Monkey Crying Non Stop Before Kali Two Days Vaitheeswaran Koil

A Monkey has been crying continuously in front Goddess Kali In Vaitheeswaran Koil, Tamil Nadu.

The Monkey entered the Kali Sannidhi (Sanctum), sat in font of the Goddess’s Idol and been crying non stop, without food, with tears straming from its eyes,though food is kept near it.

It has been there for the past two days.

Goddess Kali, Chidambaram.jpg

Goddess Kali, Chidambaram.

‘I park myself at Mayiladuthurai and cover these temples.

I find this arrangement convenient,though it is ideal to be at Kumbakonam.

Temple Tank, Vaitheswaran Koil

Temple Tank, Vaitheswaran Koil, Tamil Nadu

But Myladuthurai is better in terms of better accessibility and better accommodation budget wise).Kumbakonam is 35 minutes  away-Rs 11 by bus ,about half a Dollar to and Fro.

You have buses every 10 -15 minutes from Mayiladuthurai  and it takes about 25 minutes one way.

The Temple is closed between 1 and 4 pm.

This Temple is worshipped for relief from Disease,s of the Skin especially.

And for relief from Angaraka Dosha,-Mars’s Malevolence.

It is believed one’s Marriage is delayed if Mars is in 4, 7, 8 11 and 12.(there are some divided opinions on this).

Angaraka has a Sannidhi or special enclosure in this temple.

The procedure of worship in the Temple is to wash one’s feet and hands in the Temple tank.
Every temple has its own its Tank, Tree,(Place of The Temple _Stlaam,Therrththam and Vruksham)-Vembu or Neem tree.

“Chevvai or Angarakan is present in two forms – Utsavar (the idol that is taken out in procession during festivals) is near the Vaithyanathaswamy sannidhi (shrine) and the moolavar (the idol that is  placed permanently in a place) is in the Eastern side of the outer praharam (circumambulatory path). The Utsava Murthy, mounted on a goat, is taken out in a procession inside the temple premises every Tuesday.  There is a small shrine to Lord Dhanvantari in the praharam (circumambulatory path) around Vaitheeswaran’s Sannidhi (Sanctum sanctorum).

How To Reach Vaitheeswaran Koil.

By Train: From Chennai side, take Cholan Express(train no:16853/16854) and Uzhavan Express(Train no: 16183/16184) and get down at Vaitheeswaran koil itself. From Coimbatore or Madurai side, take any train that goes to Mayiladuthurai. There is a direct train from Mysore/Bangalore and Coimbatore that goes up to Mayiladuturai, 14 km from Vaitheeswaran Koil.

By Bus: There are frequent buses to this place from Chidambaram, Mayiladuthurai, Kumbakonam.

Nearest Airpot, Tiruchi



11 thoughts on “Monkey Crying Non Stop Before Kali Two Days Vaitheeswaran Koil

  1. Kannan

    Is it still there?….means 2 days plus few hours?…does it look aged or tierd?…just concerned that shouldnt be some age related issues…even then what best one can do…no one can stop nature, and atleast this jeevan spends more useful way…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ramanan50 Post author

      I do not what it was in its last birth.Or whether it is conveying its anguish to Our Mother, who is also a Mother to it.It seeems a coincidence that I have been coming across Hanuman related news and animal related Pooja,that too not natural, for the past twodays.First I shared my old post on Hanuman with tears, then this news, followed by an email asking me whether I had a Post on Snakes performing Pooja for Shiva.I had an earlier Post which I shared! Some things in Life are inscrutable!



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