Sex Music Tantra Siddhas a Study.

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Urdhvaredham Viroopaaksham Viswaroopayay Namaha'-Narayna Suktham. At some point of time when Yoga is being practiced,when a practitioner is advancing,he shall have sexually stimulating visions,especially during Sakthi Upasna and he can advance only if he overcomes the stimulation and direct the flow upwards.


More Detailed Yoga Jabala Darsana Upanishad

The process of Vaasi Yoga is Shiva. Read Vaasi backwards,it is,Shiva. Please check my detailed article on this. There is an Upanishad in the,Sama Veda dedicated to Yoga process. This was taught bt Lord Dattatreya to Sage Sankrithi. This is the Jabali Darshana Upanishad.

Firs Step To Clear Mind Yoga Sutra 1.36

When we perceive,we have the objects we Perceive and our Impressions of them in the Mind. The Objects do not change from time to time. It is our interpretation of them at a particular point of time changes. So what needs to be changed is our perception of Objects.

Shut Down Background Applications Mind Yoga Sutra 1.35

However the information,Stimulii,which we have chosen to ignore,do not really go away. They run in the background in our minds,much like the Andriod Applications that run in the background even when the screen is off. In Android, you can force them to stop by going to your settings.

Which Yoga for Whom Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.34

This Consciousness can be reached through the two components that make up humans,Emotion and Reason. While the emotion is used to raise the level of Consciousness through Bhakti Yoga,the process of surrendering oneself to God,the Reason is used to reach out Consciousness by practicing Karma Yoga,the Path of Action and by Gnana Yoga,Path of Discrimination. The purpose is to reach Consciousness through the available tools,Emotion and Reason. But again as Human Beings have different dispositions/Nature,one must choose what is best for him/ her.