AAP Post Delhi Police Brutality Video

I have not written any thing on Arvind Kejriwal’s and AAP‘s antics a couple of days ago in Delhi over the matter of non suspension of Policemen in a raid case.

AAP victms of Police Brutality.
Victims of Police Brutality on AAP. Image from http://shishirkumarrai.blogspot.in/2013/06/brutal-attack-on-aap-volunteers-by.html

I am of the opinion and I have expressed this on Twitter, that Arvind Kejriwal does not know how to run an administration and more harm is done by well-meaning people who are inefficient.

However the present case and the unfolding swift and administrative political events force me to sense some conspiracy.

1.Why a Constable can not be kept under temporary suspension when the Law Minister says on the scene of alleged crime?

2.Why nobody bothered about the statement of the residents of the locality?

3.Is it not a fact that the Law Minister received a complaint about the Party that was degenerating into a drunken orgy?

4.Since when a member  from the alleged crime scene’s testimony tendered much later is accepted and not that of a Law Minister who raised it, not behind doors, but in full Public view?

5.In the past cases how many Policemen were suspended only after inquiry?

6.Now Constituitonal pundits say in Delhi, Police is more of Central List.

Does it mean The Police will wait till the Home Minister orders an action to be initiated?

7.The CM of Delhi, Is he to be treated as a Flea?

As expected BJP and Congress are singing in chorus, dubbing AAP and Kejriwal as Anarchists.

A Section of the Media too.

And National Human Rights Panel, who are yet to make a statement on gang Rape in Bengal where a woman was gang raped in Public as ordered by the Village headman.

And the PMs in waiting , Rahul and Narendra Modi,are yet to comment.

The Media loves it so long as the rabble-rouser are helping them to increase TRP, not when they try to something.

What did the Media do in the case of  Aarushi,Rajesh Talwar Case?

Did it not conduct a Trail on TV?

While the antics of Kejriwal is not in the interests of the Public, it may be noted that, in this case, he had no other option but to protest in Public.

Now the AAP has released TV footage of Police brutality.


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Al-QaedaOn Twitter.Its Meticulous Accounting

Al Qaeda has opened its Twitter Account.

It talks of building a God Brand Image!

Today’s news: we’ve taken over PR for IAC. They felt we “offered a more positive image for the brand” than @JustineSacco.”




Working to expel the infidels from the lands of the Faithful, unite Muslims and create a new Islamic caliphate.

All at sea · alqaeda.tumblr.com

It had 38,174 Followers and if follows one

Surprised that it is being allowed t open a Twitter Account.

Latest Tweet dates 23 December 2013.


Anther interesting fact is that the Al Qaeda maintains meticulous account for its expenses.

Keeps meticulous Account.

In more than 100 receipts left in a building occupied by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Timbuktu earlier this year, the extremists assiduously tracked their cash flow, recording purchases as small as a single light bulb. The often tiny amounts are carefully written out in pencil and colored pen on scraps of paper and Post-it notes: The equivalent of $1.80 for a bar of soap; $8 for a packet of macaroni; $14 for a tube of super glue.

The accounting system on display in the documents found by The Associated Press is a mirror image of what researchers have discovered in other parts of the world where Al Qaeda operates, including Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq. The terror group’s documents around the world also include corporate workshop schedules, salary spreadsheets, philanthropy budgets, job applications, public relations advice and letters from the equivalent of a human resources division.



Sharks Tweet To Warn Of Sharks

In Australia, Sharks use Twitter to warn people of the Sharks prowling around.

They indicate the size ,breed and location of the Sharks.

This is a Project being done in Australia.

About 300 Sharks have been fixed with Transmitters and these signals are picked up by a Computer which Tweets to Twitter at  Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s (SLSWA) Twitter feed.

Western Australia is now the world’s deadliest place for shark attacks. Surfer Chris Boyd, 35, was killed in November and was the sixth person to die in the region in just two years.

Authorities in the state have patrolled beaches using helicopters and boats for years, but the recent spate of attacks has prompted the local government to look at new ways of trying to prevent incidents.

Ministers have just agreed to a controversial scheme allowing professional fishermen to kill sharks larger than three metres found in certain zones which are used by surfers and beach goers.

And bait will be put out one kilometre off shore to attract and catch sharks during the summer.

State Premier Colin Barnett recently told reporters: “The safety of human life, the safety of beach goers using our marine environment must come first.”

It is a move that has angered environmentalists.

Ross Weir, from the group Western Australians for Shark Conservation (WASC), said: “This is a simple knee-jerk reaction, based on zero science.




Fraud That is Stock Market, How Naming Drives.

