The Guide to Solo Travel for Women: 5 things to keep in mind

This is a Guest Blog by Manya Singh.

More than the thrill and challenges of traveling and trekking , is the personal safety of a woman that is more important when one does not know who a Rapist is.

And usually the people whom you know are the culprits as a recent rent study points out that it is the close relatives, about 60 %, who are responsible for misusing woman and this is followed by people one befriends people out of nowhere.

This article takes this fact into consideration, instead of being foolhardy in the name of Feminism.

Wish women follow this, not only while traveling even in the city where they live.

It is true that crime does not come with a forewarning, and a criminal is lurking behind us at almost every step of our life. So, a woman is quite vulnerable to those myriad numbers of stalkers, voyeurs and rapists. Even the thought of traveling solo can be daunting for a lot of introvert girls. But believe us, women are indeed traveling alone these days. I have this friend (a beautiful spinster in her early 20s) who recently went backpacking to Bangalore and traveled alone in trains and in buses. And she later told me that she had a blast.

Icelandic Skier Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir Completes Her Epic Trek To The South Pole
Woman Trekking alone.

Of course, solo traveling comes with a few risks. But as long as you have done your homework carefully, you are likely to end up on a winning note. Traveling alone can be a fun, especially if you are a carefree, fun-loving girl! But here are a few things you need to keep in mind, just in case:

  1. Travel to safer destinations: Traveling to a destination which is isolated and vulnerable is unsafe even for a solo man! If you are a woman, you should ensure that the city or the country you are heading to is right up there on the popularity radar.
  2. Take help of professionals: It is best to travel under some tour package so that you can be guided by your tour operator. It makes sense to have some helping hand by your side especially when you are flying to an offshore destination.
  3. Keep a pepper spray in your bag: Safety is a relative thing, and a beautiful woman may fall under the evil eye of a stalker during the most unexpected of times. It is always good to tread along the safe line. Better keep a pepper spray ready so that, if need arises, you can get away from his perverse clutches. This is a precaution and you may not need it after all.
  4. Learn to say no: At times, you may bump into a stranger (a male stranger) who may try to get friendly with you! There is no harm in forging friendships with a good bloke, but it would be naïve of you to accept unusual requests (like a homestay) from him (no matter, how charming he appears to your fluttering heart). It is good to refuse politely so that the person does not get offended. But just in case, he sticks on like a frightening creeper, you should be willing to bluntly say a big ‘NO’.
  5. Stay at reputed hotels: A woman is at her vulnerable best after the sunset. You may be ruing the extra expenses, but it is always ideal to stay at a resort or a hotel which is reputed. Staying at a cheap inn or lodge can come with some cons. There may be insecurities of certain kinds (like that spy camera in your hotel room, etc )! A branded 3-star hotel would keep you safe and happy! Besides, with a tour package, you can always book a room cheaply.

Finally, you got to remember that one cannot, after all, stop eating just because he is scared of indigestion! Similarly, you cannot stop traveling just because you are intimidated of stalkers! Believe us, life is evanescent! Make the most of it, before you run out of it!

About Author:

Manya Singh is photographer and solo traveller by hobby, travel blogger by passion and lifestyle writer by profession. At present she is responsible for managing holiday packages at WeAreHolidays.


Safety Cleanliness Freedom Women’s Day Survey. What?

Times of India , in collaboration with IMRB had conducted  Survey on Women on the occasion of the Women’s Day and had published the results with its comments.

This survey is reported to have been done in Six Cities of India.

Let’s assume the Survey is scientific ,which I doubt ,because of the sample size area and interpretation.

1.64% of Women feel Unsafe in the City.

2.60 % of Women step out side with company.

When one looks at the figures, it is evident one feels safe if they go out with company

.Only 4% are do not seem to subscribe to this view.

(One never knows whether both the responses are from the same person).

So if you feel safe with company why not opt for it  in the interest of your safety.

Complaint about Public Places.

45% say Toilets must be clean.

This applies to men as well.

Cleanliness is not Gender Specific unless if people are not clean.

Struggle For Independence.

Home Makers and Unemployed  29% want Independence.

Under sub clause in the same finding, 42% work for Financial Independence: 12% for Money

So it is all a question of being not committed for the family- “I would like to be independent of every one’-

Translate into common parlance ‘I am not sure of the relationship  and I want to be independent’

If the spouse also thinks the same way, then Marriage  and Family go out of the window.

