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The site records its Million Hits on 14 January 2013.

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Started in August 2009,Ramani’s blog reached half a million hits on 17 April 2012 and in ten months has reached a Million.

Two Simple Words W that can not adequately convey my feelings to readers.

Thank You.

I am informed by leading Bloggers that this mile stone is  remarkable considering the time scale and the areas it covers.

“It is also good to see a single contributor posting with out guest blogs .”

On the other hand , my son says that I write my blogs by commenting on News item which are of interest to others any way, and there is nothing remarkable.

May be he is right.

But as I said earlier in my blogs under Pages that I started blogging not with the intention of getting Hits alone and that I wanted to be heard on subjects I love.

What have I learnt?

I am happy to begin with.

I can keep my self engaged and keep my brain active without allowing it to brood over silly things of day-to-day Life.

And yes, it gives me recognition in unexpected places.

Last year when I had been to Chennai I had to go to the State bank Of India to attend to some work to be done there for my sister in Law.

The Counter was busy and there was a long queue.

After about ten minutes, a man came to me and asked me what I wanted  and I explained to him my business,

He  said

” I think you are ramanan50, I am the Branch manager, please come to my Cabin and I will help you’

I went in and he told me he was a regular reader of my posts and asked me to write on Consumer information.

I was happy that I could be recognized purely on the basis of what  I have written.

Last year I attended the Indi Bloggers Meet at Bangalore .

I was  extended a warm welcome and it became very personal when they knew I was writing in WordPress platform and had attained a reasonable Alexa rank

Let me tell you the average age of the group was 26!

And I was the oldest Guy around.

Some of them wanted tips.

I told them that I  was not a professional writer but I promised I would give some facts I learnt once I reach One Million Hits.

Here are some things I learnt.

Write what you feel passionately about.

State your views how ever silly it might sound tho you.

Do not write to please by compromising your views,it shows in the long run that you are not true in your opinions.

Write on a subject on which you have a question or doubt.people are interested in learning the answers as much as you do.

Provide sources for your information and acknowledge.

Appreciate other bloggers when due.

If you find a good post, reblog them.

Tag the posts accurately, it comes with over a period of time.

The procedure I follow is.  (how would I search/Google this  information?)

Write naturally and  do not force key words.

If you write naturally, key words will fall automatically.

Maintain a good text ratio- minimum 15%.


Check Recommendations from Woorank.


Write the Attributes in for Images.


Always provide an image,video  relevant to the story.

If you have posted earlier on the same subject link it to your new post if it is not identical.

Other wise keep updating your earlier posts.

Avoid profanity and abusive language.

If you want to write NSFW, make it Private.

Link with Social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter.

Distribute the posts to StumbleUpon, Digg.

Post comments on News papers,participate is discussions /Forums.

Right now I can recall only these.

Happy Blogging.


2012 in review A WordPress Anaysis of wp Blogposts

WordPress Review of its Bloggers  2012 is released.

The  Format remains the same as it was for the last year.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 520,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 9 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.


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Latest and Useful Blog Tools.

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase


The goal of a Blogger is to be read widely.

It is of primary importance that the content be original , informative and interesting.

Then comes the issue of promoting the Blog by having it heard on the net-sphere.

One tool is social media sharing.

Other than this, there are Tools that help one to blog better and make the blog richer.
I came across some of the Tools which I am sharing below.

Calepin: Host & Publish A Blog Using Dropbox

calepin300 Unlike other platforms like Blogger or WordPress, Calepin is not a blog hosting solution. Rather, Calepin is a simple app that lets you use your Dropbox account to store blog posts and publish them online with a single click. Once you sign up for a Calepin account and link your Dropbox account to it, all […]


Pandamian: Type & Publish Books Online

pandamian-thumb Online blogging platforms do a wonderful job of letting you write an online diary. But what if you are an aspiring author looking for a way to write an entire book online? What you will need is a web service that organizes the chapters in your books and lets visitors comfortably go through them. This […]

WordPress Review, ramanan50

Be it Science,Technology or ordinary mundane life the question often arises’Why did I not think of this before?,

Such is this Word press  report.

One should have thought about it.

