learnt most of tamil and tamil brahmin culture. My parents are harping only on this age problem. Any points from you to convince them on this?


  4. Sir; wish you happy day. Veda is book of ethics. This ethics are not prepare but it is search by Rushi [ at present we know as scientist. ] This ethics ; they adopt in their life; put in action. Lord Krishna adopt and put in action this ethics. he told in “Geeta ” That Brahman are super in race; so after Mahabharat yudh; in Ashvamegh yagna; Lord Krishna lift the diner dish of Brahman.
    The definition of intelligence is change. Suppose I am Advocate; so I am unknown about other subject; like engineer ; commerce ; medicine . etc.though i believe that my self is the master of all subject; it reflect that believe that I have a knowledge of engineering;. medicine. commerce; i can prepare every thing . This is wrong. we believe in master of particular subject; that is for illness we will go to Doctor; not to advocate. Our Rushi were master of brain; so they research the ethics of happy life. They also research the way of God; How we can meet Him. Patanjal Yogsdutra; ; Svaroday sastra; physics [ body ] so they become master of double figar.
    we read and believe but not adopting. shree Ramkrashna Paramhans teach Tantra Vidhya from “Yogini ” Tantra means short cut of meeting the God. Ravan is the example.
    Only sanatan dharma telling that every one have right to be God; The ” 64 kala ” is teach by Sandipani Rushi; and we know that lord Krishna is master of 64 Kala; he known as God; in a fact Rushi sandipani should know as God; But he tell that I am not God; Krishna is God.
    Darshan Pathak


    1. They give importance to Only Krishna and interpret everything in a lopsided way.But they are pious in general, notwithstanding manipualtions and Politics in their organisation.Some are really very pious and learned but mostly they are driven like a MNC.And their devotion to krishna resembles church. Personally i do not attach much importance to it.To me their temple is a Picnic spot.


      1. Namaste, There are quite a few Youtube videos in which some of the white ISKCON followers state they follow ISKCON since it replicates the trinity
        HolyFather/Spirit/Son=Parmatama/Atma/Krishna. Most of the time they keep on claiming ISKCON teaches the principle of “For the love of God” just like in Christianity. Some are truly faithful while rest of them are running a scam.


  5. Veda is the book of ethics. From born to die; man is passing from this tunnel 1. social. 2. economics. 3. politics. 4.physics. 5. religion. How to live happy and peace fully among this tunnel; this ethics are given in Vedas. It has less concern with race.
    The bravery; and adventure is fundamental ethics of Sanatan dharma.
    Rig-Veda- ” we became a fire to break the mountain. Our life usually as soft as lotus; but for attacking enemy we become as fire. With our brightness;and bravery; we make attacking enemy ash;crush down all difficulties come along the ways. If any mountain hinders our progress; we break it. ” 4-2-15
    Atharva- Veda 11-1-2. ‘ o powerful friends; come on ; let make planet full of movements; we have lost lots of in sleep; now let standup by making ourselves out of rest. Let make an ideal society;by deleting ignorance; illiteracy; injustice.’
    Sanatan Dharma [Veda ] is not only for spiritual events;
    from born to die man is passing from 1. social. 2. economics. 3. politics. 4.physics. 5. religion. tunnel . How to pass this tunnel with peace and joy; that ethics are shown in Vedas. This ethic has less concern with race and gender.
    our Sants [sanyasi ] are not reading Veda. Our all god are warrior;and rich; then why we are not?
    Darshanchandra N. Pathak.


  6. Ramanan,
    An interesting site. I have a question to which I am seeking an answer – perhaps you can help. A little background first. I wrote an introductory book “Our Heritage Revisited : A glimpse into ancient Indian texts” which is available at http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00YF1DOGM.

    After completing the Shruti texts, I moved onto the Smritis – the Itihaas and the Purans when my daughter, while reading the draft, commented : No portion of the Veds (including the Upanishads) really talk of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Ganesh, Devi etc. How did the transition take place.?

    The Agams do provide a clue but to my mind there are several missing links – especially in the practices as seen from Uttar Pradesh where I come from. Can you throw any light on this?


  7. sir, there are some articles and theories that tells sukrachariya ( the asura guru) has a big influence on Islam! What is ur say on this? Do you have any information/ source about this?

    And, Sir, Ur blog has a lot of information that makes us ( sanathana dharma followers=Hindus ) to take pride on it!


