Ganesha Verse Latin Dwimukha Ganapati Janus Roman God

Lord Ganesha Cult was present throughout the world. I had written on, Red Ganesha in Australia, Ganeshaya Namah inscription in Azerbaijan, Atlantis people were the descendants of Shiva, Ganesha and Subrahmanya, Golden Ganesha idol was unearthed in Kuwait, Ganesha’s mount, Mooshika was considered as a flying Machine y the Incas and there are paintings on […]

Thirty Gitas Of Hinduism

The rate at which I come to know what I do not know about Hinduism is staggering.

Childishly I have started started writing on Hinduism.

I am certain that I would not even touch the periphery of Hinduism before my death.

Hope and pray that I may attempt to scratch its surface.

I propose writing on these Gitas in detail shortly.

Bharatavarsha Is Not India

Russia was called Sthree varsha, Land of women ,ruled by women,

Lake Baikal is Vaikanasa Theertha,

Indra’s city Amravathi was in Russia,

Caspian sea is the Kashyap Sagar……

and there is another puzzle,

In Sankalpa,which a Hindu recites, which points out where he is when he performs his duties (please read my article on this, Sankalpa, Geo-tagging), States,

Aadhya Brahmanah,

Dwdheeya Paraarthe,

Swetha Varaha Kalpe,

Vaivaswatha Manvantare,

Rama Kings Thailand Rama Kien

A Tamil Brahmin from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu founded the empires in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Tamil Saint Andal’s Thiruppavai and Shiva’s prayer Thiruvembavai are celebrated as National Festivals in Thailand.

Now there have been Kings of Thailand ,named after Lord Rama.