2013 New Year Drunks Photo Essay.

Drunk Images New Year 2013

Ride home? A couple frolicking in a lane near Wind Street, the main pub and club district of Swansea, in south Wales early this morning

Drunk Images 2013 New Year

Take a pew: Couple take the weight off of their feet after a hard night at the bar

2013 Drunks

I never go out without my plant: A woman under the influence of alcohol dragging an uprooted plant through Swansea


2013 Drunk New Year

The pair plough on past Subway, heads down, on a mission with that uprooted bush .

2013 New Year Drunks.

Naughty step?A woman chats to two men after collapsing onto the pavement


2013 New Year drunks

Overcooked it in Newcastle city centre last night


2013 new Year Drunks

‘You hold my shoes, I’ll hold my drink’: Party people on Broad Street in Birmingham





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