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Europeans European Languages from India Sanskrit?

When one delves deep into the ancestors and the languages spoken by them leads to Franks,Huns,Gauls,Vikings and Celts. It is accepted that all the languages had their link to Celt. France had the influence of Franks , a Germanic tribe and I had written earlier that Huns who preceded Franks were from Bh


Nazca Lines Of Shiva Peru Converges At Angkor Vat

FeaturedNazca lines,image.

The Nazca lines ,when plotted around the Globe ,with the help of Google Earth ,converges on a single point, The Angkorvat Temple in Cambodia. Watch this Video.

Advaita Ramayana Adhyaatma Ramayana Pdf

FeaturedRama worships Shiva. Image

As Rama was not a fictional character,the writers felt that it would be more authentic to present Rama as the Ideal one to follow for He was Real. There are some versions which are subtle and they convey the message of various philosophical concepts of Hinduism that are to be practiced by one to Realize the Self,Brahman.

Ravana Conducted Vijaya Homa For Ramas Victory

FeaturedRama Lakshmana and Sita. Image from Museo Civico Archeologico in Bologna, Italy.

And Ravana,being a Brahmin of excellent knowledge of the Vedas and an ardent devotee of Shiva, appeared before and conducted the Vijaya Homa to assure Rama's victory in the war with him(Ravana).

Hinduism Chitta Confirmed By Quantum Can Move Distant Objects.

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The classic example to illustrate how factors associated with consciousness are directly linked with the physical world comes from the “double slit experiment.” A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays by Dean Radin, PhD, explains how this experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. The paper showed that meditators were able to collapse quantum systems at a distance through intention alone.

Ekothistam Othan Eleventh Day Ceremony for The Dead


Mantras are chanted asking the Pretha to descend in the body of the Brahmin. Originally 32 Kavalas (32 palmful),were offered. The Brahmin who took the food died as soon as he finished eating the food.


Hindu Tenth Day Ceremony பத்து Mangalya Removal

1.Tharpana by Gnayathis, by those related by the same Gotra. 2.Offering of food to Pretha by daughters. 3.Removal of Mangalya Sutra.

Hindu Death Ceremony Days 2 to 9 Daaha Thaapa Upachamanam


The ceremonies performed after collection of bones/ashes and immersion in the sea,the Rites of Hinduism addresses three issues. 1.The Saisfying of the Pretha,the subtle body that remains after the body is turned to ashes and immersion in the sea. 2.The gradual process of making the Pretha getting disgusted with what is offered and moving/joining ancestors. … Continue reading Hindu Death Ceremony Days 2 to 9 Daaha Thaapa Upachamanam

Mahalaya Amavasya Amavasya Sankalpam Text With Seasons Thithis

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Sankalpa,according to Hinduism,is Right Determination. Any act,auspicious or otherwise is to be preceded by Sankalpa. While Abhivadana Mantra is Geotagging the individual,Sankalpa is Event specific,where the Time of the occasion,location where it is performed is pinpointed. Year,Season,Month,Thithi(phases of the Moon),Nakshatra(Star),Day,the Gotra,the founder of the Family are mentioned. I am providing the Sankalpa for Amavasya . … Continue reading Mahalaya Amavasya Amavasya Sankalpam Text With Seasons Thithis

Hindu Death Ceremonies Day One Two Details Meaning

FeaturedWho Realize God? Bhagavad Gita

The Death ceremonies conducted for the first twelve Days in Hinduism, more specifically in the case of Brahmins,relate to these aspects. Once the life leaves the body it becomes Sava,without Auspiciosness,Shiva. The human body has two aspects,Sthula,Gross and Sookshma,Subtle.


Death Expenses Upto Thirteen Days Detail

So one need not be worried whether one has omitted some.
If the Purohit does not do the Dhanas after one has given him money, the Sin would accrue to him and not to the Kartha.
For the Thirteenth day, expenses for Food and Pooja materials(Pooaja materials might cost maximum Rs.500) is to be borne by the householder.

Krishna Janmashtami Pooja Procedure Mantras Full


The personal approach God,of treating Him as a Hukan being and interacting with Him as one would with a Human being is unique to Hinduism.
For Hinduism, God is not someone who wields the stick when we err or offer carrots when we are in our best behaviour.


