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Vikramaditya Date 105 BC Evidence

At times,when I study the History of India, as narrated by western authors and our home grown secularists I get the impression that Indian history is meticulously crafted, unadulterated fiction, with no regard to facts found in Indian texts.

They are prepared to accept the History of India by James Mill as the gospel, which states that Indians were rooted in superstition and that India had no civilisation worth mentioning.

The same book claims that the earth is six thousand years old!

The gentleman wrote Indian history without ever stepping in the soil of India nor did he refer any texts,either Indian or Foreign classical authors.

What a scholarship!

And if one were to believe such authors, text books in Indian schools, one would believe that real Indian history began with the Invasion of India by Alexander.

I have,with proof, written that it is non sense and traced Indian history from Mahabharatha period to Nanda Dynasty.

Such misinformation has caused enormous harm to Indian history and culture.

History of India is denied and dates of great kings and dynasties are assigned later dates, if not denying them outright.

This is not limited to kings.

Great personalities too suffered this fate.

Buddha, Kalidasa, Rajput Kings, Tamil kings, to mention a few.

So are the ancient literature in Sanskrit and Tamil.

In this article, let us examine the Emperor Vikramaditya,after whom one of the three calendars of India are named.

Many mistake the son of Samudra Gupta of Maurys Dynasty,Chandra Gupta.

He assumed the name of Vikramaditya, who lived around 105 BC and established his Empire in India, Far East and Middle East.

He conquered Arabia and established Shiva Linga in Mecca.

Emperor Vikramaditya.image
Emperor Vikramaditya

Evidence of Vikramaditya’s date.

A Shaka ruler invaded north-western India and oppressed the Hindus. According to one source, he was a Shudra from the Almanṣūra city; according to another, he was a non-Hindu who came from the west. In 78 CE, the Hindu king Vikramaditya defeated him and killed him in the Karur region, located between Multan and the castle of Loni. The astronomers and other people started using this date as the beginning of a new era.’

-Al Birauni.
Since there was a difference of over 130 years between the Vikramaditya era and the Shaka era, Al-Biruni concluded that their founders were two kings with the same name. The Vikramaditya era named after the first, and the Shaka era was associated with the defeat of the Shaka ruler by the second Vikramaditya

Reference and citation.

“purne thrimsachchate varsheKalau prapte bhayamkareSakanamcha Vinasardham AryaDharma vivruddhaye Jatassivajnaya sopi kailasatGuhyakalayat.”

– Bhavishya Maha Purana (3-1-7-14,15 verses)

Vikramaditya namanam pita Krutwa mumodahaSa balopi mahaprajanah pithruMathru priyamkarah”(3-1-7-16)
pancha Varshe vayah prapte Tapasordhe vanam gatahDwadasabdam prayathnenaVikramena krutam tapah” (Bhavishya 3-1-7-17)
Paschadambavatim divyamPurim yatah sriyanvitahDivyam simhasanam ramyamDwathrimsan murthi samyutam” (Bhavishya 3-1-7-18)

At the completion of 3000 years after the advent of the terrible Kaliyuga, (ie.101 BCE.) a person descended from the abode of Guhyakas in Kailasa, at the command of Lord Siva, for the purpose of destroying the Sakas and uplifting Arya-Dharma. He was born to the Great King Gandharvasena. The father named him ‘Vikramaditya’ and felt very much rejoiced...
Paramara KingsAmong the Paramara kings, the first one reigned between 2710 – 2716 Kali Yuga (392 – 386 BCE)Salivahana established his own Saka in 78 CE, which is followed even today in most parts of India and years in panchang (vedic almanac) known as Saka Samvat or Shaka Samvat.

Paramara dynasty continued to rule Ujjain, which ended in 1305 CE, whose last king was Mahakaladeva.

Reference and citation.

Will be providing more evidence on Vikramaditya date from Tamil literature and foreign authors.

Will be posting on History of Rajputs.

Also on Bhoja.

Sabarimala Set Fire To Idol Disfigured Suppressed CBI Report 1950 PDF

History consists of suppression of facts as well.

Thanks to digitalisation and internet,it is no longer possible to suppress information.

