The Eight Forms Of Bhairava Photo Essay

Bhairava is Lord Shiva in His Fiercest Manifestation.

It may be worth mentioning that Shiva is different from Rudra, which is yet another manifestation of Shiva( Actually the pronunciation is Siva).

Kaal Bhairava is an fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva. The term Bhairava means “Terrific”.

He is often depicted with frowning, angry eyes and sharp, tiger’s teeth and flaming hair, stark naked except for garlands of skulls and a coiled snake about his neck.

In his four hands he carries a noose, trident, drum, and skull. He is often shown accompanied by a dog. Once Brahma insulted Lord Shiva and his fifth head teasingly laughed at Lord Shiva.

From Lord Shiva came out the Kalabhairava (Black Bhairava) who tore off the fifth head of Lord Brahma.

On the entreaties of Lord Vishnu, Shiva pardoned Lord Brahma. But the sin (in the form of a lady) of beheading Lord Brahma followed Kalabhairava everywhere. Also the head of Brahma stuck to him. To keep away the sin and punishment which were chasing him, Kalabhairava entered the city of Benaras ( now Varanasi ). The sin could not enter the city. Kalabhairava was made as the Kotwal (Inspector) of the city of Varanasi. Bhairava rides on a dog.

A pilgrimage to Kasi (Benares) is not supposed to be complete without visiting the temple of Kalabhairava.’

The Eight Forms of Bhairava.

1. Asidanga Bhairava – Gives Creative Ability

2. Guru Bhairava – Divine Educator

3. Chanda Bhairava – Gives incredible energy, cuts competition and rivals

4. Kroda Bhairava – Gives You the Power to Take Massive Action

5. Unmatta Bhairava – Controls Negative Ego and Harmful Self Talk

6. Kapala Bhairava – Ends All Unrewarding Work and Action

7. Bhishana Bhairava – Obliterates Evil Spirits and Negativity

8. Samhara Bhairava – Complete Dissolution of Old Negative Karma.

Bhairava, Form of Shiva
Asitanga Bhairava
Samhara Bhairava
Samhara Bhairava
Unmatta Bhairava
Unmatta Bhairava
Bhishana Bhairava
Bhishana Bhairava
kapala Bharavar
Kapala Bhairava
Form of Bhairava
Guru Bhirava
Kroda Bhaira , one of the forms of Bhairava
Kroda Bhairava
The Chanda Bhairava
Chanda Bhairava for Energy


Description of Bhairava Forms.

Kshethra Pala Bhairava

[Guard of Earth Bhairava]

Raktha jwalaa Jada dharam, sasi dharan, Rakthanga thejo mayam,

Dakka Shoola kapala pasa gadha dharam Bhairavam,

Nirvanam Gathavahanam Trinayanamcha Ananda kolahalam,

Vande bhootha pisacha natha vadukam Kshethrasya palam Shubham. 1

I salute the leader of ghosts and Ghouls, Lord Bhairava,

Who wears the red flame as his matted hair,

Who wears the moon, who shines in red colour,

Who holds a drum, spear, skull, rope and mace in his hands,

Who is nude, who rides on a dog, who has three eyes,

Who is always happy and exuberant and is the guard of the temple.

Asithanga Bhairava

[Dark Bodied Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam shantham, munda mala bhooshitham,

Swetha varnam, krupa murthim, Bhairavam Kundalojjwalam,

Gada kapala samyuktham, kumarsya digambaram,

Banam pathrancha sankham cha Aksha maalaam kundalam,

Naga Yagnopaveetham cha dharinam suvibhooshitham,

Brahmani shakthi sahitham, hamsaroodam suroopinam,

SArvabheeshta dharam nithyam asithangam Bhajamyaham. 2

I pray the dark Bhairava who fulfills all desires,

Who is forever, who has three eyes, who blesses and is peaceful,

Who wears a skull garland, who is white, who is the Lord of mercy,

Who shines in his ear globes, who holds mace and the skull,

Who is young and nude, who holds arrow, vessel, conch, bead chain and ear globes,

Who wears snake as sacred thread, who is well ornamented,

Who is with Goddess Brahmani, rides on a swan and is good to look at.

Krodha Bhairava

[Angry Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram,

Gadam shankam cha Chakrancha pada pathrancha dharinam,

Lakshmyacha sahitham vame garudasana susthitham,

Neela varnam maha devam Vande Sri Kroda Bhairavam. 3

I salute the angry Bhairava, who is blue and a great God,

Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude,

Who is armed with mace, conch, wheel, rope and a vessel,

Who is near Goddess Lakshmi riding on Garuda the eagle.

