World First Business Corporation Vedic Andhra Karnataka Tamil

3. It interesting to note that the 500 group was operating not only in Tamil Nadu but in Vatapi ( Karnataka) , Chalukya Kingdom and in what is now AndhracPradesh, India.

Inscriptions at Aihole, Karnataka and at Anilamai in Cuddapah in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Some Brahmins were also a part of this group at Aihole.

5. This group was called ‘ Aihole enumbaaru Swamigalu’ in Kannada; as Veera Balija in Telugu.

Baliga in Coastal Karnataka might be a form of this word

6. This 500 group had their own security apparatus.

It was called Veera Valanjiyaru.

1450 Nagappatinam Tamil Bell In New Zealand

This Business corporation was called ,in Tamil,திசை வணிகர் ஐந்நூற்றுவர், meaning ‘the Five Hundred Business Group for All Directions(East, South, West and North)

They traveled throughout India and abroad in pursuit of Business.

They contributed to the Kingdom, at times of war, food and other materials free of cost to the forces.

Considering the facts that,

Ramayana refers to Cookes’ Island, New Zealand in detail,

Mantras Side Effects

If one follows Devi Mantra one is likely to hear the tinkling of Anklet bells or bell. These symptoms are indicative that the Mantra procedure is being followed correctly. And during this period one may develop some powers like the ability to cure.One should not be taken in by these, but concentrate in continuing the .Mantra. These are the side effects of the Mantra.

One should not be side tracked by these.

This will hamper spiritual growth.

Ganesha Verse Latin Dwimukha Ganapati Janus Roman God

Lord Ganesha Cult was present throughout the world. I had written on, Red Ganesha in Australia, Ganeshaya Namah inscription in Azerbaijan, Atlantis people were the descendants of Shiva, Ganesha and Subrahmanya, Golden Ganesha idol was unearthed in Kuwait, Ganesha’s mount, Mooshika was considered as a flying Machine y the Incas and there are paintings on […]