Chennai Madras Is Not Tamil

Now to these jokers who pretend to be Tamil Saviours and who declare themselves to know Tamil, They changed the name of Madras as they felt is not Tamil. And named it as Chennai in pure Tamil! And Chennai is not a Tamil word!


Brahmin Kings Of Indian History


By disposition a Brahmin is Pious and is expected to learn Vedas,Teach them, “Adhyaapanam Adhyayanam Yajanam Yaajanam Tathaa Daanam Pratigraham Chaiva Brahmanaanaamakalpayaat” Adyayanam-Pracctice of reciting the Vedas, with meaning. Adhyaapnan-Teaching of the Vedas along with the Astras(scientific Arms) and Satras(Ordinary weapons of war) Yajanam-performance of the Yagnas and Yagas. Definition Of Brahmin,Duties Because of their … Continue reading Brahmin Kings Of Indian History

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