Asshada Practices Husband Wife No Sanction Hinduism

Though Hinduism insists that one has to study the Vedas, the Scripture of Hindus, people often do not do so, confused as they are with the dictum that Guru should be obeyed.
The problem is that Guru is different from Acharya, Upadhyaya.

Sex Music Tantra Siddhas a Study.

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Urdhvaredham Viroopaaksham Viswaroopayay Namaha'-Narayna Suktham. At some point of time when Yoga is being practiced,when a practitioner is advancing,he shall have sexually stimulating visions,especially during Sakthi Upasna and he can advance only if he overcomes the stimulation and direct the flow upwards.

Grahana Pariharas Shanthi Bathing More Mantras


Grahana Shanthi is to be performed for when Grahana occurs directly over the Nakshatra,Star of the individual. Parihara,A ceremony to nullify the effect of Grahana is to be done by those for whose Stars the Grahana influences indirectly. Three to Five Stars are affected in a Grahana,generally. One to two/three stars may be affected directly and three to five indirectly.

Seven Pehistoric Root Races,Lemuria,Atlantis Sanatana Dharma Details

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Till date I have been able to confirm Lemuria,Sanatana Dharma,Hyperborean and the ancestry of Mayans,Incas,Aztecs,Sumerians,Minoans and Assyrians. Looks as though there was a deliberate attempt behind the collapse of civilizations and the emergence of new ones. I have stumbled on the Theory of Root Races,which are Prehistotic. There are seven root races and many subraces. Five have emerged and rwo yet to manifest. It might look strange and not to reason. No. The instruments of Knowledge and our concept of Time needs a relook. This is necessitated by the emergence of Quantum Theory,Time warp and Multiverses. I have written on these and other points mentioned in this article. Please check under Hinduism/Astronomy categories in this site. Shall write more on these and the sources of Knowledge and our modern day science. The Root Races.

Avani Avittam Upakarma Dates Why Change of Dates Details.

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The Yajur Upakarma is to be celebrated on 6th September 2017,as the earlier day happens to be day when Grahana,Eclipse takes place. Rig Upakarma August 28th,(Avani 12th), Sama Upakarma,August 25th( Avani 9th),

Date of Andal Srivilliputhur 3004 BC?

FeaturedAndal, Srivilliputhur.image.

So the date of Andal at 8th Century AD could be open to question as it might be 3025 BC as the proof here is also dependant on text as in the case of 8th Century AD. Let me check further. Scholars may send information.

Perfect Sri Chakra By Adi Shankaracharya Sringeri

FeaturedSri Chakra 3D .image.

1.Gods/Goddesses. 2.Sounds in the form of Mantras  3.Geometrical shapes and 4.Combination of Sound and Geometrical shapes,Mantra and Yantra,which form Tantra. One of the most effective Yantra is Sri Chakra of Devi. For details of Sri Chakra,google sri yantra+ramanan50. Sri Chakra and OM are interchangeable.


History Of India 2 Eastern India Nation Of The Ganges Bengal Odisha Assam

When we read the History of a vast country like India,with its roots stretching back to over thousands of years,we should remember the landmass and the present poltical maps have no relevance. The Ancient Indian kingdoms were 56 and I have listed them in another article. We have to have a rough division of the … Continue reading History Of India 2 Eastern India Nation Of The Ganges Bengal Odisha Assam

Date Of Buddha 9000 BC?

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More important is the fact that Silappatikaram refers to Buddhism extensively. This implies Buddhism,The Buddha should be dated 11,000 years back.

History Of India 1 Ikshvaku To Chandragupta Maurya.

FeaturedSurya,Chandra vamsa,Solar,Lunar dynasties India.image

The South Indian  kings trace their ancestry to. Solar ,Ikshvaku Dynasty and also to Lunar dynasty. The Ikshvahu dynasty frm Treta Yuga ,from million years ago extended upto Dwapara yuga and ended with King Sumitra who was defeated and driven away from Ayodhya. Then we find continum from that period from Magadha dynasty,which belongs to Lunar Dynasty,Chandravamsa from Bruhatradha. 'Barhadradha Dynasty Before the Mahabharata War of 3138 B.C.