    1. Sukracharya had nothing to do with Islam.As I had mentioned in a few Posts here is an attmpt to seek legitimacy among Hindus, by vested interests saying that Islam/Christianity are from Hinduism.There ae also quotes from the Bhagavatha Purana about Islam, where Islam was anticipated.Please read my Post on this.Thanks.Regds.


  8. Hi, I chanced upon your website searching for Shiva temple in Grand Canyon. I think you are doing a great job connecting events, places and names to HInduism a.k.a sanatana dharma. It is indeed saddening to see that we have only fractions of the great religion left, that once encompassed the lives of all of humankind, fractions which are often questioned and denied, and yet the evidences are clearly there in the form of language and culture, for those who are prepared to accept the magnanimity of The Lord’s creation. It was and still is, a religion that lets one explore the limits of one’s existence, a natural religion that does not die with one race as the name sanatana dharma itself means the eternal religion – for everyone. I have no doubt that the knowledge contained within it will reach the fortunate who deserve it. Keep up your good work, thank you for the nice read.


  9. today i read ur blog by chance by searching natraja’s image, i read some comments also, overall ur work is great but u know the facts that by ur experience that this is modern-age(the age of antitheist ) in today’s people have their own thought,belief and taamsiik-guna-thinking they not believe on you. but for ur research i can only say that the circle of time cant be discover by use of modern science or reading books its only can be know by inner awakening(antarmukhta)


  10. Hinduism didn’t exist, it was invented by Adi Shankra from Buddhism and Jainism that pre-dated modern Hinduism by mixing some elemants of ancient Brahminism from Iran (central Asian religions). Jainism is the oldest and most ancient of indigenous religions of India. Jainism completely rejected the Hindu gods that are worshiped today and rather focused on the Thirthankaras who attained enlightenment. Jain scholars clearly attest to that fact. Jain temples existed before Hindu temples came. Most Hindu temples are built by taking over Buddhist and Jain temples. Buddhism came from Shramana traditions that in turn existed from Jainism. Buddha’s knowledge was his own unique knowledge and He clearly emphasized not to worship the Hindu gods. Sikhism also rejected the Hindu gods. Hinduism therefore is an infant young religion created 1,200 years ago by Adi Shankra, who copied a lot of his concepts on Saguna Brahman and Advaita from Syrian Christians who existed in Kerala, copied from Buddhism as well. These are well known realities. Much of Hinduism today is cut/copy/paste and plagiarized at the expense of Buddhists and Jains. Some Hindus are so confused that in order to defeat Buddhism, they adopted Buddha as an incarnation of Vishnu, that Buddha himself denied being a god. So Buddha cannot lie. Even if that was the case, then Hindus should obey the last and latest incarnation Buddha and stop worshiping Hindu gods as He clearly commanded the end to worshiping Brahminical deities.

    Ganesha and Hanuman do not exist in Vedas, because Vedas came from Central Asia, where it was cold and Fire was worshiped to keep people warm. So fire is constantly worshiped and invoked in Vedas. Everything else came after the early ANI settlers (ANI GENES) also known as as “Aryans” (although it is different from the so called Aryans mentioned in textbooks). All this is proof that Hinduism is an invented religion.


    1. lol…i red through your nonsense and stumbled upon this…”adi shankaracharya copid saguna brahman fom syrian christians…” how” in chrisitianity and in hinduism concept of God is diametrially opposit. christians belive in a loving but a harsh god preparing an endless torture chamber called eternl hellfire and hinduism belives in a god incarnating from age to age to rise dharma over adharma.


    2. The name Hinduism was given in the later age, before that Sanathana Dharma existed forever.

      “Hinduism didn’t exist, it was invented by Adi Shankra from Buddhism and Jainism that pre-dated modern Hinduism by mixing some elemants of ancient Brahminism from Iran (central Asian religions).

      Brahminism from Iran or Aryan migration theory is refuted both by material evidences and other forms of archeological evidences, you have to give proofs before you say something.

      Before AdiShankara, Govinda Bhagavatpada was there, he was preaching advita, so advita was not newly proponed by AdiShankara, but he spread it to more masses. Infact veda (shruti) itself is called into Abheda (One supreme), Bheda (Chit, Achit) and Gataka (antaryami) which gave rise to different school of philosophies like Advita, Dvita and Vishistadvaita respectively.

      “Advaita from Syrian Christians who existed in Kerala, copied from Buddhism as well.

