Wal-Mart Take Over Bids- China Bested Wal-Mart Why Not India

Despite Wal-Mart’s pronouncements that it is not interested in take over of local Companies it track record shows otherwise. ‘Although Walmart International has completed three acquisitions during the past 12 months, it is actually the least preferred method of growth, according to international division CFO Cathy Smith. Just imagine if acquisitions were the top priority….(retailing […]

Five Year Old Wants To Be Sexy and Why?

Psychoanalysts believe that the child hood determines the character of the individual. Sigmund Freud shifts the blame for any Abnormal behavior to parents. Now instead leaving dismissing things which are of trivial nature, some people try to find reasons for even these rare instances and at times the ridiculous! One such is the Reason for a s girl child trying to look sexy. To […]

Why Walmart Spends 208 Millions to Enter India.

Would any one spend money without any reward? And from whom this money is to be recovered? The consumers, obviously. The amount 208 millions is the money spent in the US just for lobbying. What about the money spent in India as ‘Promotional expenses’, an euphemism for Bribes? I understand from reliable sources that hefty […]

Walmart Issues ID To Retailers Begins India Operations

Wal-Mart the Giant Chain has started issuing ID to Retailers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and started constructing Storage Facilities and Offices even before FDI Bill is passed and has become law! It is constructing Storage Facilities in Tambaram,Thiumazhsai and Vanagaram, suburbs of Chennai,Tamil Nadu and Wal-Mart has a full-fledged Marketing Office in Anna Nagar,Chennai. Tamil Magazine Kumudam reported last week this […]

Wal-Mart Breaks Indian Law Even before Entering The Story.

On the joyous occasion of The Indian Government winning the vote in Parliament on FDI in Retail Trade, I have great pleasure in informing my readers how Wal-Mart broke the Law even before entering Indian Market. The exclusive story by Reuters explains how Wal-Mart surreptitiously entered India and how it lobbied. Story by Reuters: Wal-Mart […]