Fantastic sir ..some times one lie gets repeated again and again and again and becomes the truth keep up good work

Priya Swaminathan writes

Hi Ramani, Thank you very much for the post. This post actually resonates with me. In 2014 I was experiencing some work related stress- so I ended up googling symptoms and that took me from post to post where people had posted about chronic scary conditions like OCD and what not. My imagination ran wild […]

varadaraj narayanan writes

Namaskaram You are blessed to write blogs.  We are blessed to read them. I recently read one of your posts – It is about Sri Rama realizing His Bramhan nature.  I am on look out for the source of the material.  Rather, I want to know a version of Ramayana where such details are given.  […]

Palanichamy says

Many many thanks for all the useful information for public interest…………..ppc


Shri Ram I feel really secured after noticing that there are Hindus like you who are trying to remove all these rumors related to the Vedas. Unless there are true Sanatan Dharma followers like you, it is sad but true that Sanatan Dharma would become extinct. I humbly request you to publicize your study and […]


I highly recommend that you should write a book which includes all your blogs(hinduism,shivism,its relation to the whole world etc….) in a systematic manner.Things which you are mentioning are not known to masses.These things can change the perception of the people around.And very few people go around this types of blogs and do research.

Sanne Nanje Gowda

Hi,your blogs are informative, interesting and puts one’s mind on cogitations. Your approach to subject and sharp but crisp analysis is unique and singular.


Sir,just found ur blog …Thursday 5 am in morning….sridakshinamurthaye namah….it’s amazing…reading sm of ur articles made my hair stand up…no exaggeration.i loved the Chidambaram Nataraj article….felt it answered some of my questions I was not finding in pravachans or other sites.reading your articles makes me feel proud to be a hindu