Narasimha Idol Can Be Felt as Human By Touch Hemachala Mallur

The wonders of temples and Gods do not cease to amaze.

I have written quite a few articles on this subject.

There is Narasimha Temple, near Warangal,

Narasimha Swamy, Hemachalam, Narasimha Swamy, Hemachalam,

Sri Hemachala Narasimha Swami Temple – Puttakonda, Malluru , Mangapeta, Warangal, AP
Lord Narasimha is believed to be incarnated from a Valcano mountain and the Lord’s body is felt and sensed same as human body.

Chintamani Jalapatham and Koneru in the temple premises has its water originated at Lord’s feet.

When one touches the Idol, the Idol feels like Human skin and is flexible as a Human!

According to the historical stories, the demon king, Ravana had gifted this place to his loving sister, Shurpanaka where around 14000 demons lead by Khara Dushana were done to death by the great Rama. It was Agastya , the great sage who gave the present name to the shrine as Hemachalam. There is a belief exhibited by the devotees that the deity, if alone, enflames the temple premises. But as the deity is affixed with a golden Goddess Lakshmi on his chest region, the deity assumes tranquility thus lessening the troubles due to fire accidents. It is a divine wonder to note that the sandal in the fluid form flows through the Umbilicus of the great Maha vishnu.

Understanding the gravity of the miracles that the temple holds for itself, the devotees in large number throng to the temple to offer their prayers to fulfill their wishes, to beget children or to redeem themselves from sins and obstacles (doshas) that a student faces during his life career. There are many stories that are depicted regarding the miracles exhibited by the deity.

How To Reach Hemachala,Mallur.


Railway Station,Warangal,Kazipet.

Buses from Managuru(50 kms),Bhadrachalam(70 km)


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