Hanuman Sheds Tears Bangalore, Govt. Blocks The Only Video

There was a comment for my Post Hanuman sheds Tears, Real Life Story in Facebook that the Idol of Lord Hanuman at Banswadi, a suburb of Bangalore sheds tears on Hanuman Jayanthi Day.

I sought information from the writer.

Anjaneya Bangalore.jpg
Hanuman, Banswadi, Bangalore.

No sooner than I posted the reply, I realised that I could Google for the information.

I did just that.

For the web search term ‘hanuman tears banaswadi’, I could get information.

This included the one from Bangalore Tourism .

I am providing the excerpt from the site.

But for Video search, the search returned with the only Video.

The catch is that the Video has been blocked by the Government Of India!

This is the search result.


This is the message for the Url..


Well, what reason could there be?

That It is Hanuman, ?

Hanuman Sheds Tears, Banswadi , Bangalore.

‘Every year on the eve of Hanuman Jayanthi which falls between December 16 to January 14 usually on a full moon-day in the month of Chaitra, this deity is attracted by a miracle; it so happens that tears come out from the idol and people flock from all parts of Bangalore to witness this miracle.

The Most important prehistory of this temple was constructed in dravidian fashion, it is 100 years old. and it has small small temples to denote their prehistory themselves and dedicated to Lord Rama, Shiva and Ganapathi within the walled compound.



7 thoughts on “Hanuman Sheds Tears Bangalore, Govt. Blocks The Only Video

  1. Interesting information. I have visited this temple long back when I visited Bangalore . But did not know about this information back then.
    Having said that, I want ask something. Hanumath Jayathi usually falls on New Moon day right? (Margazhi Amaavasai). You have mentioned it comes on a Full Moon day. So thought of checking.


  2. Yes I have seen it personally on Hanuman Jayanthi day. You can see Ananda Baashpa tears of joy in hanuman’s vigraha. I do stay in a area near banaswadi. It is a walkable distance from my place


  3. Sir, Thank for the Information. Even I have noticed, most of the Nationalist websites & its content is not getting displayed only in Airtel Internet service provider. Other service provider such as BSNL, Vadofone is working fine. You may use proxy server & view the url. Google ” Proxy server”, open any link, paste your url which you wish to see & watch the video.


      1. Sir, I don’t have correct data on the subject but educated guess is that it could be the direct consequence of Information & Technology dept, Govt of India working against P@#n websites, online platform which shares new movies (against Piracy) & present India to the world business community as a country which honors Intellectual property rights. See some detail on http://gadgets.ndtv.com/internet/features/how-to-access-blocked-websites-554909 & its comments section.


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