Raghu Rama’s Ancestor Conquered Central Asia China Middle East

FeaturedRaghu,Ramas ancestor won the central Asia,China,image

This blog has details of such verified facts and they can be accessed undr Hinduism,Tamils Category. I have been concentrating on the texts mentioned above save Sanskrit literature. Now I begin by exploring the Raghuvamsa by Kalidasa,which details the Dynasty of Raghu of Ikshvaku Dynasty. Lord Rama,who is from Ikshvaku Dynasty,is of such great stature that one does not bither about Rama's illustrious 

Mantra Temple For Continuous High Fever Kooduthurai Bhavani

FeaturedSangameswarar temple,Kooduthurai.Bhavani. image

Bhasmayudhaaya Vidhmahe Raktha Netraaya Dheemahi Thanno Jurahara Prachodhayaath" and worshipping him with Bilva leaves, while offering pepper and cummin seeds is said to relieve people of chronic gastric ailments. have written on Indrakshi Shiva Kavacham for curing fever. '

Sangam Tamils Prepared Biriyani Used Barbeque

FeaturedKarikal Chozhan and Grand Anicut built by him. Image.

Porunaraatrupadai describes,among others,the feast hosted by Karikal Chozhan. He hosted a feast,which included 'ஊன் சோறு ' This is the modern Mutton Biriyani. Also he used Barbecue method to cook meat,by stringing meat in an iron rod and roasted it by indirect Fire.

Why How Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple Cures Mental Illness.

FeaturedChottanikkara Bhagavathy.image.

The three devis of Hinduism, from the philosophical perspective represent three aspects of Human nature. The desire to act,the action part impelled by the results one anticipates and the wisdom and courage to act upon a course of action.

Tamil Sangam Dates 4140 to 14,000 BC


Assuming ,at the most conservative level ,that the Tsunami struck immediately before Silappadikaram period,which is unlikely as to reconstruct the Land and take the language to classical level of Silappadikaram would have required at least five thousand years,we can assign the last Tsunami at 14,000 BC. And taking the account of Tamil classics for the duration of each Sangam at ( there is novreason to doubt this as their version about Third Tsunami is validated,

Rama Family Tree from Manu Confirmed by Genome Studies

FeaturedHoroscope of Lord Rama

The dates of Ramayana and Mahabharata have been confirmed by archeology, Astronomy, Paleantology, Literary references from foreign sources, Anthropology, archeoanthropology and Simulated software with inputs from these Indian texts and correlating them with Astronomical events.  Mahabharatha alone has 39 cities validated. 

Tamils Colony In Egypt 300 BC Berenice Red Sea

FeaturedBerenice location.image

Tamils were the forerunners of Hitties,Elamitites,Incas and Mayas. Evidence of Tamil presence has been found in Oman and other areas surrounding it. There had been vigorous trade going on between Tamils and people of the rest of the world due to the strong Naval, power,especially the Cholas. The traders were called Thisai Vanigar Einootruvar,Corporation of 500 Traders. ' Salient points. 1.The Tamils had a business corporation, consisted of businessmen who traded within

Tamil Chola Kings List From 3020 BCE to 245 BCE,Missing 160 Million Years

FeaturedKumari Kandam.image

Traces of Tamil culture is found among Hitties,Elamites,Aztecs and Mayans. The Home of Tamils ,Lemuria is 230 million years old and Himalayas was not even formed then. Himalayas were formed about 70 million years ago. The issues that confounds are,

Brahui Language Balochisthan Dravidian ,Dravida Invasion of India?


When one studies the Dravidian literature in conjunction with Sanatana Dharma,one may uncover shocking facts. Looks as though the Dravidian culture preceded Sanatana Dharma. But this theory goes out of the window because Tamil literature quotes Vedas,Puranas,Ramayana and Mahabharatha and these texts quote Tamil/s! One is stumped. Add to this the excavation of a million year old site in Chennai,where traces of advanced Tamil civilization is found. Poompuhar sites push the date of Tamils by 30,000 years. More sites,numbering 293 in Vaigai River near Madurai confirm the antiquity as found in the other sites mentioned above. My view on Brahui being present in Balochisthan is due to the presence of Tamils in these areas when kings from Tamil Nadu invaded them. There are three kings who have been credited with invading North,not to speak about those who had friendly relations with the people of Sanatana Dharma. They are, Aryavarman, Ariyappadaikadantha Nedunchezhiyan Imayavaramban Neduncheralaathaan. I am researching on who the first Tamil king ,who invaded The North of India. I am reproducing some theories,one of which suggests Dravidian Invasion of India. Shall examine this theory as well later.


Midnight to Midnight Day Calendar From Hindu Day?