Who takes the decision  on Big Investments?

39% say Husband.

Wait till you hear this data under the heading.

Who decides on Savings?

Woman decide.


Who decides on method of  Contraception?

Women 21%

You decide on savings, contraception and yet say Husband decides on Big Investments.

It is like a man saying ‘I take all major decisions like obeying wife  while she does all unimportant things like finance; raising kids!

Either the Survey is skewed, or did not ask the relevant questions ….

Or Women being Women?

What is Women’s Day ,r Mother’s Day, father’s Day?

As if they no longer remain one on the other days!

Times of India and IMRB Survey Report.

Women's Freedom.
Women’s Freedom.

Bangalore is safe, but not safe enough. At least, that seems to be what the majority of women living in the city believe, based on a study commissioned by The Times of India. The study, which is based on a survey of 900 women conducted by IMRB in six cities across the country, looked at various issues faced by women, beginning with safety, services available, gender issues at home and the workplace, health and financial issues. It shows that while women feel relatively safer in Bangalore compared to other cities, in absolute terms, opinions are divided. An overwhelming 64% of the city’s women said they do not feel safe in the city after sunset, and only 17% said they felt safe “at any time of the day.”

Some parts of the city are perceived to be less safe than others. TheMarathahalli Ring Road area, for instance, is perceived to be either “unsafe for women” or “very unsafe for women” by more than a third of those surveyed. “The stretch of Outer Ring Road between Marathahalli and Bellandur, where I live, is definitely underlit and possibly unsafe. The few times I’ve had to wait alone at Marathahalli junction for a bus or auto haven’t been pleasant,” says Ankita Sharma, who works in an HR firm in Brookefield and travels by public transport. Sharma says there are no street lights in this area and the operators of private vehicles soliciting passengers can get rude and hostile. “After the Delhi rape incident, I became especially wary of these private vehicles. I don’t know if any of them have proper licenses and whether the police keeps an eye on them,” she adds.

Other areas where women felt “unsafe” or “very unsafe” included Kengeri Road and the stretch between BEL Road and Vidyaranyapura. Even the morning stroll, so long a part of the Bangalorean’s day, seems to have become fraught. More than half the women (53%) IMRB spoke to felt unsafe during their morning walks. An increasing number of women feel so insecure that they have begun contemplating carrying a weapon – 42% of the respondents said that they “felt the need to carry a weapon/article of self-defence”

I can ad my comments on other statistics.

Can some one tell me what Freedom is being referred to here?

Safety Against Rape, Smartphone Applications Women

Women need some safety applications when they go out.


There are Applications available compatible with Smartphones.


They can be used in times of Emergency


Some of them are.

Women Safety Application
Women Safety Application

“If you are a college student then this App is especially made for you. This App allows you to alert your friends and family and emergency responders like 911, along with that it also alerts campus police. With this App you can send alerts based on time. Say like, if you didn’t get to home in an hour then this OnWatch App inform your friends and others about your GPS location. You can download this App for iPhone and Android. It enables you a free 90 day trial subscription with .edu mail address and for others it offers 30 day free trial.


2.”Using this CircleOf6 App you can add 6 friends or family members so that they will be informed when you need it. This Application enables you to send a text message to your friends or family members with your current GPS location and a message like ‘Come and Get Me’. If you are low on balance then you can also send out a ‘call me’ message. It can be easily programmed to call selected national hotlines or local emergency numbers. And the good news is that it is Free for iPhone and Android Smartphones.



3.FightBack, the women’s safety application, sends SOS alerts from your phone. FightBack uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger. Join us and help make our streets safer for women.
Write to us on


4.By using this Redpanicbutton Application, it allows you to push a central button and generate a security alert, by doing this it will activate immediate contact with emergency services, it will also provide quick details of the current location and along with that it will automatically dials various emergency numbers and sending of panic messages via various communication channels like text message, mails and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But this Android Free version is for only one panic contact so better buy a full version.


The general complaint against these applications are  the unreliability of  3 G Services in India.

People suggest applications not using Internet is needed.


One may also use the Speed dial.


In some of the Applications the location is not specified to the receiver.


Would some one Link it to Google Maps?


I also recommend Pepper Spray Gun.

Pepper Spray Gun
Pepper Spray Gun