Breast Enhancement Paid By Public Money NHS

Some days back I lamented that I had been posting some serious stuff and posted some light reading material.


Now this story.


I do not know whether to take this under serious stuff or funny or reflect as to what level people  can degenerate into.


At this rate. some  may raise funds for men to visit a Brothel!


The aspiring Model was operated upon and the NHS paid for it as it fell within the laid down Policies!



Josie Cunningham, 22, said being a 32A, left, was ruining her life, but now she is a 36DD,right,  she is happy
Josie Cunningham, 22, said being a 32A, left, was ruining her life, but now she is a 36DD,right, she is happy

An aspiring glamour model had her breasts enlarged to size 36DD on the NHS, it emerged yesterday.

The surgery to 22-year-old Josie Cunningham, cost taxpayers £4,800.

She convinced doctors to operate by claiming her flat chest was ‘ruining her life’ and causing emotional distress.

But last night critics were appalled at the decision, branding it a waste of taxpayers’ cash. Under NHS guidelines, cosmetic surgery should be funded only in rare circumstances ‘to protect a person’s health’.

Miss Cunningham, who works in telesales, says her new breasts have given her the ‘confidence’ she needs to pursue her dream of topless modelling.

She hopes to emulate former Page 3 girl Katie Price.

The unmarried mother, from Leeds, plans to leave her children Harley, five, and Frankie, two, with her parents while she chases her dream.

She told The Sun: ‘My new boobs have changed my life. Now I can’t wait to do topless and swimsuit photoshoots and become the new Katie Price.’

Her operation, at St James’s Hospital in Leeds, was recommended by her GP before being approved by her local Primary Care Trust.

But health bosses were unable to say yesterday why such an enormous cleavage was necessary for Miss Cunningham’s wellbeing.

Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: ‘This is an outrageous waste of NHS money and taxpayers will be appalled that they are having to foot the bill
‘People expect scarce NHS resources to be used to help people with serious medical needs, not to subsidise anyone who fancies a career as a glamour model.’

It is understood Miss Cunningham, previously a 32A, went to her GP with a ‘congenital medical condition’ which left her with no breast tissue.

She said she ‘lived in terror’ of being seen in a bikini and did not feel comfortable venturing out without a padded bra.

Josie Cunningham is proud of the 36DD taxpayer-funded implants and now hopes to make a career out of showing them offIt is understood Miss Cunningham, previously a 32A, went to her GP with a ¿congenital medical condition¿ which left her with no breast tissue.

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‘The NHS paid for my double Ds’

‘I was never depressed about my flat chest,’ Miss Cunningham admitted. ‘I just got emotional when I was explaining to my GP that I felt I couldn’t live a full life the way I was – and he agreed to refer me.

‘They gave me a top surgeon. He said he’d have to give me 36DD implants just to achieve the appearance of a 36C, because there was literally nothing there in the first place.’

The NHS usually pays for cosmetic surgery only when it is considered necessary for health reasons. For instance it will fund breast reduction if the weight of a woman’s breasts are causing her back problems.

However, the criteria for breast enhancement are decided by each local health trust, with no national guidelines available.

In Leeds, it can be granted if the woman suffers from developmental failure, or if she has had a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

It can also be granted for women with asymmetric breasts. However, it is unclear whether there is a limit on how big the implants should be.

NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds said it could not comment on individual cases but added: ‘We would like to clarify that cosmetic surgery is not routinely funded by the NHS.’

The decision in Miss Cunningham’s case would have been made by a panel including clinicians, it said.–foot-Outrage-NHS-provides-36DD-implants.html#comments


Cosmetic surgery is provided by the NHS only if there is a clinical needCosmetic surgery is provided by the NHS only if there is a clinical need

Cosmetic procedures are not normally done on the NHS unless doctors decide there is a clinical need.

This decision is taken at a local level, by the Primary Care Trust (PCT), on the basis of reports submitted by a patient’s doctors.

PCTs set their own criteria according to what, in their view, are the health needs of the local community.