As the empire of Bharatvarsha functioned from the present India( read Vikramadityas World Empire),the world seems to have followed the Indian day concept,that is beginning in the morning. That is taking 5.30 am as the Sun rises in India,12 midnight has been taken as the beginning of a new day. One must remember that Britain was ruling the world,colonising the countries.

Laghu Nyasa Mahanyasa,Which is More Effective in SriRudram


Nyasa ,as a tool for realizing Brahman through Tantra Shastra is of three types( these are available,others,if there be any,I am unable to locate). 1.Laghu Nyasa. 2.Maha Nyasa and 3.Mathruka Nyasa.

Tamils Homeland Lemuria Kumarikandam Three Million Years Old


These dates have been verified by Tectonics and Infrared imaging technology. Now more evidence about Lemuria,Home of Tamils,being 200 million years old. 'This page created for  trivia and commentary regarding the Tretya Yuga [Silver Age]and the continent of Mu, or Lemuria. [- E.M.] *Trivia: "[....] The Tretya Yuga, or Silver Age, came after the breakup of the previous age, when Lemuria, by earthquakes and tidal waves, went down under the seas. [....]" [Based on: Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad, Book Two, p. 113, Second Edition - 1988]  *Trivia: "[....] These records tell us that the legendary paradise of man, thought of as the Garden of Eden, was laid on the lost continent of Lemuria which was sunk by earthquakes and tidal waves fifty thousand years ago. [....]" [Based on: Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad, Book Two, Second Edition - 1988, p. 107]    Considered to be Earth's first great civilization, Mu [Lemuria] could natura


Carnatic Music From Tamil Music Pann 103?

There are 103 Panns. Today  21,24 or 27 are used in Temples. There are 72 Mela Kartha Raagas in Carnatic Music. Please read my article on this. Tamil is unique in that it assigns a particular Pann to one landmass. There are five landscapes described.

2000 Year Shiva Linga Temple  Chitti Gaati Mansehra Pakistan

FeaturedShiv Linga ,Chittigatti,Pakistan. Image.

The Shiva Linga in the temple is 2000 years old. It was renovated by Rajama Singh in 1830. It was again renovated recently by the Hindu Community.

Character Formation Causes Bhagavatham Genetics Environment


Hinduism,unlike other Religion does not shun daily,practical Life. It states the worldly duties are a part of spiritual evolution. One may notice that all religious practices of Hindus involve physical elements. Character,according to Hinduism, is not mereley an amagamation,aggregate of Traits but includes dispositions as well.


Adrishta Is Not Luck .A Philosophical Concept on Actions

But ,the Choices available to us are limited at any given point of time. We make choices out of what is available to us as we are not aware of other choices. Therefore,the Choices we ignored might produce results which we least anticipate.

Shiva His Ornaments Description And Meaning.


And these three lines also indicate the three fundamental units/forces of the Universe. Motion,Non motion and their being held in balance. Purusha,the Kinetic Energy,Prakriti,the Potential energy and the Sparsa,the initial contact that evolves the Universe. The Universe is constantly in Motion and is born of Motion.

Super Continental Cycle By Puranas Accurate, Pangaea Plate Tectonics


Now Time as Cyclic has been validated by Quantum Theory. As to The Concept that physical events happen in cycles is validated buy Super Continental Cycles Theory. The Puranas, especially the Vishnu and Brahmanapurana describe the same details- in fact with more detail and clarity. The Super Continental Cycle Theory states that the first landmass was Pangaea and after undergoing several changes,including the present landmass will once again form Pangea.

Puranas 50 Million Years Old? Geology Plate Tectonics Himalaya Formation


All these texts mention Himalayas, among other things geological. Himalayas are described as The Abode of Lord Shiva, Daksha Prajapathi , the route taken by the Pandavas in the Mahabharatha en route to Heaven. I have cited only a couple of facts about Himalayas. If Himalayas are mentioned in these texts, then Himalayas must have existed before the period of these texts . When was Himalayas formed?

No Ban On Beef Eating, Read Notification Here. Directive by Supreme Court.


There is no ban on beef eating. Read the notification that has been issued under the directive of the Supreme Court of India.

