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Gondswana Proves How Sanatana Dharma Spread

In Hinduism on January 6, 2015 at 18:48

I posted an article on how the Varaha, the Boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu, fits the first Mammals of the Triassic period .

I also postulated that taking into account,

1.Places/ events mentioned in the Ithihasa, Ramayana and Mahabharata check out with archeological finds,

2.The three great Floods mentioned in the Sanskrit and Tamil literature.

3.There are references to Lord Rama’s ancestor Satyavrata Manu having migrated from the South to North to found Ikshvaku Dynasty in Ayodhya,

4.That Shiva and Ganesa left for the Arctic through the Middle east,Europe, Africa, Americas .

5.A Group from the Shiva and Ganesa lineage moved in from the Arctic through Russia and Khyber into India and eventually resettled in the Saraswati Valley.

6.Tamil Literature speaks of events even before Lord Rama and mention these events along with the Tamil Kings in the sunken lands off  Kanyakumari, extending upto what is now Australia.

7.The remains of Sanatana Culture are found everywhere around the world.

I checked up geology and the Formation of Continents.

Indian Puranas mention seven Islands ans d seven oceans.

Jambuu Dweepa; Plaksha Dweepa; Saalmalii Dweepa; Kusa Dweepa; Krouncha Dweepa; Saaka Dweepa and Pushkara Dweepa.

There are three views on the Lost continents.

There was Atlantis, described by Plato,


Another is that there was a super continent linking Africa and Australia,Lemuria


“About 1875 the scientists Haeckel and Blanford suggested that the distribution of lemurs and their relatives could best be explained by a former land bridge connecting Africa, Madagascar, and the East Indies. P. L. Sclater proposed the name Lemuria for this land, and the word came into general use among geologists. But more recent investigations show that the vanished continent of Lemuria is not necessary to explain the distribution of lemurs, and in fact fails to do so. Lemuria was conceived to be part of a much larger continent, Gondwanaland, which was supposed to have reached three-quarters of the way around the Southern Hemisphere, with a gap in the Pacific. Scientifically, these continents have little to do with Atlantism, and even Gondwanaland is considered speculative, although it is still widely accepted.


Gondwana Super Continent which contained Lemuria .


At the end of the Jurassic Age Gondwanaland began to break up and, during the Tertiary Age approximately 20 million years ago, Antarctica completely broke away from South America. Due to its isolation, an ocean current formed around the continent, fed by conductive motions caused by water masses of different temperatures, favored by cyclonic type atmospheric circulation , and influenced by the Earth’s rotation.

The breaking up of Gondwanaland, the dispersion of the various continental blocks, the drifting of the Antarctic continent towards polar latitudes and its isolation, are all relatively recent events by the scale of geological time.

The geographical situation of Antarctica, in an isolated polar position and covered with ice, is the consequence of a long and complex geological evolution, which is still taking place and which, at least in part, should be understood and reconstructed. Up until the Jurassic Age 140 million years ago, Antarctica formed part of the supercontinent of Gondwanaland, In the Jurassic Age 140 million years ago, Antarctica formed part of the supercontinent of Gondwanaland, which also included Africa, Arabia, India, Ceylon, Australia, New Zealand and South America, and occupied temperate latitudes.

Gondswana Continent.jpg


The descriptions found  in the Puraná about the descriptions of the Land Masses, check out.

This could explain why the Sanatana Dharma remains are found everywhere.

It was not difficult for Sanatana Dharma to spread.

By looking at the position of India in the map, one can understand how the Tsunami devoured India and how Sanatana Dharma was right in describing geographical details .




Indian Tsunami Tamil Sangam Dates Astronomy Verified

In Hinduism on December 3, 2014 at 10:03

The first literature of Tamil, Agathiyam was composed by Sage Agasthya who also composed thr Rig Vedic Hymns 166 to 190.


He is credited with the formal founding of the Tamil Language, which was handed over to him by Lord Shiva and Lord Subrahmanya.


Poets Conclaves were held periodically.