Thanks to this technology, I have been able to ferret out real history of India.

Now there is an imbroglio about Sabarimala,with people,citing equality are attempting to break the Hindu temple traditions.

Iyappa, Sabarimala.image

Lord Ayyappa, Sabarimala Temple

The impasse continues.

There is a move to have the temple away from the Tantris who are traditional priests of Sabarimala Dharma Sastha for years,by inventing a lie that Iyyapa was born in a Hill tribe and that the temple was usurped by the Temple Tantris and Pandala Kings!

In this heat, people are not aware that the Sabarimala Temple was set fire to and the Idol was disfigured.

It was in May/June 1950.

The investigation was carried out by Sri. Keshava Menon,DIG, Special Branch CID.

He submitted his report, which runs to 38 pages.

The report was never tabled in the Legislature nor any one arrested.

Download/read below.

The Report can be viewed ,downloaded

Sabarimala Arson Report by CBI pdf

The Story.

Sabarimala Temple Arson Case: Enquiry Report was the report of the investigation of the same case conducted by Shri. K. Kesava Menon, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Special Branch, C.I.D. (On Special Duty). This report is significant for multiple reasons. Firstly, this report completely unravels the players who are actually involved in this issue.

Secondly this report extensively covers the “sentiments� of a certain community and proves that the most important reason for this temple arson was religious fanaticism. Thirdly had this report been studied and lessons learnt, Hindus could have avoided the ignominy of the “Nilakkal Agitation episode� This is because this enquiry report categorically narrates this strange episode in detail –

“There is another back ground, which if viewed with the facts and the incidents mentioned above, will lend support to the possibility of an organised plan to destroy the Sabarimala shrine. In the month of Makaram, according to Ouseph, he followed a party of muthalalies consisting of Karimbanal Kochukunhu muthalali, Jnellamitthath Kuttiachan, Podimittom Verghese, Karipparambil Devassya, Vadakkepparambil thomman and Pottamkulam Thomas, who left Erumeli in a Jeep and went to Kalaketti from where they went to Kollamuzhi by walk and halted. They directed the coolies to go into the forests and hunt. Then the muthalalies and himself went to Nilakkal in search of a church which they believed to be existing at Nilakkal. Though a search was made, they did not find any remnants of a church, but they saw only remnants of two or three temples.

It is surprising that at this period of the history of Travancore these muthalalies are searching for a church on the route to Sabarimala. It may be that either they want to establish by some evidence the existence of a church there or to renovate it or they are in search of a suitable place for building a church. Anyway the desire for a church near the Sabarimala orthodox route seems to have been deeply rooted in their mind as otherwise there was no necessity for all these muthalalies to join on this business. This it can be seen that since some time, the Christians have begun to deel the increasing number of low caste Hindus visiting the Sabarimala temple in ecstasy and devotion, which in all probability they would have thought if not checked would inevitably result in a check to the growing process of conversion of low caste Hindus to Christianity.’

Reference and citation.

Allot Govt Lands Free Houses For Christians- Congress Manifesto

India is a secular country with Hindu majority!

The land of Sanatana Dharma,of Rama,Krishna,of Puranas,Of Ramayana, Mahabharata,of Valmiki,Sangam Literature,of Tulsidas,Bhakta Ramdass, Shivaji,of Ramana Maharshi,land of the oldest recorded literature,The Rig Veda…

A land which has withstood invasions,a country which never invaded,

A Religion,a way of Life,

Which never tried to convert,

Known for tolerance..

This country today needs permission from the secular elites to conduct it’s festivals and permission from invaders and proselytisers,

The Atheists forcing sacred temple to open its doors throwing to wind the customs of the temple.

Oldest party of the India openly asking for subsidies to other Religions.

Asking for special privileges for those other than Hindus.

I have nothing to add.

The image in the article is eloquent.

Image credit. Facebook.

Lord Krishna Dynasty Ruled From Thiruvananthapuram, Vizhinjam?

The history of India is not what we are taught in text books.

The Dates are deliberately pushed forward to give Christianity an edge in terms of antiquity.

Ramayana, Mahabharata,Tamil classics are dated at ridiculously later dates.

