Christians Ridicule Hindus Photo Essay

I am posting images on how Christians ridicule Hindus,

I have not found any thing similar by the Muslims .

Mary Adopts Ganesh

New missionary trick in India — Ganesha adopted by Mother Mary. Is there any trick in the world that these genocidal charlatans won’t try to hoodwink gullible polytheists? Image from

Hindu Goddess in Toilet Seat.

Goddess Kali in Toilet Seat

Hindu Gods Ridiculed

Hindu Gods in Chappals,Drinks Bottle.

Ridiculing the Hindus

M.F.Husain Painting

Christian insults Hinduism

Converted Christian Steps n the Shiv Linga image fro covert

Goddess Lakshmi and Bikini

Lakshmi in the bikini

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Irreverent Jesus Photo Essay Videos



Jesus as a Boxer

“Boxing Jesus” by Nancy Fouts from Crucifixion Exhibition at Corey Helford GalleryJ

Sex and Christ Photo.

“The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals” by Enrique Chagoya


Weird Christ Photo on a Cross.

“Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano courtesy Edward Tyler Nahem gallery

Jesus as Obama

Jesus as Barack Obama Nailed


Scary Jesus.

Jake and Dinos Chapman, “The Milk of Human Weakness III,” photo by Stephen White, courtesy White Cube

last supper spoof.

“Crucifixion” by Glenn Barr from Crucifixion at Corey Helford Gallery


Jesus as a woman.

“Stigmata” by Ray Caesar from Crufixion at Corey Helford Gallery




Through the Huffington Post.


Interesting Funny Photos


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Historical Photos Essay

I came across some nice and memorable photos from History.

A Photo Essay.


Alfred Hitchcock serving Lion.

Alfred Hitchcock Serving Tea to Leo, The Lion, the Mascot of MGM.

Jacqueline Kennedy watching Kennedy.

Jacqueline Kennedy watching Kennedy debating with Richard Nixon,1960.

Prayer for the Titanic victims.

Priest praying for the victims of the Titanic before they are buried.

Orville Wright's First Flight.

Orville flying for the first time in 1911, for nine minutes.

Muhammad Ali  Cleveland Fight.

Muhammad Ali Vs Cleveland Williams 1966.


Pablo Escobar with his son in the eighties.

Pablo Escobar the Drug Lord,with his son in front of the White House.-Eighties.


Mongolian Woman sentenced to death, by Starvation.

A Mongolian Woman condemned to die of Starvation.


Helen Keller Teaching Charlie Chaplin

Helen Keller Teaching Charlie Chaplin Manual Alphabets. 1919



World War II Photo Essay

There are some Photos I came across of World War II.

I am Posting a few.

World War II Photos

A man looks at Bodies in a Pit.

Wold War II

Praying near a Corpse.


World War II

Desolate Children.

Word War II .

Disconsolate Man near a Killed Child.

World War II

Sleeping with a Dog..


World War II

US Soldier sleeping in a Fox Hole.


Landing at Normandy.

Normandy Situation. World War II Click to Enlarge.