Krishna Adisesha Appeared in The Sky ?

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While I was writing a Post, the content recommendation by Zemanta suggested a news story by CNN that Lord Krishna appeared in the Sky.


I am reproducing the excerpt.


My observation is that it is difficult to comment without being present in the spot.


May be an Illusion as well.



“On 15-Feb-2006 at 07-30 hrs I saw snake god Shesha Nag with five heads appearing and moving in the sky. After a few seconds I saw 7 bright stars in a line moving in the sky. Soon all the 7 stars became 7 buds in the sky and they were moving from North West sky to South East sky. On the move all the seven buds were growing and when they reached in front of me all of them stopped in a line. Then the first bud started to become flower and after becoming flower it became a big fish in the sky. It was god Matsya Avatar (fish incarnation of god Vishnu). Then the second bud became flower and soon that flower became god Garuda. Then the third bud became flower and that flower became god Shiva. Then the fifth bud became flower and that flower became god Muthappan. Then the sixth bud became flower and that flower became elephant headed god, Ganesha. Soon the last bud started to become flower and after becoming flower it became a big snake god in the sky. It was snake god Nagadevta. In short one after one all the 7 buds became flowers and all 7 flowers became 7 gods. They were Matsya Avatar, Garud, Shiva, Muthappan, Ganesha, Hanuman and snake god Nagdevta. After 7 minutes all the 7 gods disappeared together in the sky.




Moon Shines On Tirupathi Balaji’s Forehead Video


I had posted earlier on how the Tirumala Hills resemble the Lord Balaj’si,Venkateswara’s, Face.


Moon shines on Balaji's Forehead
Lord Balaji


I just received a Link that the Moon shone on Lord Balaji’s Forehead.







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Whale Explodes Video

A dead Sperm Whale exploded when a local pierced it in Faroe Islands.

The fisherman in the clip was reportedly tasked with cutting the carcass up to avoid further health hazard but hit a gas pocket through the whale‘s blubber, according to

Combustion of a decomposing leviathan has been reported before. Putrefying fish consumed previously create a buildup of gas, biologist Adam Ruben explained on Science Channel.

The cutting of a dead whale was handled more delicately in this instance on Science Channel. But it still was stinky going, with the creature emitting methane, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia, nuclear chemist Alistair Linstell said.

According to National Geographicsperm whales are bigger than a school bus and eat about a ton of fish and squid a day. They are listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species. Sperm whales used to be threatened by “extensive commercial whaling,” but today threats include entanglement in fishing nets, collisions with ships and ingestion of marine debris.’

The Penis Delicacy Restaurant China

I have posted on Toilet restaurant ,Los Angeles,penis Building in China.

Penis restaurant, Beijing.
Guolizhuang – Beijing’ Famous Penis Restaurant

Now comes the penis Restaurant in Beijing, China.

Scroll down for video.

Penis Restaurant.
The yak penis is served with a dragon. In the Guolizhuang restaurant there are more than 30 different animal penises on the menu. And for very special guests there’s a list of others

Guo Li Zhuang (ChinesepinyinGuō Li Zhuàng Diàn; literally “the strength inside the pot”) is a restaurant brand that specializes in dishes prepared from the genitals (penises and testicles) of male animals from a wide variety of species[1][2] such as horse, ox, donkey, dogdeer, goat, sheep, and snake. The first restaurant was opened by the Guo family in the Chinatown of Atlanta, Georgia in 1956 on the occasion of the birth of Jason Guo, the eldest son in the 7th generation of the Guo family.[3] The first Guo Li Zhuang restaurant in Beijing was opened in November 2006.[4] Since then, restaurants have been opened in several locations in Beijing. The name of the restaurant is derived from homophones of the family name of its founder (Guo), the family name of his wife (Li), as well as the nickname of his son (Zhuang) and literally means “the strength inside the pot”.[1] The dishes are supposed to include medicinal secrets passed down in the Guo family[3] and are often given poetic names such as “The Essence of the Golden Buddha,” “Phoenix Rising,” “Jasmine Flowers with 1,000 Layers”, “Look for the Treasure in the Desert Sand”,[1]“Head crowned with a Jade Bracelet”, and “Dragon in the Flame of Desire”.[4]

Beyond genitals, the restaurant also carries such curious (and rare) delicacies as stewed deer face, sheep foetus in brown garlic sauce, and peacock claws.(wiki)

According to a well-known saying, “Chinese eat anything with four legs, except tables. And everything that flies, except airplanes,” and the food served at the Guolizhuang Restaurant, in Beijing is proof of that. This bizarre establishment opened its gates in 2006, offering all kinds of dishes with animal genitalia as the main ingredient. Many Chinese believe animal penises increase male potency and do wonders for women’s skin, so word about the culinary wonders served at the restaurant on Dongsishitiao Street spread quickly, and the owners were happy to expand their business. There are now several franchises throughout Beijing and one in Atlanta’s Chinatown…

Eating at and even visiting the Guolizhuang Restaurant is not for the faint-hearted. Almost all the dishes served here are made from animal genitalia, although most of them are presented in an edible form and have interesting names like ”The Essence of the Golden Buddha,” “Phoenix Rising,” “Jasmine Flowers with 1,000 Layers”. They sound pretty good, but they’re really just ox penises cut into the shape of stars, sheep gonads on a bed of curry, or thinly sliced donkey penis. The bizarre food is sometimes also eaten raw. Because the foods served at this restaurant is uncommon, even for China, part of the waiters’ job is to explain the properties of each dish to guests. For example, women should not eat testicles, because the hormones could give them a deeper voice and a beard, but penises are harmless.


Python Worships Shiv Linga Video

A Python was found to be performing Pooja to Shiv Linga in Gujarat,India.

Shiva and Pythons.
Pythons worshiping Shiva


Video is posted.

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2012

During Shiv Pooja By Shri Kashyap Shastri IN Kutch , Gujarat. Suddenly a Snake Entered the Temple And Sat Near The Shivlinga . The People witnessing this were really amazed.

I Posted an image showing a Snake performing Archana with Bilva Leaves in Thepperumanallur ,Thanjavur District in 2010/12.