Unmatha Bhairava

[Frantic Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram,

Hema Varnam, maha devam, hastha vahana susthitham,

Gadgam, kapalam, musalam, dathantham, kedagam thadha,

Varahi shakthi sahitham Vande Unmatha Bhairavam. 4

I salute that Frantic Bhairava who is power called Varahi,

Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude,

Who is of golden colour, great God and rides on a swan,

And who holds sword, skull, Pestle and also the shield.

Ruru Bhairava

[Teacher Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram,

Dangam krisna mrugam pathram bibranam chakru panakam,

Maheswaryayudham devam vrusharoodam smitha vahanam,

Shudha sphatikam sankaram, namami Ruru Bhairavam. 5

I salute the Bhairava with the deer, who is like pure crystal and a destroyer,

Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude,

Who holds a hatchet, deer, drinking goblet and a sword in his hands,

Who has the armed Maheswari by his side and who is smiling and rides on a bull.

Kapala Bhairava

[Skull Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram,

Pasam, Vajram, thadha Gadgam pana pathranch dharinam,

Indrani shakthi sahitham Gaja vahana susthitham,

Kapala Bhairavam Vande padma ragha prabham Shubham. 6

I salute the Bhairava of the skull, who has a shining body,

Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude,

Who holds rope, Vajrayudha, Sword and Drinking Goblet,

Who has with him Indrani Shakthi, is being well praised and rides on an elephant.

Chanda Bhairava

[Fierce Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram,

Dhanur banancha bhibranam, Gadgam Pathram Thadaiva cha,

Koumari shakthi sahitham, Shikihi vahana sthitham,

Gowri varnayudham Devam Vande Sri Chanda Bhairavam. 7

I salute the Chanda Bhairava who is pure white in colour,

Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude,

Who holds rope, Vajrayudha, Sword and Drinking Goblet,

Who has with him Kaumari Shakthi and rides on a peacock.

Bheeshana Bhairava

[Terriffic Bhairava]

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram,

Gadgam soolam Kapalancha darinam musalam thadha,

Chamunda shakthi sahitham pretha vahana susthitham,

Raktha varnam maha devam Vabde Bheeshana Bhairavam. 8

I salute the Terriffic Bhairava who is a great God of blood red colour,

Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude,

Who holds sword, trident, skull and pestle in his hand,

Who has with him Chamunda Shakthi and rides on a corpse.

Samhara Bhairavam

[Annihilator Bhairava]

Dasa bhahum trinethram cha sarpa yagnopaveethinm,

Damishtra karala vadanam ashtaiswarya pradhayakam,

Digambaram kumarancha simha vahana samsthitham,

Soolam damarugam shankam, gadam chakrancha darinam,

Gadgam pathram cha Gadwangam pasa mangusa meva cha,

Ugra roopam madonmathamam bada vaalai,

Chandika shakthi sahitham dyayeth samhara Bhairavam. 9

I meditate on Bhairava the destroyer, who is with Chandika Shakthi,

Who has ten hands, three eyes and snake as sacred thread,

Who has protruding teeth, fearful look and grants eight type of wealth,

Who is nude, a youth and rides on a lion,

Who holds trident, drum, conch, mace and wheel in his hands,

Who holds sword, vessel, Gadwangam, rope and goad.

And who has fearful looks, wears skull garland and greatly exuberant.


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14 thoughts on “The Eight Forms Of Bhairava Photo Essay

  1. its really good work to show the basic eight bhairavas, but the picture of samhara bhairava is wrong..
    and my suggestion is , totally 64 bhairavas there but we know only basic 8 bhairavas, what are the other bhairavas name and details of that? plss share all bhairavas with name and picture.. becoz, i was searched but not yet..


  2. Super reading. Near Talaivasal of Salem, a Bhairava Temple is there. The Bhairava pooja will be conducted at Midnight 12 . Worship of Bhairavar will send enemies packing. Also our worries will be solved. Thanks for the eight super photos.


  3. I just noticed that in the shlokas, the name is correctly written-Ruru Bhairava. It’s the description above that had the mistake (or typo, if it was a typo). Many thanks.


  4. Just thought I’d make a couple of minor corrections: It is RURU Bhairava and not Guru Bhairava. Also, ‘Kalabhairava’ does not mean Black Bhairava; he has aadhipatya over the march of time (kaal) which is why the name.
    Many thanks for posting all this information.


    1. 1.Shall check on Ruru Bhairava.
      2.Kaala Bhairava , I am aware , is the Lord of Time.If i have made any observation to the contrary, it is incorrect.Kaala Bhairava is mentioned as Black. This attribute is probably due to the concept of Time as A Black Abyss.Thanks and Regds


    1. Most of my Posts have relevant Images. shall try to post Photo Essays.Have also posted slokas in Tamil, though not much.I shall do so in future.Regds


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