Facebook Bullying Leads to Suicide Video

I posted quite a few articles on the subject of Cyber Bullying.

Facebook bullying seems to be going beyond the limits.

With a view to going Viral, some people post obnoxious messages to get noticed and the people do follow these and to what results?

Is the Death of a child worth, for the pleasure one gets in getting noticed Online?

Pause before you post, still better mark “offensive’

‘Cash Cab’ Game show kills a Man in Canada.Video.

  A “Cash Cab” taxi struck and killed a pedestrian in Vancouver when a technical staff member was driving the replica cab back to the lot after filming on the Canadian version of the game show wrapped for the day. The staff member crashed into a 61-year-old man crossing the street and the man died in the hospital […]

Radiation Cover Up in US-Video.

Usually Communist Regimes, especially Russia and China suppress details of Calamities as if the system is responsible. US joining the Club?  Alfred Webre talks with Leuren Moret on the cover-up behind the nuclear crisis in Japan.  She’s concerned that  high levels of radiation coming toward the West coast of N America will lead to chronic low […]