Ramayana is dismissed as Myth,Rig Veda ,acknowledged as the oldest literary work,is dated around 5000 BC!

Archeological finds push these dates back, especially the finding of,

Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu,11000 years,

Tamil site near Chennai, India,A million years,

Adichanallur,Anbil plates,Keezhadi,to cite a few.

Based on the available evidence these

could be dated at least 11000 years back.

And we have Tamil classics,Sangam Literature.

Tamil classics refer to Ramayana, Mahabharata and Lord Krishna repeatedly.

Early Tamil Chera King,Udhiyan Cheralaathan fed the Kaurava and Pandava armies during the Mahabharata war.

Madurai Meenakshi’s father Makaratdwaja,also called Saranga fought along side the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war.

The Three Crowned Kings of Tamilakam trace their origin to Solar and Lunar Dynasties.

Lord Rama belonged to Ikshvsku Dynasty,the Solar Dynasty.

His ancestor,Manu,the first human,was from South India.

He moved to Ayodhya with his son Ikshvsku, because of a Tsunami in the South of Vindhya Mountains.

Ikshvaku founded the Solar Dynasty,Surya Vamsa.

Mani’s daughter,Ila,who was left in the South founded the Lunar Dynasty,Chandra Vamsa.

The Tamil kings belonged to one of these two dynasties.

The origin of the ancient Tamil kings is interesting.

Chola inscriptions refer Cholas to be of Solar Dynasty of Lord Rama and Cholas state they belong to Kashyap Gotra.

Of of the three crowned kings,Moovendar,Pandyas are reported to be more ancient.

So are the Cheras.

Chera and Pandya took part in Mahabharata war.

Then we have the daughter of Manu,Ila,who founded the Luna Dynasty.

Ila Dynasty spread throughout the world,Ailas.

Sri Lanka,which was a part of India in those ancient times was the centre of this Kingdom.

So we have these two dynasties spread throughout the world.

Atlantis legends mention Rama kingdom and Sumerian Kings’ List mention Dasaratha,Rama and Bharatha.

There is one more Dynasty which has gone unnoticed.

The Ila.

This Dynasty,with evidence surfacing now,seems to have co existed with the Tamilakam Moovendar and could have preceded them.

They were called Ay Dynasty and they ruled from Vizhinjam,now called Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

I have written earlier that Padmanabha Swamy temple, Kerala is about 25000 years old.

Ay in Tamil means mother.

It could denote the Ila Dynasty.

Ay in Tamizh means Mother.

The Ay Dynasty ruled from from Vizhinjam.

The had a special relationship with Lord Krishna and Krishna was their family deity.

Ayar in Tamil means Yadava,the community Lord Krishna belongs to.

Taking into consideration that Krishna Married a Pandyan princess and had his daughter Married to a Pandyan princess,it is possible and more than probable that the offspring of Krishna’s daughter ruled from Vizhinjam, Thiruvananthapuram.

Another important line of chieftains of Tamil Nadu during the sangam period with whom krishna was intimately associated was the Ay. The were known to call krishna as their god.Krishna is accepted as their chief god by the Ay.


Vizhinjam dates back to the rule of the Ay dynasty. Circa 850 AD – 1400 AD, the region was the scene of many battles between the Chera dynasty(Kulasekhara) and the Cholas, and Vizhinjam, the then capital, was sacked by the Cholas.

When the kings of the Ay dynasty shifted their capital to Vizhinjam, they built a fort dating to the eighth or ninth century. A preliminary investigation by a team of archaeologist under Dr. Ajit Kumar, University of Kerala, has revealed the fort might have originally been 800 m² in area. The fort’s wall can be found on the northern and western (seaside) parts and has been constructed using large boulders set in mud mortar. The wall, with a wide base, tapers on its way up. Even now this part of Vizhinjam is known as Kottapuram, (“Kotta” in Malayalam means Fort. According to Dr. Ajit, one important clue in dating the fort is that the walls have no battlements or `loop holes’ (holes to place cannons in). This is typical of early forts, he says. Another complex of walls, near the present Our Lady of Good Voyage Church, probably relates to the Portuguese period.