Well, I didn’t!

Apart from encouraging a Blogger,it is heartening to note that some one is thinking very creatively.

I would also like to record,as I have done earlier,the word press support is awesome,especially personal queries.

More importantly it is informal and personal with out being intrusive. 

Good job,wp.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

London Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 people. This blog was viewed about 340,000 times in 2011. If it were competing at London Olympic Stadium, it would take about 4 sold-out events for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Blog Hits 300, 000, Thank You.

My first Blog was on 29 August 2009- ‘Time-Non-linear Theory.

To day the,12th of September 2011, Total Hits 300,000 was reached.

I do not know whether  this is  good .

But I am happy that I have been able to write regularly and people have been reading , submitting comments and at times advise me the Subjects on which I should write.

I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all of them-Readers,Subscribers and those who comment.

Over a period of two years  and Twelve days of my blogging experience, I have made many a mistake.

A list.

I was confused  between ‘Categories and’ Tags ‘( still am).

The Result. I have ,116 Categories ,8,501 Tags. 

I thought the more number of Tags I add-I had included Search Engines Names, like Google,Bing !-, I will have more Hits!

I came to know that Search Engines are designed to ignore people like me (who add unnecessary tags).

I was under the mistaken impression that Category is the Subject.

I am in the process of correcting these mistakes.

I have learnt that Key words are those words that come to me automatically as I write.

I was advised by people in the SEO that I have to use more key words in the body of the blog, which is saying ‘include as many key words as possible’. 

I refused because it affects my flow and then it is not me writing spontaneously.

I read in Google Blog on Search Optimization, over-use of key Words is counter productive.

As I mentioned  on reaching the One Lakh mark, I write ‘raw’,as people call it,with no touch ups.

After all it is not literature , but sharing of one’s thoughts.

I ensure that the facts are correct and I am true to my convictions.

If wrong in my views in the light of Facts, I correct myself.

I remember that i did not know what Visual editor was when it appeared in WordPress.

I just started writing and I was able to write easily.

Nor did I know how to apply a Link in the Blog.

Readers can still see Links in my earlier Blogs in Text Format( I am not correcting them to remind me often of my stupidity.

Uploading Images and Videos ,the same issues!

Then I started reading WordPress Help and Tutorials.

They are extremely useful for a man who can not understand much about Computer ,let alone Blogging.

Here I would like Thank WordPress Help Desk,especially Karim  and Sheri , who systematically followed up my queries even if I forgot.

Thank You,Karim and Sheri. 

Google Help on Blogging  has proved to be highly useful.

To evaluate my site I rely on

It is simple, devoid of jargon and I am able to understand where I need to pay attention.Not only Alexa gives me my Audience Profile, it guides me on Bounce rate,Key Word Search,Speed of the Site.

It provides me insights into Traffic Rank,Reach View,Page Views,Page Views per User,Time on Site,Search and Links among other things.

Quantcast and Woorank are two other sites of the same type.

They are equally useful.

Thanks to Google,WordPress,Alexa,Woorank  and Quantcast

And Thanks to my children, whom I have been pestering with my blog information ad nauseum , for encouraging me.


For the best web hosting, WordPress is the gold standard. Because of the SEO that is already incorporated into the WordPress platform, the customer’s search engine ranking will be higher than it would be with many other hosting websites. In order to keep your search engine results at a high ranking level, it is important to frequently update your website with original content. Additionally, when you post a sale or special event on your website, it will be found by the search engines more rapidly and your ranking will increase, so that you are closer to the top of the search engine results. This in turn will generate more traffic to your site and broaden your prospective customer base.

Why and What Do I Blog?

I started Blogging in August 2009.

My knowledge of Computer and Internet was and still is sketchy.( In fact my son who is a Product Manager in an IT multinational tried to teach me;well I could not understand any thing!)

I just waned to write.

There are two types of people around me,one that states my opinions/advice is good and they welcome it, they are a minority)

Majority felt/feel that I offer my opinions on every thing under the Sun whether it is Right or Wrong,Correct or Incorrect.

In Life, I have found that  offering opinions is unwelcome whether it sought for or otherwise.

The opinion seeker wants his/her opinion/views confirmed.

