Honey Singh Obscene Lyrics Delhi Gang Rape


A FIR was lodged against Rapper Honey Singh by an IPS Officer for his obscene Lyric content of hid songs.


Rapper Honey Singh has been a chart-topper this year, and he had two songs on YouTube’s list of top 10 most-popular videos of 2012 for India.

Honey Singh’s two songs are featured among top ten Popular Videos on YouTube.

An Online Petition has also been on against him for  the ‘porn and misogynistic content ‘ of his lyric.

” “These pornographic lyrics are unacceptable and it is because of women hating (sic) sentiments like these that men think that it’s fine to do what they did on that bus, that December night in Delhi.  Let’s put a stop to these subversive lyrics that infiltrate the minds of people who don’t know better and who then justify to themselves the rightness of a crime that harms another human being, sometimes so severely that they lose their lives.”

Honey Singh.
Honey Singh Dancing.



Aja teri choot maroon
Tere sir se chudney ka bhoot utaroon
Choodney key baad tujhe jutey maroon
Tere mooh main apna lora dey key mooth maroon (yeah)

Kar doon teri fuddi kharab
Merey jesa koi nahin meree bhudi kharab
Terey baad tere post
Bas yahi kaam kaaj mera
Kar doon ga khush tujhe
Luraa ley key naach mera……


Choda hoga tujh ko hazaroon ney
Mehngay mehngay kamroon mein
Lambi caroon mein
Bollywood key baray baray sitroon ney
Per merey lund jeesa dum naa bicharoon mein

Mein karoon din raat ek
Guzar merey saath ek raat …dekh
Terey jesey maine toree ek raat mein…
Aazma key dekh ley, dum kitni hai baat mein”



His programme on New Year’s Eve in Gurgaon. was canceled.


Honey Singh denied his penning these lyrics.


Fearing for his life, in a startling revelation, Honey Singh claims the offensive song is not his at all.


“I swear on my music. I’ve neither written nor sung those offensive songs. I’d never dream of singing a song in praise of rape,” he says. “The thought is nauseating to me. I’d rather give up singing than attain popularity in such cheap and cheesy ways.”

Singh claims the song was released on the Internet by an imposter: “I’ve sent notices to YouTube and other Web sites which have uploaded the offensive number. I am shocked that such a song could even be believed to be mine.”

“I come from a family where women are respected and I’d never disrespect women by espousing rape,” he says.'(rediff.com)


Linking this to the incidence of the Gang rape in Delhi is sheer non sense.


People should not be carried away by emotions, trying to find a reason everywhere for th Delhi gang rape.


While it is indeed objectionable and perverse to sing these songs, the fact is this form has always been there right from the earliest societies.

We have Limericks,Sexual ballads,in Folk songs.

I am not sure how many know of this.

In fact some of the Tamil Folk songs are so vulgar sometimes you start hating Sex!

This and Strip tease, Belly dancing,cabarets ,nauch walis are here  to stay.

Do you know wrote the following lines?




One can hardly miss the vulgarity of “Pistol’s cock is up,/And flashing fire will follow” (Henry V, II.i.52-53;also see PISTOL). Outside such double entendres, cock was also a substitute for the even more shocking word “God,” as in “By Cock” (Hamlet, IV.v.61) and “Cock’s passion” (Shrew IV.i.118)



“They mistook their erection,” notes Mistress Quickly, meaning to say “directions.” Falstaff responds, “So did I mine, to build upon a foolish woman’s promise” (Wives, III.v.39-42)


The term “fingering” is more obviously bawdy in Cymbeline, when Cloten the clownish gallant hires musicians to help “penetrate” his resistant love object, Imogen. “Come on, tune. If you can penetrate her with your fingering, so; we’ll try with tongue too” (II.iii.14-15)



“Royal wench!” marvels Agrippa; “She [Cleopatra] made great ceasar lay his sword to bed;/ He ploughed her, and she cropp’d[gave birth]” (Antony, II.ii,227-29). “And if she [chaste Marina] were a thornier piece of ground than she is,” the pimp Boult proposes, “she shall be plough’d” (pericles, IV.vi.144-45).

Privates, Secret Parts

Genitalia. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern tell Hamlet they are neither sad nor over-happy — “on Fortune’s cap,” says Guildenstern, “we are not the very button.” “Nor the soles of her shoe?” asks Hamlet; “Neither, my lord,” Rosencrantz replies. “Then,” the prince continues, “you live about her waist, or in the middle of her favors?” “Faith,” jests Guildenstern, “her privates we.” Hamelet: “In the sweet parts of Fortune? O, most true, she is a strumpet [whore]” (HAmlet, II.ii228-36).”



William Shakespeare!



It human n nature to express this way.

I know how women talk of sex when they think Men are not around,men go nowhere near them in vulgarity.

The issue becomes problematic when it becomes public and viral.

This is the price one has to pay for Technology and mass communication at fingertips.

Best is to ignore them and they will operate in their own circles.

Unfortunately, we enjoy them in private and adopt a Moralistic posture in Public!

If people are so concerned how come the songs have become so popular as to become a block buster in YouTube?

Many of them who enjoyed them, would have been women!





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6 thoughts on “Honey Singh Obscene Lyrics Delhi Gang Rape”

  1. Of late Censor Board has allowed free for all.See Emran Hashmi Song:-” …kabhi mere saath ek raat gujar, tujhe subah tak main karoon pyar.” Munni badnam hui, Sheila ki jawani aayi.And now “…..main to kab se hun ready taiyyar, pataale yaar missed call se”.What is the message of all these item numbers?They only arouse vulgar feelings.Films have stopped giving some social message.Now it has become a soft porno industry.


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