Vedic Palm Manuscript Atreya Siksha In Germany In Tamil

For this, I took my grandfather Professor. Geometry Narayana Iyer’s words, for if a grandson does not belive a grandfather, who else would?

I think my grandfather would be happy, wherever he is now.

The Aitreya Shiksha is in Germany and to the surprise of many it is in ancient Tamil !

This also proves my Theory that Sanatana Dharma was in place in the South, probably even before the Sarasvati Valley!

Netaji And Japan War Crimes Why Classified Documents

In June 1943, with Hilter’s connivance , Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose , took over as supreme commanded of INA, renamed as Azad Hind Fauj, got himself a Field Marshall’s uniform and took over..

Would not the fact that Netaji did not raise the issue of 20000 Indian soldiers killed and tortured with the Japanese and agreed to collaborate with them cause immense damage to his name also create unrest in India , especially in West Bengal?

Auschwitz Birkenau Holocaust Killing Spree

In connection with the Holocaust Day on 27 January, it is worth remembering the Crimes committed by Man against Man and ensure it does not happen again.     Zyklon-B “crystals” were introduced into the homicidal gas chambers through metal tubes of 2 or 3 cm diameter [running parallel to the ground!] , tubes which, […]