Dasa Maha Vidya Stuthi For Grand Children Wisdom

I have written a couple of blogs on Dasa Maha Vidya, as a part of Vidya Upasna.   I provide the Dasa Maha Vidya Stuthi below fo the benefit of Sri Vidya Upasakas.   Mahakali (The goddess with ten heads , black as night and has a horrific and fearful appearance. She is represented to […]

Pitrus Presiding Deties Sraddha

During the ritual of Shraddha the Vishvedevs called Pururav-Ardrav and Dhurilochan are also invoked. Vishvedev means the ‘group of Deities which represents the Deities during a sacrificial fire’.

Pitrus, Ancestoes present during Mahalaya Sraddha.

Three Levels of Pitrus

They are provided with Somaras.

Their life-span extends for the full period of kalpa and they worship ‘marutas’.

Sage Maricha belongs to this category of Pitrus.

2.Vairaja Pirtus.

Maruta Ganas respect these Pitrus.

Sanaka belongs to this category.

No Sandhyavandan Procedure In The Vedas ?

I replied that, to the best o my knowledge that the procedure for Sraddha is laid down in the Smritis and that I do not ind a reference to it in the Veda.

While making this comment I made a remark that I was not sure whether Sandyavandana procedure was mentioned in the Vedas.

I received a feedback that Vedas and Upanishad do mention Sandhyavandana.

I have been able to locate the reference, which I reproduce……

Even this does not constitute a procedure for performing Sandhyavandana.

I am yet to check the Aranyakas.

References to worship of the Sun is mentioned, no procedures to be followed are set.

Inputs clarifications welcome