Digvijay Singh, Zakir Naik Al Qaeda Link


I have posted an article ‘Rahul Vinci (not Gandhi) Profile.


I received some Links from my reader Mr.Anil Gupta, whose sources are generally authentic.


quote of Zakir Naik on Hinduism
Zakir Naik on Lord Ganesha


In one Link I found references made to Sonia Gandhi being linked to Zakir Naik, the Islamic preacher and a promoter of Al Qaeda ideology.


Further Links and videos were not found, YouTube video removed.


I am posting the information as I found on this  subject.


I am not able to find confirmation about Sonia’s Link with Zakir Naik.


Readers may send in their comments to prove or disprove that Sonia is linked with Zakir Naik.


What is established is that Dgivijay Singh,Congress Party’s general Secretary appeared in Zakir Naik’s TV Channel.


The YouTube Video Is deleted.



Sonia Links with Zakir Naik who runs Islamic peace Foundation & PeaceTv ( Illegally running in India) & Links with Indian Mujhadeen—-


Congress General Secereatry Digvijay Singh in Peace Tv function——



Instead, they found pro-Taliban videos and speeches by Zakir Naik — a popular but controversial Mumbai-based televangelist who has, among other things, defends Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin-Laden.

“If he is fighting the enemies of Islam”, Naik said in one speech, “I am for him. If he is terrorising America the terrorist—the biggest terrorist — I am with him.” “Every Muslim” Naik concluded, “should be a terrorist. The thing is, if he is terrorising a terrorist, he is following Islam”. Naik has never been found to be involved in violence, but his words have fired the imagination of a diverse jihadists — among them, Glasgow suicide-bomber Kafeel Ahmed, 2006 Mumbai train-bombing accused Feroze Deshmukh, and New York taxi driver Najibullah Zazi, who faces trial for planning to attack the city’s Grand Central Railway Station.

Language like this spoke to concerns of the young people who were drawn to separate jihadist cells that began to spring up across India after the 2002 violence, mirroring the growth of the Indian Mujahideen. SIMI leader Safdar Nagori set up a group that included the Bangalore information-technology professionals Peedical Abdul Shibli and Yahya Kamakutty; in Kerala Tadiyantavide Nasir, Abdul Sattar, and Abdul Jabbar set up a separate organisation that is alleged to have bombed Bangalore in 2008″

Recently, Sonia Gandhi’s Congress party’s General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, was on Peace TV, run by Dr. Zakir Naik. Addressing a large gathering of Muslims, Digvijaya Singh gave us a glimpse of how India’s ruling party Congress views Zakir Naik, thanks to their practiced version of “secularism”


Now read on
# Main “Huzoor” Doctor Zakir Naik sahib ka bahut aabhari hoon.

# Mujhe is baat ki khushi hain, ki wey Shanti ka sandesh poore vishwa mein phehla rahe hain. Shanti se hi pragati hoti hain.

# Please go abroad, but I also request you to travel into those parts of India where 1000 years of Hindu Muslim coexistence is being breached and you be the bridge to join them.

# Dr. Zakir sahib ne toh saare Dharm ke kitab padh chuke hain.

# Mujhe mere Guru, mata aur pita ne kahin nahin sikhaya ki koi dharam kharab hota hain.

# Insaan accha yaa bura hota hain, magar dharam kabhi bura nahi  hota.

# Aapka yeh shanti ka sandesh, is poore mulk mein pahunchna chahiye. Is mulk mein pahunch kar kone kone tak jaana chahiye

# Kuch log aise hain, jo Islam ko galat tareeke se pesh karte hain.

For more check the Link.

Nehru Family.

On Zakir Naik.

Digvijaya Singh on Zakr Naik Show

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Rahul Gandhi Viral Spoof Video Removed

“Rohit Iyengar, an 18-year-old film student from Illinois who had created and uploaded the video, says by that time it had amassed 229,319 views, 276 comments, 2,853 likes and 128 dislikes. The original link of the removed video now carries this message: “‘Rahul Gandhi Sing…’, — this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Desi Records.”

