Concentrated Radiation from Japan heading to US-Video.

One does not know what to believe. By the way, any body monitoring radiation levels in India? Related: Comparison of Censored and Uncensored information on Radiation Video. Fortunately, the map is a hoax, according to the real Australian Radiation Services, which has put a disclaimer on its website letting readers know it had nothing to do with […]

Japan Plugs Radioactive Water Leak.

      Japanese workers have stopped the leak of radioactive water from the earthquake-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, but the situation is still far from under control, according to a confidential US Nuclear Regulatory report obtained by the New York Times.  The report identifies a wide array of problems including build-ups of hydrogen gas […]

Japan dumps Nuclear Toxic Water into Sea-Health Effects,Video.

Bottom line is no body is sure how the radio active waste shall affect marine Life and Environment. They just make a general assertion that the effects will be minimal with out any supporting evidence and no one has determined what the ‘Safety Limits’of radioactive materials dumped in the ocean are. Japan, with no other […]

Japan Seawater Radiation 1250 times more.

The level of radioactive iodine detected in seawater near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was 1,250 times above the maximum level allowable, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Saturday, suggesting contamination from the reactors is spreading. Meanwhile, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. turned on the lights in the control room of […]