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ISIS Started By US Saudi Arabia Documents

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The US created the Taliban in order to drive Russia away and Saudi Arabia also played its part.

Then came Al Qaeda, an offshoot of that move.

ISIS beheading British Hostage.jpg

ISIS beheading British Hostage.

Now it transpires that US , with Saudi Arabia has again created IS  to ferment trouble in Syria and IS has now become to haunt the world like Al Qaeda.

US, more menacing than Pakistan in the creation of Terrorism.

The Documents Government prove this.

Document issued by Saudi Arabia.jpg

Document issued by Saudi Arabia on how they formed IS by releasing Criminals.

Saudi Document on formation of IS English .jpg

Saudi Document on formation of IS English

Letter to US Speaker  by Syria.jpg

Letter to US Speaker by Syria


US Senator Mc Cain with IS .jpg

US Senator Mc Cain with IS .

The Islamic State first gained their ground in Syria, where Senator John McCain visited them and had his now famous photo [above] taken with their leader. He later called them “freedom fighters” and asked Congress to give them financial support and arms. But the real support for this group came from Saudi Arabia — and continues to come from this oil rich country..


The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”. NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state ‘is to create an enemy near its borders'”. Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi [above] took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.

It started slowly with the collapse of the U.S.-trained and U.S.-supplied Iraqi army in Mosul and other northern Iraqi cities in the face of attacks by ISIS.  In mid-June, the aircraft carrier USS H.W. Bush with more than 100 planes was dispatched to the Persian Gulf and the president sent in hundreds of troops, including Special Forces advisers (though officially no “boots” were to be “on the ground”).  He also agreed todrone and other air surveillance of the regions ISIS had taken, clearly preparation for future bombing campaigns.  All of this was happening before the fate of the Yazidis — a small religious sect whose communities in northern Iraq were brutally destroyed by ISIS fighters — officially triggered the commencement of a limited bombing campaign suitable to a “humanitarian crisis.”

When ISIS, bolstered by U.S. heavy weaponry captured from the Iraqi military, began to crush the Kurdish pesh merga militia, threatening the capital of the Kurdish region of Iraq and taking the enormous Mosul Dam, the bombing widened. More troops and advisers were sent in, and weaponry began to flow to the Kurds, with promises of all of the above further south once a new unity government was formed in Baghdad.  The president explained this bombing expansion by citing the threat of ISIS blowing up the Mosul Dam and flooding downriver communities”




Mount Shastha, California,Thiruvannamalai’s Twin

In Hindusim on February 6, 2015 at 11:52

The Puranas state that the Americas are the Patala.

I have a detailed post on this, including geographical evidence.

Ramana Maharishi.jpg

Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi,Thiruvannamalai

Taking this further, what the Puranas state being underneath something in Bharatavarsha, it is reasonable to assume to find such objects in the Americas.

Mount shastha, California,US.jpg

Aerial photo of Mount Shasta taken while flying from en:San Jose, California to en:Portland, Oregon. “MtShasta aerial” by Ewen Denney – en. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:MtShasta_aerial.JPG#mediaviewer/File:MtShasta_aerial.JPG

Mayan Civilization falls under this category and I shall be posting on this in detail.

Sunrise in Arunachala.jpg

Sunrise in Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai.

Now to Mount Shastha In California,

Arunachala is the most sacred holy place of all…….. The Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi said that Arunachala was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth and that there must be another mountain corresponding to it at the opposite side of the globe. I am suggesting that the other mountain is Mt. Shasta. But whether that is true or not, there is no doubt in my mind that Mt. Shasta and Mt. Arunachala are two of the major spiritual power spots of planet Earth“..”-Kenneth Grant,

“The earlier forms – such as Saste, Shaste, Sasty, Shasty, Chasty, Shasti, Shastika – have given place to the form Shasta…. The origin and meaning of this term are obscure.”

Referring to the the mid 1850s, Dr. R.B. Dixon says, “After persistent inquiry, the only information secured which throws any light on the matter is to the effect that about forty or fifty years ago there was an old man living in Shasta Valley whose personal name was Shastika (Stisti’ka). He is reported to have been a man of importance; and it is not impossible that the name Shasta came from this Indian (Native American), an old and well-known man…..” Could it then be that the mountain is named after this old, quite possibly learned and wise man. Maybe then he was referred to as Shastri (शास्त्री). In Sanskrit, Shastri means “the wise one or the learned one”.

Head of the native American Shasta tribe was Sambho.

The Shasta tribe inhabited the area close to the Klamath River. The Klamath River was known to them by the name ‘Ish-Keesh’ (ईश-कीश). In Sanskrit ‘Ish-Keesh’ (ईश-कीश) translates as ‘Lord Sun’.

