How To Clean Polluted Vegetables Waxed Fruits

Now what we have wax quoted Apples, oil polished vegetables that are inviting.

Not to speak of the pesticides used to grow them.

All these are highly toxic and can harm you, landing you with infections to Kidney problems.

How to clean the vegetables and fruits we buy thus?

1.Wash the vegetables and fruits with 2 7 Salt Water solution.This removes residues of pesticide.

2.To remove tough remains, use hot water, or steam.

In Vitro Fertilization IVF Malpractices

You are asked to have a check up monthly from the 45th day .

Scan is recommended at least twice.

You are advised to undergo Natural delivery.

But the message is delivered skilfully to make you go in for Caesarian.

What has been normal about 50 years ago has become a cause for tension while Doctors pay lip service to Natural delivery.

You are advised to take all sorts of Pills, especially Iron and calcium.