Augustus Temple In Musiri Roman Colony Madurai

The trade reached its peak during the period of Augustus and the Roman currency depreciated alarmingly.

During Augustus’s period ratio of Gold to 1:9.3 aureus, aureus being 25 Silver Dinari.

Because of the heavy import from India, the ratio became 1:96 during the period of Nero and this economic decline was one of the reasons for Rome’s .disintegration as an Empire.

Female Beeja Mantras Beejaksharas List

However Sanskrit Language has them in written form.

As these sounds are mystically locked, they are to be intoned correctly.

Mantras are of three genders.

Male, Female and Neuter.

… This is also why Vaishnavas take pride in saying that worshiping Vishnu is equal to worshiping Devi and Siva together: Hara + “i” = Hari. However, both Hara, Hari seem to be derived from the Bhuvaneswari beeja “Hreem”.

7000 Year Swastika In Bulgaria

But the presence of Swastika around the world  during Copper Age .
That is around 7000 years ago is confirmed by the archelogical find in Bulgaria.
On Bulgarian connection to Sanatana Dharma please refer my article.
‘The word ‘swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svasktika’) meaning ‘It is’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Good Existence, and ‘Good Luck’ […] In Buddhism,a