UFO Alien Cave Paintings Chhattisgarh

Ancient Indian Texts refer to Pushpaka Viamana, Flyingships and their descriptions are available in the Texts.

The technology to build them has been used to reproduce one in India.

Please read my post on this.

There are prehistoric paintings in caves and also of middle ages including Mahbalipuram where one can see the paintings that resemble modern Spaceships and Astronauts.

Indian Army Reports UFO Ladakh

Updated August 18, 2013. Another sighting of UFO is reported on 4, August, 2013 in the ladakh region, reports Indian Army. “Indian Army troops have sighted mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the Ladakh sector along the line of actual controlwith China. On August 4, the UFO was sighted by Army troops in Lagan Khel area in Demchok in Ladakh […]