I am one of the view that the stock market is a huge fraud and a form of legitimized gambling with the active connivance of the Governments.

The stock market is played by a minuscule percentage in India, may be .001 % of the population.

But th Government decides its policies on its performance.

One would expect the economy in prosperity when the stock market is booming.

But facts are other wise.

When the stock market is down, the economy is cited as the reason for the poor performance.

Prosperity of the share market is for the prosperity of the Rich.

Having been in a Senior management position I know how the IPOs are rigged.

You pay a percentage to the underwriters.

They, who have funds at their disposal or contacts, including the Banks and Institutions, buy up the stocks, and inflate the price.

Gullible Public laps it up and it drives by.

Again the stock prices go up.

The underwriters cash in on the boom and quit, depending on the new business they get.

The promoters, depending on whether they want to run the business or run away either cash in on the boom or continue fixing up Institutions.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now The New Yorker has published a report as to how stocks rise in prices.

By a simple piece of clever naming!



Between the beginning of October and early November, the following eight companies were among more than twenty that began trading on the New York Stock Exchange: OCI Partners, Springleaf Holdings, Brixmor Property Group, Essent Group, 58.com, Mavenir Systems, Midcoast Energy Partners, and Twitter. They’re a diverse group of tech, energy, property, and finance companies, valued at their respective I.P.O.s between three hundred and sixty million dollars (Mavenir Systems) and $24.5 billion dollars (Twitter).

By the end of their first day of trading, Midcoast, Springleaf, 58.com, and OCI had risen in value, whereas Essent, Brixmor, Mavenir, and Twitter had fallen. At first it’s hard to discern a difference between the early appreciators and the early depreciators. Many experts argue that it’s impossible to reliably forecast stock prices in the short run. In his classic 1973 guide to investing, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” the Princeton economist Burton Malkiel famously claimed that “a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.” Investors, Malkiel argued, were at the mercy of the markets, and though prices generally rise in the long run, it’s impossible to beat the market reliably and consistently. Malkiel’s book has sold more than a million copies…

Short-term investing is certainly a gamble, but if you look back at the eight companies, you’ll find one subtle feature that distinguishes the climbers from the fallers: whether their ticker symbols are pronounceable according to the rules of English—that is, whether it’s possible to read them out loud as if they were words, without adding extra sounds. The pronounceable OCIP, MEP, LEAF, and WUBA (OCI, Midcoast, Springleaf, and 58.com, respectively) appreciated by between one percent and fifteen per cent, whereas the unpronounceable ESNT, BRX, MVNR, and TWTR (Essent, Brixmor, Mavenir, and Twitter) depreciated by between half a per cent and fourteen per cent. Eight stocks is a tiny sample by any standard, and stock prices are shaped by far more powerful forces—but the relationship between ticker pronounceability and early performance seems to hold with larger samples, too. (The trend holds if you include all twenty-three stocks that began trading between early October and early November: after twenty-four hours on the market, seventy-five per cent of the companies with pronounceable symbols appreciated, but only forty-seven per cent of those with unpronounceable tickers appreciated.)

Several years ago, Daniel Oppenheimer and I examined the performance of nearly a thousand stocks that entered the New York Stock Exchange and American Exchange between 1990 and 2004. We separated stocks with pronounceable ticker symbols from those with unpronounceable symbols. Across both markets, stocks with pronounceable symbols enjoyed a bigger post-I.P.O. boost than their unpronounceable counterparts. The effect was strongest during the first few days of trading; over time, it weakened, but never quite vanished.



Squirrel Hangs By Balls Bank Posts In Social Website

A Squirrel was shown hanging by its Balls !

This image was posted by a Bank!

Squirrel hung by its Balls.
Squirrel Hangs by its Balls.
French bank Caisse d’Epargne in Auvergne-Limousin wanted to make a “bit of a buzz” in the social media in France on Friday. However, the bank ended up embarrassed after clients and followers complained.

It was all a bit of a balls up really, as they chose to post a photo of a squirrel, hanging upside down from a feeding stand by his testicles, as the hapless creature tries to get himself some nuts.

The bank shared the image with its 24,000 Facebook followers, with the caption: “Because accidents don’t just happen to others, insurance will also cover you for any temporary injuries”.

At first, apparently, followers thought that the bank’s Facebook page had been hacked, but once they realized that the bank had posted the image itself many complained, saying that the image was in very bad taste.

Linternaute (French language) said that animal lovers were particularly upset at the image posted by the bank.

One disgusted customer apparently posted the comment: “It’s absolutely despicable to use this for publicity. As a customer I completely disapprove. Shame on you.”