Cell Phone To Control Prevent Gas Fire’Leakage. Video.

As both husband and wife work, people often tend to forget switching off the Gas Cylinder.

Even while at Home they often do not switch off the Gas Cylinder Off.

The Gas Fire is something that can nor be easily controlled or doused.

A Physics Teacher from Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India has invented a Gadget to switch off the Gas Switch off by remote.

A Cell Phone is connected to Circuit Board, which is connected to the Gas Switch.

Samsung Mobile_jpg.
Samsung a 877.

When one wants to switch off the Gas , all one has to do is ring up the Cell Phone that is connected to the Gas Switch and the The Gas is switched off.


Ack:Sathiyam TV.

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Mysterious Entity Tries To Kill Base Jumper, Video

A Mysterious  Entity was caught on Video, trying to kill base Base Jumper.

Watch the Frame by Frame Video.

Watch how this mysterious entity flies in and breaks the safety line. Which cause this Base Jumper to fall over the cliff Luckily he was able to pull his parachute on time . This video has been enhanced so that you can see the entity and where the rope breaks What could this be ? I called it a UFO because I have no Idea what it could be and it is an Unidentified Flying Object. Check it out and tell me what you think.
Link to Original Video.

Mysterious Entity_jpg.
Mysterious Entity.

Mysterious Entity !! Caught on camera trying to kill Base Jumpers. Evil Spirit? Ghost? Nephilim?


Click The Link for Photos.

Background:  These photos were taken by a University Professor in the Eastern U.S. in March of 1970.  Many doctors have identified the subjects in these photos as hydrocephalus.  However, many questions remain unanswered:

  • The subjects in these photos fit description of humanoids recovered from crashed saucers in 1940s.
  • Subjects had no sex organs
  • Subjects were severely burned in cranial area
  • Subjects had large heads and very small bodies
  • Subjects had no naval
  • Subjects had web type hands
  • Subjects had no visible ribs

Comments:  Many reputable medical people have looked at the original photos of these subjects and concluded that they are human and probably suffered from hydrocephalus.  However, many doctors have said that they have never seen anything resembling these entities.  No connection has been made with UFO crashes and these entities.  It is thought that the entities could have been preserved and could have been dead for several years when the photos were taken.  Some evidence has been produced that the photographer was wearing bio-protective gear when shooting photos.  Another possibility is that the subjects were involved in radiation experiments.  The photo of the atom bomb test has been identified as a test at the Nevada Test Site dated May 1, 1952.  The test was labeled as “Project Dog.”  The blast was 19 kilotons.




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Vijay TV Super Singer Junior 3 Excerpts,Live

Vijay Tv has been conducting Live Reality show of unearthing Musical Talent in Tamil.

The programme had/has judges from  the Carnatic to the Light Music genre.

The judgments have so far been professional and the involvement , participation  and performances of the children have been out standing.

The jarring note is the lady anchor  who kept  on repeating inane jargon, ‘amazing,one and only(what does it mean?)’ not  to speak of the Tamil hyperbole!

One point that kept occurring to me was that the child Yazhini was included in the finals, though she was not voted for the Spot.

The explanation given was that, though she was not voted to be in the Finals, she has been included because the margin of marks granted to the last selected(in terms of votes), was only a fraction higher.

In plain language she scored less, yet she was selected because she scored marginally lower.

Is is fair to the contestants?

Why make a sham of votes then?

If you fail by one mark or 15 marks, you stand failed.

Coming to the finals ,Gautham ,Pragathi,Suganya,Ajith,Yazhini – all of them performed well.

Yazhini was good in patches.

ith is a master Performer on stage.

Suganya was scintillating in ‘Ezhu Swarangalil’

Pragathi displayed all round versatility.

And Gautham stole every one’s heart with his soul rendering rendition of ‘Ullathil Nalla Ullam’ which would have done Sirgazhi clap in his grave.( I have a post on this).

I have a dubious record of selecting winners.

I posted a blog on this on Super Singer last edition  where I proved I lived up to my record of  picking up some one who comes cropper(who, I feel , other wise would have won! ).