YouTube refused to divulge any ownership details of Desi Records citing privacy issues. The video in question shows a Rajya Sabha TV logo on the upper right hand. Speaking to TOI, Rajya Sabha TV CEO Gurdeep Sappal denied having made any copyright violation claims. Calls and messages Deepender Hooda, who handles social media presence and response for the Congress party, went unanswered.”

Before I could post this morning the video seems to have been removed!

That’s Ms.S G’s Power.


Rahul Gandhi is so divested from reality that he could not handle TV interviews.

One squirmed in the seat while watching Rahul Gandhi facing the seasoned Arnab Goswami on TimesNow interview, when Rahul Gandhi made such a fool of himself that even Arnab was flabbergasted!

Read my post on this.

I chanced upon the promotional Video by the Congress Party where the Youth(?!) are endorsing Rahul Gandhi.

I watched it in Tamil.

I am not sure if it is dubbed.

One should watch the expression and the way they endorsed Rahul Gandhi was hilarious.

I thought some one will make a spoof of this.

Sure, some one has done it and it has gone viral in YouTube .

As the original is not available, I am posting one with 2,509,258 Hits.

Hope this remains online by the time you see it!

I am posting this here for those who might have missed the laughs.

While Congress s cribbing that BJP has done it, the BJP has passed the buck onto Samvaad Club in Gujarat.

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Most Watched Videos 2013

Here is a list of Most viewed Videos in YouTube in 2013.

Thirty have been listed.





Horse E Book?

There seems to an e book for Horses!

Running Horse.

Horse ebooks


Horse ebooks



The Internet is full of mysteries. Two of the more intriguing ones have been a Twitter account, @Horse_ebooks, and a YouTube channelPronunciation Book, which have been running for the past several years. Both have the hallmarks of automation, chugging along anonymously and churning out disjointed bits of text in a very spam-like fashion. At the same time, their output has seemed strangely knowing and even portentous. Horse_ebooks, in particular, has inspired fan fiction, Tumblr accounts, T-shirts, and tattoos with its weird zen-like sentence fragments, such as “Who Else Wants To Become A Golf Ball,” or “For The Highest Price Possible, No Matter How Much Time You Have Had To Prepare!,” or “Everything happens so much.” Both accounts have spawned speculation among the hundreds of thousands of people who have viewed them. Were they really spambots? Were they some slowly unfolding promotion for, say, a new phone or movie? Were they machines testing out a new kind of artificial intelligence? Were they Edward Snowden’s side projects?


Paranormal Photos

I am intrigued by Paranormal activity despite or it because of my background and interests.

Though Reason tells me it is difficult to prove to the satisfaction of others,  I Have experienced paranormal activity, like seeing a Man vanishing into thin air within my grip(literally), watching figures wafting down the closed Glass windows, I have blogged on these(Under Interesting and funny, Lifestyle)

I have posted from sources Videos and articles.

I came across some genuine amateur Photos at Documenting reality.com

I have secured the permission from th the site owner for posting material.

Here Below are interesting Photos.

One may remember that the Lady is no Conspiracy Theorist and seems to be genuinely astonished at the Photos.

‘I hadn’t realized there was a paranormal section until today!!! I would love to share a couple of my best photographs from investigations. I have been doing investigations since around the age of 15; in both private settings and as part of a collegiate team.

(Please note: I am VERY picky when it comes to the authenticity of paranormal photography. The few photos I am posting here are 100% not photoshopped; with the exception of the second one being zoomed.)
This first photo was taken at a small Ohio cemetery. There are three distinct blue orbs in it.

Paranormal Photo from a Cemetery.
Orbs in a Cemetery.
Paranormal Photo.
This second photo is the central most orb zoomed in by 13x.


Paranormal Photo.
This next photo was taken at a small cemetery in the western Pennsylvania area, near the Ohio border.