If your opinion is different unnecessary argument ensues.

I wanted to deal with the problem my way.

Start Blogging.

Nobody can hurt you, for they are not near  you for one and for another people tend to accept views /opinions of others who are not close to them.

(For abusive comments,I keep quiet).

Some times I am surprised that people accept my views and do ask my opinions.

Secondly I wanted to be heard.

Whether some one likes or not doesn’t matter.

Gregariousness and being heard is a basic instinct.

Many a Relationship breaks for want of hearing and listening.

What do I blog?

It comes under three categories.

Information I feel is useful to others.They are linked straightaway to the information,possibly with a couple of reputed links.

Second,I blog   on a Story on any subject about which I have some  idea, with my comments.

Thirdly I write on a subject/topic I feel I am proficient( for example Time,Health issues,parenting,Relationships,Indian Philosophy,Hinduism,Christianity,Religion) .

( even this post has Links)

Another point is that I do not know what I am going to write.

I write as the subject appeals to me.

I also contribute comments to Standard Magazines/Newspapers/Journals.

Some times I Blog them with the original story.

The purpose is to share what I feel.

In fact I do not prepare a draft, edit and publish.

I just write  and publish,  at times forget to spell check

My  brother’s daughter tells me that my writing is forceful and language bordering on violence in expressing my opinions( she should know ,she was a Professor of Sociology):yet she likes it.

And my copy is raw.the same view was expressed my by son and many of my friends.

One of my Readers  suggested I that my comments  must be longer.

Well,I am what I am .

I want to thank Readers and Subscribers and Commenters  on the day of my reaching One lakh Hits.

To top it all,I enjoy blogging .

That’s enough for me.



Indian Govt proposal to muzzle bloggers-Respond.

Government is probably irked by Bloggers coverage of CWG Scam,2G,Radia Tapes,ISRO affairs.
Going  Tinpot Dictators’ way?
Bloggers in and from India should put a stop to this non sense.
Forward your views .
We shall pettiton first The President India( hope she remembers she is the President)
Simultaneously ,represent to Human Rights organization and International Civil Rights Groups.
NEW DELHI: A government proposal seeking to police blogs has come in for severe criticism from legal experts and outraged the online community. The draft rules, drawn up by the government under the Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008, deal with due diligence to be observed by an intermediary. 

Under the Act, an ‘intermediary’ is defined as any entity which on behalf of another receives, stores or transmits any electronic record. Hence, telecom networks, web-hosting and internet service providers, search engines, online payment and auction sites as well as cyber cafes are identified as intermediaries. The draft has strangely included bloggers in the category of intermediaries, setting off the online outcry.

Blogs are clubbed with network service providers as most of them facilitate comment and online discussion and preserve the traffic as an electronic record, but equating them with other intermediaries is like comparing apples with oranges, says Pavan Duggal, advocate in the Supreme Court and an eminent cyber law expert.

‘This will curtail the freedom of expression of individual bloggers because as an intermediary they will become responsible for the readers’ comments. It technically means that any comment or a reader-posted link on a blog which according to the government is threatening, abusive, objectionable, defamatory, vulgar, racial, among other omnibus categories, will now be considered as the legal responsibility of the blogger,” he explains.

Even Google, the host of Blogger, among India’s most popular blogging sites, expressed displeasure at the proposal. “Blogs are platforms that empower people to communicate with one another, and we don’t believe that an internet middlemen should be held unreasonably liable for content posted by users,” a spokesperson told TOI.

Blogs, which are typically maintained and updated by individuals, have showcased their political importance in recent times and the internet community views these rules as a lopsided attempt to curtail an individual’s right to expression.

If individual blogs are an intermediary, then why can’t Facebook and Twitter also be classified as such, as they too receive, store and transmit electronic records and facilitate online discussions,” retorts the spokesperson of the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), a Bangalore-based organization, which works on digital pluralism. “These rules will not only bring bloggers and the ISP provider on the same platform, but the due diligence clause will also result in higher power of censorship to the larger player. Imagine your ISP provider blocking your blog because it finds that certain user-comments fit these omnibus terms,” the CIS spokesperson added.

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