So I am not predicting the winner and spoil the chances of the Winner.

I shall post it after the results are announced to check whether even my thoughts affect the  Final out come.

Again I retain my record of picking up a loser!(updated at 840 am 27 October)

Now it is the turn of Pragathi to suffer.

Ajith has been declared  the ‘Winner’ of  the Super Singer Junior Season 3-(2012)

Few points on the Final.

The show ,unlike the last one dragged on.

The Lady Anchor irritated the viewers by endless and meaningless chatter.

The performance of the Finalists on this occasion was very ordinary when compared to their earlier performances.

The exception was Pragathi.

One may not brush it aside as nervousness as the last year’s finalists turned out scintillating performances in the Finals.

The choice of songs by them was not really intelligent.

When you face a Live audience in the Finals, one should ensure that they choose a song that is in tune with their natural style,Simple and not a challenging one and one that is popular or at least that is very well-known to the people to ensure that they are able to relate to you and carry you through to the winning post.

Prgathi ‘s song ‘Isaiyarasi’ was rendered brilliantly ,but people were unable to relate to it as people are not very familiar with this song.

Goutham should have chosen a more emotional song as it is his forte.

‘Paattum Naane’ is a demanding song and the style of singing demands regal approach more than other things.

( by the way why at least one finalist of any singing competition chooses Paatum Naane?My cousin chose it in Raj Tv and won the Title)

After A.R.Rehman‘s entry the whole atmosphere became Rehman-centric and  though it is said that his visit was a surprise, it did not appear so by the songs chosen by the contestants after his arrival-all songs were from Rehman’s.

As I was telling my son, Rehaman’s songs rest on orchestration .much less to actual singing and the singer is lost.

To add to the woes. surprisingly the Orchestra was mediocre, barring key board.

A word about the Winner.

Ajith is a good talent , he is yet develop the skills to be a Winner,

Pragathi had all of it,including versatility.

Probably people were swayed by Ajith’s  age and his antics on stage.

Pragathi, cheer up, you should have won, you did not’…this is not the end ..you will become some thing of a celebrity singer before long.

God Bless.



Normally even in elections,if I vote for some one .the Party will lose.

Hope I am proved wrong this once.

I am writing this portion of the blog after the Winner has been announced.

To my chagrin, I retain my track record.

Sai Charan has won the Title.

He too deserves the award.

It is just that Sathyaprakash is slightly better .

The most touching scene was Santosh, the boy with a smiling face, who genuinely expressed his happiness at his friend/Competitor’s Day of Glory and carried him on the dais spontaneously.

A born entertainer, Santosh is destined to become a good light Music Singer with his mellifluous voice and right modulations.

More importantly a great human being , for one at such an age.

May God Bless Him.


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For Children ,Watch the Film ‘Benji’

Benji Synopsis

This tail-wagging tale begins as Benji visits his pals Cindy and Paul, whose father Paul Chapman, won’t let them give the mutt a home.  But the shaggy stray changes his mind by saving the day when Mitch and his reluctant partners kidnap the kids.



Man Stands on the Mouth of Volcano,Video

Well, nearly.

A DAREDEVIL photographer stands just 30metres above a 1,150°C lava lake.

Geoff Mackley had spent 15 years trying to get so close to the hell-like heart of Vanuatu’s Marum volcano.

After camping with his team for 38 days and a 400metre descent, the Kiwi spent 45 minutes in a heat-proof suit above the smouldering South Pacific abyss.

Geoff, 46 — who spends his life snapping nature at its wildest — said: “It like the surface of the sun. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

Click The Link to Watch the Video.


Unexplained Strange Sounds Recorded in Radio Stations Video


NASA recorded Strange Sounds from Jupiter.(  I posted a blog on this.

Now Strange sound bytes have been recorded and they are yet to be explained,

Is this atmospheric disturbance.

It sounds more than that.


Animal Encounters,Funny Videos


Some times meeting with the animals may result in funny situations.

Of  course, you have to remain alive to narrate..

Click The Link.

Check out this great MSN video: Face to Face With a Cheetah!



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