Collapsed Buildings Photo Essay.

As a woman was rescued from the collapsed building in the suburbs of Dhaka, Bangladesh, I thought it might be worth looking at some of the Collapsed buildings. To the story first.

‘A woman has been pulled alive from the ruins of a building that collapsed in a suburb of Bangladesh‘s capital, Dhaka, 17 days ago.

The head of the fire service earlier said the woman, named Reshma, had been found in the remains of the second floor of the eight-storey Rana Plaza. She had no serious injuries and had been talking with rescuers, he added. The dramatic news came after the army said more than 1,000 people were now known to have died in the disaster. The death toll is expected to keep climbing, as work crews using heavy machinery have begun removing rubble from the worst-damaged areas.’

Rubble survivor records

  • Naqsha Bibi – buried for 63 days in what had been her kitchen after 2005 Pakistan quake; survived on rotten food and water
  • Evans Monsignac – trapped for 27 days in the rubble after 2010 Haiti tremor; stayed alive by drinking sewage water
  • Park Seung Hyun – pulled from the wreckage of a supermarket in South Korea in 1995, 16 days after it collapsed; drank rainwater
  • Pedrito Dy – spent 14 days in the ruins of a hotel after the 1990 Philippines tremor; drank water and urine.
  •   Providential, I would say.
Title: Collapsed Building  Description: A collapsed building in the earthquake region.  Location: Turkey  Date Taken: Aug 26 1999  Photographer: , U.S. Geological Survey
A collapsed building in the earthquake region.
Collapsed garment factory,Suburb of Dhaka.
Dhaka Collapsed Building
Collapsed building in Mumbai leaves 45 dead.
Collapsed Building Mumbai,India
Collapsed Building ,Lagos,Nigeria
Collapsed Building ,Lagos,Nigeria
Collapsed Building China.
Building Collapse,Shanghai,China.
Tanzania Building collapse.
Building Collapses Tanzania.
 Building Collapse,World Trade Center,US
9/11 Building Collapse.,US
Collapsed Building,France.
Building Collapses in France.
Collapsed Building during Blitz, London.World war II,1945.
Collapsed Building during Blitz, London
Building collapses in Cologne, Germany..
Cologne,Germany Building collapse.



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