Make Your Blog Easy To Read For Search Engines

Sometimes one has to hunt down for good articles in the Internet, as in Google Search,Bing.

The content may be excellent authentic, yet it does not appear with out very specific search.

While content, post headings,Categories, tags are important one might as well understand how he search engines like ,Bing, Google read and reach your site.

As the volume of internet material is very huge, people are not used.

Instead,Search Engines use bots*

These are the tools that locate your site.

What do they do?

1.The bot will first look into your file names.

The file must be bot be bot friendly.

This is for people who write on HTML format.

Check with qualified people on this subject for more.

If you are writing on WordPress or blog spot, they will take care.

2.Once this is over, the bot moves onto Meta descriptions.

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