Ravana Sita Foot Prints Sugreeva Cave Jatayu Rocks

PR Srinivasa Iyengar,, an erudite Scholar in Tamil had written an excellent Book on The History of the Tamils.

He was also a staunch Si Vaishnava.

When he writes on History he divests himself of his beliefs and examines theories and analyses facts.

He had treated Legends associated with Tamil/Tamils and then Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata on this touchstone of facts.

He strips down the poetic descriptions in The Ramayana ,and arrives at a firm conclusion that The Ramayana did take place.

He took the premise that there a Prince, whose wife was taken away by a King of Lanka and he was defeated by the prince.

The barest fact has been tested and proved historically.

If something is proved historically one should have monuments, records to back up.

There are evidences to prove that the Ramayana was real, Astronomy, Literary   references,monuments.

I have written articles on The Ashoka Vatika,Ravana’s Pushpaka Vimana Runway.Pushpaka Vimana Axle,where Sita was imprisoned, where she took Bath in Lanka.

I am providing a Photo Essay on some of the Historical Remains of the Ramayana.

Please read my detailed posts on each of these topics.

Sita's Footprint,Lepakshi,Image.jpg
Sita’s Footprint,Lepakshi.



Jatayu Rock,image.jpg
Jatayu Rocks,Jatayu,a huge bird, an associate of Lord Ram, staked his existence attempting to recover Sita (Ram’s wife) from her abductor, the evil spirit ruler Ravana. The rock is belieived to stamp the spot where the mortally wounded Jatayu fell
Rama Foot print, Chitrakoot.Image.jpg
Rama Foot print, Chitrakoot.
Ravana Footprints.image.jpg
Ravana Footprints.
Footprints of Hanuman.image.jpg
Footprints of Hanuman.
Pushpaka Vimana Landing site.image.jpg
When they say “Hanuman set Lanka on fire” what they actually mean is he set fire to certain parts of Raavan’s palace. The ground here is said to be somewhat black which is nothing like the surrounding area. The picture below is from Ussangoda, which according to mythology was the landing strip for Raavan’s Pushpak Vimaan
Where Sita was Kept.Image.jpg
When Raavan brought Sita to Lanka, he first took her to this place called Sita Kotuwa, which is now a tourist spot in Sri Lanka.
Ashoka Vatika.image.jpg
Ashoka Vatika.
Sita's Pond where Sita took bath.image.jpg
Sita’s Pond where Sita took bath
Where Sita Took Agnipariksha.image.jpg
Where Sita Took Agnipariksha.





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