Drunk and Escalator,500 Miles, Hilarious Videos.

There are Drunks and Drunks. There was an instance of a Drunk walking 500 miles up  in an Escalator. There is also an excellent compilation of Drunks in YouTube. Now the latest to the list is a business man who kept on going the wrong way in the Escalator ,Blind Drunk, in Tottenham Court Road,London. Negotiating the … Continue reading Drunk and Escalator,500 Miles, Hilarious Videos.


Can You Imagine These Headlines?

Funny Headlines. Ack.kudla bluez.

Brothel in Monastery

I used to remark in a lighter vein that you will find a Church,Nunnery,Seminary,Hospital,School and grave yard very near by or in some cases under the same complex! Now you find that a brothel has been discovered in a Monastery in Moscow. Story: Two women were arrested on suspicion of prostitution after seven rooms were found in a building … Continue reading Brothel in Monastery

Frightening Crowd of Aircraft Taking off.

Click on the image for a larger picture. http://onebigphoto.com/takeoffs-at-hannover-airport-germany/

Elevator Pranks, Video

Some pranks are hilarious ,some irritating and some obnoxious.

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