For cosmetic surgery, the usual protocol is that the PCT must decide there is some kind of clinical, ie health, need for the operation to be funded on the NHS.  Simply wanting to look nicer in itself is not reason enough.

Leeds Primary Care Trust, also known as NHS Leeds, offers a list of cosmetic procedures that may be available on its website.  They include breast augmentation, breast reduction, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and rhytidectomy (wrinkle removal including face lift).

It says these may be available ‘providing certain criteria can be met’, and lists the criteria.

The criteria required for breast augmentation include suffering from certain rare syndromes, severe asymmetry (more than two cup sizes difference), or lumpectomy that results in deformity.

Rare cases, however, such as Ms Cunningham’s, have to be go through the Individual Funding Request process, in which each case is decided upon its individual merits.



Find Out,Slave Or Slave Owner Database

Now Britons can find out if their Ancestors were slave owners  by accessing database where details are listed for compensation was paid to the ‘Owners‘ for losing their ‘possessions!”

Recently there was a huge uproar in India when James Cameron, the British PM refused to apologize for Jalianwallabagh massacre.

I posted a blog observing that if the British were to embark on a process of Apologizing to all those who were wronged during their ‘Grab and Rule Period”, there will be no end !

British Slave ownership.
British Slave ownership.

The Story of Slave Ownership database.

Researchers at University College London spent three years compiling a searchable listing of thousands of people who received compensation for loss of their “possessions” when slave ownership was outlawed by Britain in 1833.

About 46,000 people were paid a total of 20 million pounds — the equivalent of 40 percent of all annual government spending at the time — after the freeing of slaves in British colonies in the Caribbean, Mauritius and southern Africa.

“This is a huge bailout,” said Keith McClelland, a research associate on the project. “Relatively speaking, it is bigger than the bailout of the bankers in recent years.”

Compensation for slave-owners was opposed by some abolitionists, who argued it was immoral, but it was approved as the political price of getting the 1833 abolition bill passed.

The database includes details on the 3,000 compensated slave owners who lived in Britain — rather than its colonies — and includes the ancestors of several present-day politicians and the writers Graham Greene and George Orwell. Orwell’s real name was Eric Blair, and the trustees of his great-grandfather, Charles Blair, were paid 4,442 pounds for 218 slaves on a plantation in Jamaica.

Not all the slave-owners were ultra-wealthy. Middle-class Britons up and down the country were paid compensation — evidence, the researchers say, of how far the tentacles of slavery spread through society.

Recommended book:


Pregnant Kate Middleton In Bikini Live Updates.

First came Kate Middleton‘s  Vagina flash.

Now comes she was caught in Bikini while pregnant.

Italian magazine ‘Chi‘ ( in , a language of India means ‘revolting’!) published a Photo of a pregnant (Kate Middleton in Bikini.

Australia’s Woman’s Day have confirmed they will also publish pregnant Kate photos

The Italian gossip magazine Chi has published the photographs, splashing images of Catherine in a bright blue bikini and sporting a clear baby bump on the cover.

St. James’s Palace slammed the photos as a “clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

“We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas”, a spokesman said.

Editor Fiona Connolly said the royal couple are not a ‘protected species’ outside Britain adding: ‘This is not a hard decision. Kate’s on a public beach, there are other holiday-makers there and she looks fabulous.’

However, Mustique is a private island and there is an expectation of privacy for anyone holidaying there because the paparazzi is banned.

Mrs Connolly said: ‘As Australians, we see this every day. We see pregnant women in bikinis on the beach – and a public one at that – so we are a lot less sensitive here.

‘Our readers are going to love these photos. I don’t expect any backlash at all really. I think she’s looking fabulous and healthy and (with) a beautiful bump, like we haven’t seen her before.’

It is not the first time an Australian magazine has published photos of royals against the wishes of the royal family.

One of the most controversial decisions was made by New Idea magazine – engaged in a bitter publication war with Woman’s Day – which revealed in 2008 that Prince Harry had been posted to Afghanistan, putting the royal at risk.

Yesterday a spokesman for St James’s Palace said: ‘We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas.

Kate Middleton Flashing.
Kate Middleton Flashing.

‘This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.’