Leuria Map.jpg

Map of Lemuria, based on Tamil Classics


There were three such Conclaves,the first one was presided over by Lord Shiva at Then Madurai.( South Madurai, the present Tail Nadu city of Madurai was called Vada Madurai, North Madurai, where the last conclave of the Poets were held)


First Tamil Sangam9 First Conclave) was held at Then Madurai.


After a Tsunami, KadalKol, devoured the lands, the second Tamil Sangam was held at KavataPura, which was located south of Lanka(?).


It formed a part  of the sunken continent Lemuria.


Please read my posts on Lemuria.


( Is Lemuria/Kumari Kandam the same as Atlantis?, Post follows.)


The second Sangam area was also submerged by a Tsunami and the third conclave was held at the present Madurai, Tamil Nadu.


Then we have the Tholkappiyam which follows Agathiya for Tamil works.


It is the oldest surviving Literature in Tamil.


To arrive at the dates of Tamil Sangams and the Tsunami(2) I am using the Astronomical Data mentioned in Sanskrit works,Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Tamil Classics, Silappadikaram and Manimekalai.


Agasthya’s date has been proved to be 5000 BC.


Please read my post on Agasthya Canopus validates Sanatana Dharma Tamil date.


Now taking into account the period of each Tamil Sangam, I have reworked their dates from Agasthya’s date.


The first conclave of Tamil poets took place during the Tamil Sangam which lasted 4400 years, and had 549 members,


The second conclave lasted for 3700 years and had 59 members, with 3700 poets participating.


The third Sangam lasted for 1850 years.


Agastya 5000 BC


First Sangam-5000 -4400= 600 BC


Second Sangam-600-3700=3100 AD.


* For a language to develop and to attain highly complex Grammar and Classical Literature the language should have evolved at least 1000 years earlier.

** These dates agree with the dates of Ramayana.

So Tamil language should have been used at least by 4000BC


Date of the Tsunamis, Kadalkol


The First.


Around 5000 BC


The second Tsunami,


Around 5 BC.


This is based on the Astronomical event of Canopus being visible when Agasthya traveled to South, crossing the Vindhya mountain.


This Time scale applies for the present Aeon, Kaliyuga.





Ghosts Leaping During Tsunami Japan Tsunami Video

In Interesting and funny, videos on August 12, 2013 at 18:24

Ghosts were seen leaping in tsunami Torrent in Japan


They were also sighted in between the buildings.


Is this real?


Tsunami Caused By Indians

In Interesting and funny, Islam on May 16, 2013 at 09:47

There are Conspiracy Theories  and Conspiracy Theories.

I came across a site which, to say the least, is astounding.

You will know why!

Visit and enjoy.

tsunami rising.

Tsunami On Camera


ome Muslims believe that the December 26th tsunami was caused by Indians, Israelis and Americans (i.e. the Hindus, Jews, and Christians).

The earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean on December 26, triggering a series of huge waves called tsunami, “was possibly” caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which “Israeli and American nuclear experts participated,” an Egyptian weekly magazine reported Thursday.According to Al-Osboa’, India, in its heated nuclear race with Pakistan, has lately received sophisticated nuclear know-how from the United States and Israel, both of which “showed readiness to cooperate with India in experiments to exterminate humankind.”

Since 1992, the magazine argued, leading geological centers in Britain, Turkey and other countries, warned of the need “not to hold nuclear experiments in the region of the Indian Ocean known as ‘the Fire Belt,’ in which the epicenter of the earthquake lies.

Geologists labeled that region ‘The Fire Belt’ for being “a dangerous terrain that can move at anytime, without human intervention,” Al-Osboa’ wrote.

Despite warnings not to carry out nuclear experiments in and around the ‘Fire Belt’, “Israel and India continue to conduct nuclear tests in the Indian Ocean, and the United States has recently decided to carry out similar tests in the Australian deserts, which is included in the ‘Fire Belt’, the Egyptian weekly magazine wrote.

“Last year only, Arab and Islamic states have asked the United States to stop its nuclear activities in that region, and to urge Israel and India to follow suite,” Al-Osboa’ reported.

Although Al-Osboa’ does not rule out the possibility that the tsunami could have been caused by a natural earthquake it speculates however that, “while it has not been proved yet, there has been a joint Israeli-Indian secret nuclear experiment [conducted on December 26] that caused the earthquake.”

