Vedic Knowledge To Be Shared With Everyone AffirmVedas

And Brahmins created(?) the Vedas to control the social groups.

Even among Brahmins there are many who think that the Vedas are not to be shared with the other communities.


Veda comes from the word ‘Vid’ meaning to Know or Knowledge..

It is not the preserve of one community.

That the Vedas were made by Brahmins is equally wrong..

Many of the great Rishis and those who contributed Veda Sukthas were not Brahmins.

Some of them are.

Genghis Khan Hindu Mongolian Flag Vedic Symbol

The last name or title “Khan” is not Islamic or Arabic or Persian or Pathan.It is mongolian in origin Khan-comes from Khagan -The mongolian term for “Singh” or “Sardar” ( warrior / chief )
Mongolian flag is actually the pictorial depiction of a vedic fire pit–a havan kund with the Yin and Yang symbol ( of shiva and shakti ) at its centre with the Sun (Rudra) and Half moon ( Devi) rising above it.The symbol was the flag of the Bogde Khaganate empire of Mongolia which in turn was inspired by the battle standard of Mehar Gul’

6. Chenghis Khan’s Grandson, Kublai Khan consecrated a Shiva temple , one can find Tamil Inscription there..

Why Rama Uses Brahmin Rishis In Gotra Pravara

He recites the names of Brahmin Rishis as his ancestors in His Pravara?


Lord Rama’s Gotra/Pravara is this.

Yajur vEDa Saakhaa adhyaayinE, VaasishTa, MaitraavruNa KouNDinya trayaarishEya Prvaraanvita, VasishTa….Note how meticulously he uses the term Varma , indicating that He is a Kshatriya.

Brahmins must use the term Sarma, Kshatriyas Varma and Vaisyas Gupta after their Names in Pravara.