Kate Middleton 'Chi
Kate Middleton ‘Chi”

Today the Palace would not comment further or speculate about whether they would launch any kind of legal action.

A palace source said: ‘It’s violating’. The duke and duchess, who are expecting their first child in July, flew to a £19,000-a-week luxury villa on the island of Mustique last week.

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Live Updates.

The editor of Italy’s Chi magazine has defended his decision to print bikini pictures of pregnant Kate Middleton on holiday – and said it shouldn’t be compared to the hounding of Diana Princess of Wales.

Gossip rag Chi – owned by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi– was the first magazine to print Kate and Wills‘ holiday snaps yesterday.

Editor Alfonso Signorini today said: “The article features photos of a young couple in love as they happily walk along the shore.

“They are images of such unexceptional normality that there is only limited mention of them on the cover of the magazine.”

Read the full story here.


Mondadori, the publishers of Chi magazine, confirmed that the magazine featuring the pictures of pregnant Kate in her bikini had gone on sale in Italy today.


US,Europe Tax Evasion Corruption Money Laundering

Many Indians ,especially the younger generation including and especially my son, is never tired of telling me how bad India is and how good, orderly and Citizens are in the US and Europe.

I have agreed to the extent that India is corrupt and needs a Clean up and at the same time The West is not a Puritan either.

If the scams in India are in crores of Indian Rupees it is in Millions of US Dollars and Pound Sterling abroad.

This post is an eye opener for those who praise the citizens abroad for their Dutiful citizenship.

You dot evaluate a culture by mere standing in Queues and cleanliness on the road.

I have my brother’s Grand son living in Sweden for quite a few years now.

He used to tell me how responsible and helpful the Swedes are in helping out citizens in need of Government assistance, be it a form filling even.

Yes .

I agreed and informed him that he would find, in the course of time, how corrupt and morally decaying a Society Sweden is in terms of personal Life style and how it ruins family life over there.

Now,though he still appreciates the good things over there, he has realized that a Culture needs to be evaluated on the over all aspects of Life.

Having said this,let me add that if only we develop the Industriousness, attention to Detail, Public Spirit and  responsible citizenship…!

The following information is not to justify our corrupt practices but to point out that the West is decaying excepting in a material comforts  which is contributing to it s decay.


“Tax evasion poses an acute challenge to developing and developed countries. From 2000 to 2010, illicit financial flows deprived developing countries of US$5.86 trillion. Tax evasion is not a victimless crime – for people in the developing world, the consequences of tax evasion can be a matter of life and death. If developing countries could recover this untaxed wealth, it could mobilise enormous resources for improving their public services and their citizens’ lives.

The new Eurodad report “Secret structures, hidden crimes” finds that the hidden ownership of companies and other legal structures facilitates tax evasion, corruption and related crimes. It outlines the different ways that individuals abuse companies, trusts and other vehicles in order to evade taxes.

It argues that better information about who owns and controls these companies and other set-ups is key to bringing trillions of dollars of offshore wealth back into the tax net and helping to prevent capital flight in the future.

It argues that all forms of tax evasion can be more effectively fought where they are recognized as a “predicate offence” of money laundering as this makes it a criminal offence to help someone to hide and shift tax-evaded money. For some countries tax evasion is already a predicate offence, but only in a limited set of circumstances”…

According Oxfam, tax evasion by
individuals costs developing countries
US$124 billion. Christian Aid has found that,
even using a very conservative estimate,
developing countries lose the equivalent of
US$160 billion per year to tax evasion by
multinational companies using false invoicing
and blatant transfer mispricing. If this sum
were channelled to developing countries’
budgets, with allocation unchanged it
would be enough to save the lives of 1,000
children every day. Over the past decades,
tax evasion by individuals has led to the
accumulation of US$21–32 trillion of untaxed
offshore wealth, according to recent research
by the Tax Justice Network (TJN). About
25-30% of this (US$5.3–9.6 trillion) is from
developing countries.
Money laundering is the process of
concealing the source of money obtained
by illegal means. It can be easier to hide
tax-evaded income because, unlike other
criminal proceeds, the money generally
comes from a legitimate source initially. This
money only becomes illegal later on, when
the full amount of tax due is not paid. This
generally involves the taxpayer concealing
or under-declaring their income. Tax evasion
and money laundering therefore go hand”..