Rama Sethu Adams Bridge Description Al Biruni and Foreign Historians.

I have written on Ramayan being history also Lord Rama being a historical figure.

I have provided proof based on,



Astro Archeology,

Indian and foreign literature,

Kings’ List of Sumeria which mentions Dasaratha,Rama and Bharatha as kings,

Rama’s Chapel in Ur, Iraq,

References in African legends where Rama tribe still exist,

References from Atlantis legends

And more.

Though Indian authors right from Kalidasa,Kalhana have been writing on Ramayana stating it is History, Indians tend to dismiss them because they are written by Indians!

So I am providing references from some foreign sources about the authenticity of Ramayana.

Will be sharing more.

Description by Al Biruni.

Next a great bay in which Single Dib lies, i.e. the island Sarandib (Ceylon). On the coast is Ummalnara, then Ramsher (Rameshar?), opposite Sarandib; the distance of the sea between them is 12 farsakh. Between Ramsher and Setubandha 2 farsakh. Setu Bandha means bridge of the ocean. It is the dike of Rama, the son of Dasaratha which he built from the continent to the castle Lanka. At present it consists of isolated mountains between which the ocean flows...

Al Biruni,1030 CE

Al – Biruni- 1030 CE

References to Ramayana by other foreign writers.

▪ Marco Polo- 1271 CE

▪ Ludovico de Varthema- 1470 CE

▪ Asiatic Society- 1799 CE

▪ William Fordyce Mavor- 1807 CE

▪ Charles O’Conor- 1819 CE

▪ A J Valpy- 1825 CE

▪ Arnold Hermann- 1833 CE

▪ William Yates- 1846 CE

▪ Thomas Horsfield- 1851 CE

▪ George Scharf- 1856 CE

▪ Clements Robert Markham- 1862 CE.

Reference and citation.

The above link provides a consolidated view on Ramayan being History from sources including

By Whom How Indian Texts Became Myths

Even when evidence from various sources like Archeological, Epigraphy, Linguistics, Stratification of earth, Geology,Plate tectonics , Thermal imaging of Rocks and from literature around the world cultures in different languages,it is a herculean task to prove that the ‘Myths’ tag attached to Indian texts, Puranas, Ithihasa and other ancient Indian texts.

Why is it so?

What is a Myth?

Myth is what is untrue.

Though many definitions are provided laboriously,the term Myth is from Sanskrit word, Mithya,which means ‘of illusory nature,an illusion’

Later this term was used to denote things which are untrue.

This term was conveniently used to denote things which you do not understand or belongs to a Culture,faith, civilisation which is older than Christianity.

Everything must be related to Christ,is the zeal of Christianity.

Thus we have this non sense of BC,of relating an event to the birth of Christ even though the event in question preceded Christ,causing confusion in dating.

When the Britishers found,to their chagrin,that the History of India to be quite ancient and was factual and one that ran contrary to Christianity, especially relating to the age of the Universe and Earth,and they needed a tool to bring in India under their rule.

They realised that the major stumbling block was Hinduism,which was the uniting factor of Indians.

They adopted some strategies.

1. Call Indian texts as Myths.

2. Infiltrate Hinduism in the guise of scholars like Maxmueller and destroy it cunningly,by misinterpret Hindu texts.

3.Offer inducements to converts Including money.

4. Pose as Literati and misinterpret Indian literature in Regional languages like Tamil.

5. Open free educational institutions.

6.Misguide the gullible by ‘Miracles’

7. Use Christian organisations in the garb of NGOS and convert.

Under the classification of calling Indian texts as Myths,they had the History of India published by James Mill who wrote the History of India from Britain without ever visiting India or reading Indian texts.

Mr.Mill & Mr. Grant classified these texts as Mythological on the following 4 grounds:

1. The events in these texts seemed to go before the

Date of creation of the earth as fixed by Father. James Usher as 9 AM, 23rd Oct, 4004 BCE.(Because According to Bible Earth is created 6000 years ago).

▪ If Earth is Created 6000 Years ago, How come Ramayana can happen 7000 years ago?.

▪ But Science has Now Proved that Earth is not 6000 years old, But it is Billions of Years old.