The Egyptian weekly magazine concludes in its report that “the exchange of nuclear experts between Israel and India, and US pressure on Pakistan which is exerted by supplying India with state-of-the-art nuclear technology and preventing Islamabad from cooperating with Asian and Islamic states in the nuclear field, pose a big question mark on the causes behind the violent Asian earthquake.”

Incitement against Israel and Jews in Egyptian media is usually limited to the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict yet exceptions are known to occur.

In August 2002, the Paris Supreme Court summoned Ibrahim Naafi’, editor of the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, for having authorized the publication of a controversial article entitled ‘Jewish matza is made from Arab blood’ in the October 28, 2000 edition of the paper.

Naafi’ was charged with incitement to anti-Semitism and racist violence…


Indonesia Earthquake/Thailand Tsunami Visuals

In natural disasters on April 11, 2012 at 23:49

BANGKOK: A small tsunami measuring 10 centimeters (four inches) reached Thailand‘s Andaman Coast on Wednesday after a massive earthquake off the coast of Indonesia, an official said.

“A 10-centimetre tsunami wave generated by the first earthquake hit Koh Miang off Phang Nga,” the director of Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Center, Somsak Khaosuwan, said on Thai television.

Thailand’s national disaster prevention centre issued a tsunami warning for six southern provinces along the Anadaman coast on Wednesday after a huge earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia.

People in Phuket, Krabi, Ranong, Phangnga, Trang and Satun were ordered to move to higher ground because of a possible tsunami, an official with Thailand’s National Disaster Prevention Centre told Reuters by telephone.

According to eTN Sources in Phuket no devastating tsunami hit the Thai coast line.
Local authorities warn tourists in Phuket to only consider going down to the coast when no major waves have hit 2 hours after the estimated arrival time.

Olivier Dombey observes from Phuket ” The first waves on Kata Beach. But nothing serious so far.

martijn Rosdorff ‏reports from Phuket at 17.47h local time. My wife spotted two ‘big tsunami waves rolling in’ at Patong Beach just now! (17.47 local.
A Phuket tour operator and tourism officials confirmed all hotels moved guests to higher ground.

Another eTN reader observed a relative small wave of 4-5 meters that hit at 18:16h local time

More reports are coming in stating the water receded – no major damages are visible at this time.

eTN readers are reporting helicopter were circling the coast line.
ANother reader told eTN about a huge wave coming in slowly on the horizon, but nothing much happened on the coast line.

Readers from Krabi observed local villagers to be taken to schools for prayers. A visitor from the U.K. commented on the beautiful sunset from up the hill in Krabi.

Earlier a tsunami warning and evacuation order were issued by disaster prevention authorities in the southern Thai provinces of Phuket and Phangnga on Wednesday after a huge earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia.

“The province has turned on the warning sirens and asked people all over Phuket island to move to a safe place,” an official from the Phuket Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Centre told Reuters by telephone. The Phuket airport closed as a precaution.

An official from the warning centre Phangnga told Reuters: “We warn people in every district to evacuate immediately because there is a possibility of a tsunami.”

Phuket and Phangnga are provinces popular with tourists and were among those hit by the 2004 Indian Ocena tsunami that killed more than 5,000 people in Thailand.

The order, following a warning from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, was aimed particularly at people in tourist provinces of Phuket, Krabi and Phangnga, which are high risk, to evacuate to high ground far away from the sea shore.

The other three provinces on the western coast are Satun, Trang and Songkhla, but they are at less risk.

The massive earthquake was felt in many parts of Thailand including Bangkok.

Telephone signals were reported to have been disrupted in some areas.
Smith Dhammasaroj, former chief of the Meteorological Department, said a tsunami could possibly hit the six provinces on the western coast this evening.

Somsak Khaosuwan, director of the National Disaster Warning Centre, said waves about one metre high would possibly reach Phuket about 5.40pm.

For the sake of safety, people living along the western coastline are advised to evacuate immediately, he said.

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand insisted that the Egat dams remain strong following the strong earthquake.
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