Rahul Gandhi Viral Spoof Video Removed

One should watch the expression and the way they endorsed Rahul Gandhi was hilarious.

I thought some one will make a spoof of this.

Sure, some one has done it and it has gone viral in YouTube .

As the original is not available, I am posting one with 2,509,258 Hits.

Horse E Book?

There seems to an e book for Horses! Horse ebooks @Horse_ebooks Horse ebooks horse-ebooks.com Story: The Internet is full of mysteries. Two of the more intriguing ones have been a Twitter account,¬†@Horse_ebooks, and a YouTube channel,¬†Pronunciation Book, which have been running for the past several years. Both have the hallmarks of automation, chugging along anonymously […]

Paranormal Photos

I am intrigued by Paranormal activity despite or it because of my background and interests.

Though Reason tells me it is difficult to prove to the satisfaction of others, I Have experienced paranormal activity, like seeing a Man vanishing into thin air within my grip(literally), watching figures wafting down the closed Glass windows, I have blogged on these(Under Interesting and funny, Lifestyle)

I have posted from sources Videos and articles.

I came across some genuine amateur Photos at Documenting reality.com

I have secured the permission from th the site owner for posting material.

Here Below are interesting Photos.

One may remember that the Lady is no Conspiracy Theorist and seems to be genuinely astonished at the Photos.

‘I hadn’t realized there was a paranormal section until today!!! I would love to share a couple of my best photographs from investigations. I have been doing investigations since around the age of 15; in both private settings and as part of a collegiate team.

(Please note: I am VERY picky when it comes to the authenticity of paranormal photography. The few photos I am posting here are 100% not photoshopped; with the exception of the second one being zoomed.)
This first photo was taken at a small Ohio cemetery. There are three distinct blue orbs in it.