Hidden ownership facilitates
corruption and crime
Beneficial ownership transparency would
also help address illicit capital flight, which
cost developing countries an estimated
US$859 billion in 2010. These flows comprise
proceeds of corruption, crime and tax
evasion. The United Nations Office on Drugs
and Crime (UNODOC) estimated the total
value of money laundering to be around
US$2.1 trillion in 2009 – equivalent to 3.6% of
global GDP.
The UN and World Bank STAR (Stolen Asset
Recovery Initiative) published some 150
corruption cases involving hidden ownership
of a corporate vehicle either to launder
money or as part of the initial scam. Global
Witness has produced a number of case
studies on corrupt officials laundering their
money abroad, while researchers have found
that sub-Saharan Africa has lost US$700
billion to illicit capital flight since 1970,
dwarfing its outstanding debt of US$175
billion. Corruption could also be curbed with
strong AML rules.
Hidden ownership masks
accountability for human rights and
environmental violations
When a human rights violation takes place,
those affected can find it difficult to take
a case to court if the parent company or
management further up the ownership chain
cannot be identified. The same goes for
environmental violations.”…

Use of complex structures to
circumvent financial regulation
Before the financial crisis, many banks
used complex and even illegal structures to
hide losses that would later be bailed out
by taxpayers. UK bank Northern Rock did
this using an investment vehicle based in

Guernsey registered in the name of a real
charity, without the charity’s knowledge. If
ownership information was made publically
available online people and organisations
would be able to check if their identity was
being abused in this way.
Tax avoidance
Greater organisational transparency and
beneficial ownership disclosure would
make it easier to understand aggressive tax
planning and avoidance schemes that exploit
legal loopholes when transactions take
place between jurisdictions with different
rules. Many of these schemes exist in a
contested grey area between what is legal
and illegal. One telling example of the impact
of tax avoidance in developing countries
is ActionAid’s case study of UK brewing
giant SABMiller.”

London Helicopter Crash Live Updates Video Images

London Helicopter Crash.
(Credit: Twitter/craiglet)




London Helicopter Crash
(Credit: YouTube/niczerogoeshome)


A helicopter crashed in South London near  Vauxhall, this morning.

Two died and 4 injured as reports last came in.


Helicopter crashes in London
UPDATED The stricken aircraft cartwheeled to the ground and exploded into flames just yards from the busy Vauxhall bridge railway line at around 8am. Burning wreckage and aviation fuel covered the road (centre) as eyewitnesses reported seeing cars on fire. Paul Ferguson, who was working nearby, said: ‘There was a flash and the helicopter plunged to the ground.’ Witnesses suggested the pilot may not have seen the crane which was barely visible from street level due to the fog.


Live Update.

Helicopter crash site London
Helicopter crash site MapLondon



Live Text(Click Link Below)

Reporters: Lucy Wilkins, Samantha Dalton and Rob Corp

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  1. 1002:

    Max James Tolhurst, a manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, told the BBC he was walking along Wandsworth Road and saw the aftermath of the crash. “I didn’t see the actual impact but as I was walking up the Wandsworth Road, I just saw lots of debris and fire… I walked closer and saw a crowd starting to gather before the police came over, it looked horrific. I went on to work at St Thomas’s Hospital and I know the teams were getting ready for whatever is going to emerge.”

  2. 1001:

    Bruce Grain, from the London Fire Brigade, added that parts of the wreckage landed on the roofs of the buildings, and firefighters had been up to check that all the fires were extinguished.

    He said he was unable to confirm any information about passengers due to the amount of wreckage, but that will become apparent throughout the day. He said they were not looking for any further casualties.

    Regarding the risk from widespread aviation fuel, he said: “We don’t know how much was on board, that’s why we’ve got lots of hoses and a large quantity of foam, but we were able to put the fire out very quickly and make it safe. All the surrounding fires are out.”