      I don’t know how you relate Syrian Christians with Advaita, Coming to Buddhism, AdiShankara clearly denies the concept of Buddhism, were the atman is refered to sanikam (atman creates and disappears in fraction of time ) but as per advaita there is a supreme ataman present always.

      Poorva Mimamsa school was very prevalent before AdiSankara took advaita Vedanta (also called Uttra Mimamsa) to all the people, Buddism grew by talking against Poorva Mimamsa which involves more rituals and Yajnas not much of philosophy. AdiSankara defeated the buddisht school by explaning the richer philosophical thoughts present in Upanishads.

      “Ganesha and Hanuman do not exist in Vedas, because Vedas came from Central Asia,”

      Ganesha is mentioned in RigVeda 2.23.1

      gaNAnAn.h tvA gaNapatiM havAmahe kavim kavInAm- upamashravastamaM |
      jyeshhTharAjaM brahmaNAn.h brahmaNaspata A naH shR^iNvannUtibhiH sIda sAdanaM ||

      Also in other places of Vedas and Puranas he is mentioned as Brahmansapti, also he is the one who took notes while Vyasa dictated the Mahabaratha. Hanuman is mentioned in Ramayana and he is worshiped because he is the ardent devotee of rama.

      Vedas not only mention Agni, but 33 primary gods (including , Indra, Vayu, Surya etc.) Upanishads like Brihadaranyaka Upanishads got vast mentions of all the 33 gods.

      In conclusion, all you mentioned are false .


      1. Thank you for your observations.
        1.I have written a detailed post on the difference between Sanatna Dharma.I have said in the post people use these two terms interchangeably.I have also usd it only to bring home some facts as people may not understand the term Sanatana dharma-this I have mentioned in the article.
        2.Before the advent of Sankara there too many Gods were worshiped and he systematized as shanmathas and in that post I have explained the necessity of shanmathas.
        3.Brahman is the one Reality , everything else is illusory and transient.
        4.The concept of Ishwara or personal god was introduced by Patanjali in his yoga sutra.I have explained this in my posts on Yoga sutras.
        5.I have written detailed posts disproving the Aryan invasion theory.
        6.We have Ganesha Upanishad and I have written on this.
        7.I have written on the migration of Shiva and Ganesha in detail.
        8. I do not get the point on Syrian Christians.


      2. Sir; Wish you happy day. Veda is book of ethics. Man is passing his life ; born to die; from 1. social. 2. economics. 3. politics. 4. education. 5. physics. 6. religion/culture. tunnel. How to live with joy and peace; during this tunnel ; is shown in Veda. This system has less concern with gender and race. the Moghal attack on India; with cruelty; they ruin not only temple but but also burnt library and also killed many intellectual men also. The library of Taxashila and Nalanda was was burnt up to more than 6 month. They add many wrong views in our religion book. Please look at the History of Guru Govindsinha. you will find the depth of cruelty. The Bravery and Adventure is ethics of Religion of Hindu; which was known as Sanatan; and now known as Hindu Dharma. In fact ” Hindu Dharma ” name is given by Moghal . Our religion book Veda and other relevant books is burnt. Look at the ideology of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. The killed many ” Asur ” habituated to harass the men; and protect the ” Rushi ” habituated to help the men. Just giving example of Veda . Rig-Veda 4-2-15 ” We become a fire to break mountain. Our life usually as soft as lotus but for attacking enemy; we become as fire. With our brightness and bravery; we make attacking enemy ash. Crush down all difficulties come along ways. If any mountain hinders our progress; we break it. ” Atharva-Veda. 2-13-14. ‘ Let our body build hard as stone. Let our body be strong as stone. We never are poor; weaker; and light less. Let every element of physique be powerful. In every vain; part of body;supremacy. zest;and vigor field. ” Please refer for details; ideology of Veda; Website http://www.mahatmagandhiandsardarpateltrust.com Yours Darshanchandra. N. Pathak


    3. If you are an anthropologist, you need to have scientific approach. In a related field, marine archaeology, relics of Dwarka and Mahabalipuram have been found which are more than 5,000 years old. These are relics of Vedic culture. Ganesha and Hanuman deities are also found in the Americas in stone sculpture. Aryan is not a tribe or race as such. It is a qualitative term. Hinduism really, is not religion. It is a term used for people staying along the shores of River Sindhu – Indus. Religion is Sanatan Vedic Dharma of which Jainism, Buddhism, Zoroastrism, Christianity, Islam, etc are strands that restrict their religious perspective to specific individual entities as Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, etc. Universal all encompassing perspective on religion and life style is rendered in Shrimad Bhagwat whereby each individual is responsible for his own actions which need to be guided by the divinity residing inside himself and throughout universe. It does not preach that God is not within you and me but is far beyond, approachable only through an external intermediary. Shrimad Bhagwat predates Jainism, etc. Furthermore, your narrative reflects that of the colonial powers who had employed the services of a fraudster Max Mueller to distort the history and culture of the Indian sub continent.