Improbable Is Possible Sanatana Dharma Tamil World History


I shall be writing a series with evidence on some of my conclusions, which might border on Wild imagination to plain crazy. So the idea that One could see the world with a small device in one's palm and communicate.' When checked with resources from ancoient Indian texts,foreign literarure not being referred to in our curricula,archaeology,Astronomy,Astro-archeaology,Philology,Linguistics,Racial theories,Geology, and the past cultures of the world and their religion and legends,I found,

313 World Languages From India World Migration from Bharatvarsha 


There are about 445 living Indo-European languages, according to the estimate by Ethnologue, with over two-thirds (313) of them belonging to the Indo-Iranian branch.The most widely spoken Indo-European languages by native speakers 

 Lemuria The Home of Tamils My Tedtalk at Coimbatore.

FeaturedQuote on Tholkaapiyam by a scholar.image.

As the time allotted was 13 minutes, I had to prepare notes and it was a novel and nerve racking experience for me to take notes and rehearse at 1.30 am(?), with two people with Timers. It is a different matter that I did not follow the prepared text to the letter in thecTalk,though I was  informed stuck to points and ppt thrown up on the screen.

England was Englaland From India Sanatana Dharma Empire

FeaturedRoman Empire Hadrian period. Image.png

However the custom of burying with palms folded was strictly followed by the English when the buried their Royalty and Nobles,thus reaffirming the presence and influence of Sanatana Dharma in England. The English buried their dead with their Palms folded in Vedic/Hindu tradition. ‘Statues or dead royalty and other elite in Westminster Abbey, London may be seen


Panchagavya Patented Two Types Antibiotic Immune Boosters Preparation 

patent has been issued for Cow Products and it is being sold. Panchagavya Patent Details.

Ramayana Describes Pangaea Super Continent Geology Agrees


not a figment of someone's imagination or Poetic Hyperbole,I have found during the course of my research for the past eight years on Indian texts by checking the information with modern science,like Physics,Chemistry,Geology,Archeology,Astronomy,Carbon Dating and cross referencing the information with the ancient civilizations of the world,their literature ,religious and cultural practices,legends and Etymology. I also cross checked with the ancient texts in Tamil. I am yet to come across information which is untrue. I have written on the Super Continents of Rodina,Pangea and how they validate the

Somabana, Vedic Drink made From Mushrooms Russian Academy Of Sciences


Russian archaeologists may have solved the puzzle. In 2009, while digging at a deep burial chamber in the forests of Mongolia, a Russian-Mongolian expedition from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) discovered embroidered woollen textiles dating back two millennia.

Jambu Dvipa Purans Confirmed By Chinese Map Zhanbu Zhou 13 Century

FeaturedJambu dvipa.image.png

However,with a little bit of effort and on the ground that Jainism and Buddhism sprang from India and came later to Sanatana Dharma,they arecalso ancient and that Jain and Buddhists texts should have a reference to Jambudveepa,I searched and have been able to find the landmass where Bharatvarsha is located,being referred tovas Jambu Dvipa,from an unexpected source. China!

  Kartaviryarjuna Introduced Sanatana Dharma in The South, Dakshinapada

Later, the Sanatana Dharma practices entered in its full scope, amalgamating Vedic practices and the Dakshinapda Culture. So essentially the Dakshinapada culture is a Unique belend of the best in Sanatana Dharma and Dakshinapada/Tamil Culture.

Hanuman Sanskrit Grammarian Sanskrit Grammarians List

Apart from these, Hanuman is regarded as the Tenth Grammarian of Sanskrit. Hanuman wonders as to which language he should use when he met Sita in Lanka. He was worried that Sita might mistake him to be Ravana in disguise if  he ( Hanuman ) spoke in Sanskrit for Ravana was a Sanskrit scholar.

Veda Reference to Tamils Dravida Dakshinapada

Rig Veda on God.image.

I assumed that Indians,educated included are aware of these references. Thanks to western education and doctored History of India,where everything  worthwhile in India was/is being dated only after the birth of Christ,despite overwhelming archeological evidence and foreign literary works. I have also written that Poompuhar,excavated sometime back,is dated around 30,000 years ago and the Period literature Silappadikaram mentions Vedas. And there is a million year old archeological site in Chennai ,India that had an advanced Tamil civilisation. The earliest Tamil grammatical work of Tamil mentions Vedas and its author Tholkaapiyar declares himself to be a Brahmin well versed in the Vedas. And I have written many articles on this subject of the intimate relationship between Sanatana Dharma and Tamil/s. However there have been quite a few mails asking me to produce evidence of Tamil being mentioned in Early Sanskrit Texts.