2. Early British Scholars Believed in Fake Aryan Invasion Theory

▪ Early British Scholars like Max-Muller, Martin-Luther King, Griffith etc Proposed Aryan Invasion Theory .’

I have articles with evidence that all these statements are lies.

Seemingly well qualified scientists and others dismiss India’s rich culture, History and the icons of India, Rama, Krishna,Shiva, despite being presented with astronomical archeological evidence.

Such is the entrenched misinformation by the British in their about 350 years of Rule of India.

If one were to look for information on India and Hinduism, references pop up written by Western Authors, most of them self-proclaimed Missionaries, starting from Robert De Nobili of Tamil Nadu, Bishop Caldwell, Max Mueller, right to our secular educated Indians.

It was by James Mill who wrote the First Book, ‘History of British India’ in 1806.

( His son John Stuart Mill was a great Western Philosopher)

“James Mill began his History of British India in 1806, expecting it to take him about three years, but its completion proved to take instead twelve years, with three substantial volumes at last being published early in 1817. The work was immediately successful among British imperialists and secured for Mill for the first time a degree of prosperity. It led, with the support of David Ricardo andJoseph Hume, to Mill’s appointment in 1819 in United_Kingdom as assistant (later chief) examiner of correspondence at the imperialEast India Company at an annual salary of £800. By 1836, when he died, this income had become £2,000”

Ancestors of Man Homo Sapiens Homo heidelbergensis From India

The history of India is very ancient, Purana.

The Ancient history is called Purana.

Unfortunately, Purana has come to mean today as Legends, Myths, thanks to foreign invaders and our own home grown species, Secularists.

A nation is doomed if it forgets its History.

What is taught in Indian institutions from Pre kg to Phd is total misinformation and disinformation.

If foreigners, Britishers, driven by Messianic zeal to convert Hindus to Christianity with the intention of ruling over India under Christianity as the bond, Muslim invaders had their eyes on India’ s wealth in temples and the demonic zeal to convert Hindus to Islam as dictated by their religion.

Secularists had their own visions of trying to project themselves as Humane and liberal and to showvoff they are the intelligentsia, having been educated abroad.

They forget or feign ignorance about the tolerance and the rich , scientific heritage of India.

I have personal experience of this.

When one of the readers, a young archelogist ,of this blog,after discussing with me and on my suggestion to dig in the spot of Kurukshetra for painted potteries was refused permission for a dig.

She called me frm Delhi archeology office

I was connected to the head of the department.

It happened that he is a regular reader of my blog.

He apologised to me for not granting permission to dig for he has oral instructions not to allow any new dig if the Dig is likely to result in findings that might result in dates before Christ!

I have been writing this blog since 2009, providing evidence about the antiquity of Hinduism and Bharatavarsha.

In the process, I found

A million year old advanced Tamil site near Chennai,

Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu is dated over 11000 years ago,

Thiruvannamalai is 3. 94 bilion years old, Thirupathi is 2100 million years old, Jwalapuram, Nataraja is 74000″years old,

Gobekli tepe temple, Turkey was built by Brahmins 11000 Years ago,

Natural Vishnu temple and Shiva temple are found

In Colorado, US, and many more.

I have also refuted the Aryan Invasion theory and showed that Tamil and Sanatana dharma are ancient and they go together.

Also I have shown that the out of Africa human migration theory to be incorrect and human migration was from the South of India.

I have also written on the fact that the most ancient DNA of Human is traced to Madurai,Tamil Nadu.

Now I have information that not only Himo Sapiens eviloved in India but Homo Sapiens’ ancestor also evolved from India.

The species Homo heidelbergensis (a proto human who was an ancestor of modern Homo sapiens) inhabited the sub-continent of India centuries before humans migrated into the region known as Europe. Evidence of the existence of Homo heidelbergensis was first discovered in Germany in 1907 and, since, further discoveries have established fairly clear migration patterns of this species out of Africa. Recognition of the antiquity of their presence in India has been largely due to the fairly late archaeological interest in the area as, unlike work in Mesopotamia and Egypt, Western excavations in India did not begin in earnest until the 1920’s CE.

Reference and citation.

Authored by, Joshua A. MARK

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