  11. As far as I know that Hinduism has no existence in the human civilization, rather it is a coined word. We are actually Aryans and all the civilizations and spiritual-philosophical humanitarian thoughts were/are contributed by the Aryans – our ancestors. Indoaryanism, Buddhiism, Christianity, Islam, Zarathustrism, etc are the different attributes of Veda (evolving knowledge) so Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Zoroaster, etc are all Aryan Seers – worked to uphold humanity for each individual. So let’s now think about Aryanism – the scientific path of existential-becoming. You could include our virtual school (Indoaryan School of Human Resource Development) with your mission for the same purpose if you like: http://www.indoaryan.org


      1. You are wrong. It is not a myth entirely. Latest DNA reports and studies have shown that most of the Indian population is a MIX between ANI (Ancestral north Indian gene) related to Central Asians/Eurasians and ASI gene (native to India related to Negrito groups). The ANI gene and ASI gene mixed to some extent, creating the modern Indian population with north Indians having larger ANI gene pool in them, thus giving them sharper features, fairer skin, brown eyes while the ASI gene is more stronger in South Indians. They are still two separate groups that mixed to produce “most” Indians. The ANI Gene comes from outside and flowed into India more earlier than the so called “Aryan invasion”. Weather and climate DO NOT change skin color or skull shape or eye color to the level you find in India between a Tamilian and a Kashmiri nor does distance from the Equator or Sunrays. Here is the proof – In the Island of Tasmania, Australia the climate is cold. There are 4 seasons. The original inhabitants of Tasmania were Tasmanian Aboriginals (now extinct since 1935). They were black in color, had broad nose, curly hair even living there for nearly 40,000 years more longer than Europeans lived in Europe. Tasmania’s climate was very cold and its distance from equator was very far, and it is closer to the Antarctic region. Central Americans natives, Brazilian natives, Indonesians, all live in HOT places, under the equator they are brown skinned, not black.

        So THE TAMIL is NOT the same as a Kashmiri, the facial features are so different they simply cannot belong to the same “race”. Rather they are shaped by Genetics of different groups entirely. Language systems is another proof. Haplogroup mapping of DNA done clearly shows India having many haplogroups not one with other haplogroups flowing in. Jews, Parsees, Syrian Christians, North Easterners are all vastly different racially from rest of Indians. ACCEPT THIS REALITY and live with differences, rather than trying to “bury this reality” in favor of a mythical “united Hindu race”. There is no such thing. India is a collection of races and nations, so learning to live with differences should be your priority not trying to undermine it. Leave the study of Genetics to experts, blood does not lie and Genes do not hide one’s origins. Out of India theory is also rubbished, as OUT OF AFRICA is the correct model of migration for all mankind. Your ancestors were Africans who went to one direction in Europe, evolved and then moved into India, with your skin and features. Any “fair skinned” Tamilian is a half-breed or a migrant. Live with it. You go to any other part of India, you will still be called a “foreigner” or “pardeshi”, by the locals. That shows the diversity of India is so huge you cannot try to homogenize it, just to save Hinduism. Hinduism cannot be built on a lie, rather focus on morals and values. Leave race and culture theories out of it.


      2. @Anthropologist
        Yes kashmiri is not same as tamilians.. because they are persians… you forget totally about the mughal empire… Which ruled for centuries…in the north they are central asians… Before that the prime religion was santhana dharama..(Which is now called Hinduism .. a european name) And modern hinduism is not how it started.. It has detoriated over time.. And jainism and budhisim derive from santhana dharma… So santhana dharama originated in india… and yes the presence of kashmiri people is from the persian invasion.. No one is asking them to be followers of santhana dharma.. They are what they are and they are Indians.. too… But Thamizhs do fall under santhana dharna.. You yourself have just reaffirmed it..
        Thank you


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