The Guide to Solo Travel for Women: 5 things to keep in mind

This is a Guest Blog by Manya Singh.

More than the thrill nd challenges of traveling and trekking , is the personal safety of a woman that is more important when one does not know who a Rapist is.

And usually the people whom you know are the culprits as a recent rent study points out that it is the close relatives, about 60 %, who are responsible for misusing woman and this is followed by by people one befriends people out of nowhere.

This article takes this fact into consideration, instead of being foolhardy in the name of Feminism.

Wish women follow this, not only while traveling even in the city where they live.

Safety Cleanliness Freedom Women’s Day Survey. What?

Times of India , in collaboration with IMRB had conducted  Survey on Women on the occasion of the Women’s Day and had published the results with its comments. This survey is reported to have been done in Six Cities of India. Let’s assume the Survey is scientific ,which I doubt ,because of the sample size area and interpretation. 1.64% of Women feel Unsafe […]