Native Americans also called Mt. Shasta ‘Uytah-Ku’ or ‘White Mountain’, possibly a corruption of ‘Shweta-Naku’ (श्वेता- नाकु) also meaning ‘White Mountain’ in Sanskrit. Another name for Mt. Shasta was ‘waika’, which is also probably a corruption of the Sanskrit ‘shweta’ (श्वेत) meaning ‘white’. In fact, the English word ‘white’ itself derives from the Sanskrit ‘shweta’. Another Sanskrit word also meaning white is ‘shuchi’ (शुचि) and could have been distorted into ‘shasta’ over time.

Mount Shasta (Karuk: Úytaahkoo or “White Mountain”)[5][6] is a potentially active volcano located at the southern end of theCascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. At 14,179 feet (4,322 m),[1] it is the second highest peak in the Cascades and thefifth highest in California. Mount Shasta has an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles (350 km3) which makes it the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc”

The lore of some of the Klamath Tribes in the area held that Mount Shasta is inhabited by the Spirit of the Above-World, Skell, who descended from heaven to the mountain’s summit at the request of a Klamath chief. Skell fought with Spirit of the Below-World, Llao, who resided at Mount Mazama by throwing hot rocks and lava, probably representing the volcanic eruptions at both mountains.[21]

Italian settlers arrived in the early 1900s to work in the mills and as stonemasons and established a strong Catholic presence in the area. Many other faiths have been attracted to Mount Shasta over the years—more than any other Cascade volcano.[citation needed] Mount Shasta City and Dunsmuir, California, small towns near Shasta’s western base, are focal points for many of these, which range from aBuddhist monastery (Shasta Abbey, founded by Houn Jiyu-Kennett in 1971) to modern-day Native American rituals. A group of Native Americans from the McCloud River area practice rituals on the mountain.[22]

Mount Shasta has also been a focus for non-native American legends, centered on a hidden city of advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria.[23] The legend grew from an offhand mention of Lemuria in the 1880s, to a description of a hidden Lemurian village in 1925. In 1931, Wisar Spenle Cerve wrote Lemuria: the lost continent of the Pacific, published by the Rosicrucians, about the hidden Lemurians of Mount Shasta that cemented the legend in many readers’ minds”

Does this Mountain have anything to do with Shastha,Lord Ayyappa?

I am researching.


Mount Shastha Twin Mountain of Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai


CIA Torture Full Document, Excerpts

In US on December 10, 2014 at 13:03

The US, the paragon of Civil Liberty elsewhere , is shown its true colors.


Check the document below.


Toture by CIA.png

CIA Torture




One prisoner froze to death after being left to sleep, without pants, on a cold concrete floor. Another was forced to stand in a “stress position” on broken bones. CIA officers threatened to sexually assault the wife of one detainee, and cut the throat of another prisoner’s mother…


A prisoner froze to death after being made to sit on a concrete floor without pants.


A CIA prison site known as COBALT was described as a “dungeon” and detainees were shackled with “only a bucket to use for human waste.”



Federal Bureau of Prisons staff were “WOW’ed” by the depravity of the COBALT prison.



Torture tactics caused detainees to develop psychosis, leading to hallucinations, paranoia and attempts to self-mutilate.


Five prisoners were subjected to “rectal rehydration” or “rectal feeding.”


Buried in the footnotes, the report mentions that an officer played “Russian Roulette” with a prisoner.


Former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was deeply involved in evaluating the use of waterboarding and “staged burial.”



The difference  between a terrorist and a Free State seems to be in their (Believed )Causes.





Click the Link for the Document.



Image Credit.


Natural Vishnu Temple in Grand Canyon

In Hinduism on July 10, 2014 at 07:49

The formation of Rock in Grand Canyon is called the Vishnu Temple.


And there are formations called Shiva, Rama Temples.


Vishnu Temple,Grand Canyon.jpg

Vishnu Temple,Grand Canyon.


The Theory is some Geologists were in the habit of naming ancient natural formation after Hindu Gods and Goddesses,which I doubt.


If naming after Gods were to have been practiced by the Christians, as in the case of many cities and natural phenomenon, they would have named it after some legend in Christianity, not after Hinduism, which they vilify, in many a case subtly.


Please read my Post Americas, The Patala Loka of Hinduism.


In the Mayan-derived dialects along Mexico’s northern east coast down to and including the Central America republics, Patal means ‘abandoned or deserted land; without people.’

Naga-like derivatives also exist in Mexico . In Sanskrit, Nag-asta means Western Naga Land . The Mayan lowlands down to and including Costa Rica are called Nacaste.

According to Hindu legends, a naga could turn into a human being. In Mexico, a nagual was a were-animal. Nagual derived from the Sanskrit Nag-Baal, meaning Snake Demon…

The Hindu Naga Mayas also belonged to a powerful Dravidian group of Nagas calledAsuras. Whether or not the Asuras were demi-gods or demons depended on one’s point of view. The leader of these Naga Asuras was the Hindu (really a Bulgarian) god of precious metals, wealth, traders and even agriculturists (really a group) named Kubera or Khyber (Kheever). ”



Geologists frequently name rock layers after surrounding landmarks (especially if the landmark is near an outcrop of the layer that is a good representation of the type). For example, the Hermit Shale layer in the canyon is named for Hermit Canyon where that rock layer is easily reached and where it was first scientifically described in detail.

