Lived In Mars 17 Years US Marine Corps Audio

An ex Marine,pseudonym Captain Kaye says he has spent the last 17 years living on Mars defending the human colonies from Martians.

The retired officer has recently made claims that he has been part of a secret on going military mission that includes all the major players in field of space exploration, including the United States, Russia, and China.

The operation was claimed to be called the Earth Defense Force.

The Guardian Audio ,Listen

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Ultimate Boon and Prayer For Every One. I

Hinduism abounds in Prayers.     Not only do they seek boons for the individual and for the World  of inanimate s as well.   This one is from Tamil, an ancient vibrant language of India.   Sung by Abirami Bhattar on Goddess Abirami, Thirukkadavur.   I will be posting some more Universal Prayers for every one to use.   The name of […]

Listen To Sounds of Nature Do Nothing, 2 Minutes.

We have forgotten to enjoy and live with Nature. To calm one, what one needs to do is Look at Sky Watch the Waves breaking Watch an Elephant moving its legs rhythmically Watch a Baby Smile. Now hear the Sounds of Nature. Related articles Best Albums of 2012: Top Ten