Each of the rock layers that you mention derived their name from nearby canyon buttes and mesas. Specifically the Vishnu Schist was named by geologist Charles Walcott in the 1880s after Vishnu Temple, a prominent rock formation on the north side of the canyon near Cape Royale. The Brahma Schist was named by geologists Campbell and Maxson in the 1930s after Brahma Temple, a butte overlooking Bright Angel Canyon. I am not sure who named the Rama Schist (probably Campbell and Maxson), but it probably derived its name from Rama Temple, a rock spire near Vishnu Temple. All of these landmarks can be seen from the major overlooks on the South Rim.

The logical next question is how did these mesas and buttes get their names in the first place? Many of the canyon’s landmarks were named by geologist Charles Dutton who published one of the earliest (and best) detailed geologic studies of the canyon in 1882. Dutton believed that the canyon was such an important and impressive feature on the planet, that the names of its features should reflect all the world’s cultures and thus he chose many names from mythologies and legends from around the world. Other examples of canyon landmarks named in this way are Wotan’s Throne, Cheops Pyramid, Budda Temple, Solomon Temple, Jupiter Temple and Tower of Ra (all of these are major buttes, spires or mesas in the canyon).


Arizona resident, frequent Grand Canyon visitor and hiker, and historian who has researched and written about scientific studies in the canyon.

For an excellent overview of the early canyon geologists and their impact on how we view the canyon today, I recommend the excellent book “How the Canyon Became Grand” by Stephen Pyne

Dutton’s classic work (where many of the formations were officially named for the first time) is “Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District” (published the United States Geological Survey in 1882 and republished by the University of Arizona Press in 2001)

In describing the panorama from Point Sublime he writes:

“The finest butte of the chasm is situated near the upper end of the Kaibab division; but it is not visible from Point Sublime. It is more than 5,000 feet high, and has a surprising resemblance to an Oriental pagoda. We named it Vishnu’s Temple.”

At Cape Final in the Ottoman Amphitheatre “we command a view of the head of the Grand Canyon. The scenery is in a large measure changed, not only in the arrangement of its parts but in its character. The portion of the panorama which includes the chasm is, in the main, similar to what we have seen from other commanding points, and so far is it from being diminished in grandeur that it may in some respects be regarded as the finest of all. But the chasm is only half the scene before us. To the eastward is spread out in full view the great expanse of the Marble Canyon platform, the Echo Cliffs beyond, and in the dim distance the Cretaceous mesas about the San Juan. To the southward is the far off mesa country around the Moquis villages sixty or seventy miles away, and to the southward fifty miles distant rise the grand volcanic piles of the San Francisco Mountains.

As we mount the parapet which looks down upon the canyon the eye is at once caught by an object which seems to surpass in beauty anything we have yet seen. It is a gigantic butte, so admirably designed and so exquisitely decorated that the sight of it must call forth an expression of wonder and delight from the most apathetic beholder. Its summit is more than 5,000 feet above the river. Mr. Holmes’ picture will convey a much more accurate idea of it than any verbal description can possibly do. We named it Vishnu’s Temple.”

Travelers Route of South Rim: The East Rim Drive-Arizona Hwy. 64, begins just south of Mather Point. The drive skirts the rim for 23 miles to Desert View with numerous pull offs for long views of the main canyon. Turn off at Yaki Point for a fine view of the darkly shining Granite Gorge, the innermost canyon. The imposing pyramid-shaped profile of Vishnu Temple, 7,829 feet high dominates the eastern skyline.





Lived In Mars 17 Years US Marine Corps Audio

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An ex Marine,pseudonym Captain Kaye says he has spent the last 17 years living on Mars defending the human colonies from Martians.


Little Naked Green Figures in Mars.Image,jpg

Little Naked Green Figures in Mars.

The retired officer has recently made claims that he has been part of a secret on going military mission that includes all the major players in field of space exploration, including the United States, Russia, and China.
The operation was claimed to be called the Earth Defense Force.


The ex-naval infantryman, who uses the pseudonym Captain Kaye, says he was posted to the Red Planet to protect five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms.

He claims he then spent nearly three years serving in a secret ‘space fleet’ run by a multinational organisation called the Earth Defense Force, which recruits military personnel from countries including the US, Russia and China.

In testimony released to ExoNews TV, Captain Kaye said he was trained to fly three different types of space fighters and three bombers.

He added that training took place on a secret moon base called Lunar Operations Command, Saturn’s moon Titan, and in deep space.

Captain Kaye says he retired after a 20 year tour of duty, describing a retirement ceremony on the moon that he claims was presided over by VIPs including ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.




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