Prathyangira Homa Temple Morattandi

There is a Temple for Prathyangira at Marattandi, near Puducherry/Pondicherry, on the Tindivanam Road. Prathyangira Homam is performed every month on Shukla Paksha Ashtami (Waxing Moon). The Temple has a 72 feet Idol of Pratyangira Devi outside the temple and a small temple is inside.


Ganesha,Water Changes Colors Keralapuram

Lord Vinayakar’s idol changes its color to black and white once in every six months. During Utharayan (March-June), the idol is black, and in Dakshiyana (July-Feb) idol turns to white. This temple came to be known as ‘’Miracle Ganesh Temple. There is a well inside the temple complex and the color of the water too changes every six months. When the idol is white, the water changes to black and vice versa!

Vegetarian Crocodile Guards Vishnu Temple

Many of the legends, temples and customs may seem to bizarre and might sound even crazy. Sometimes being crazy seems to me more rational, especially when something is in front of You which has no business to be. I received a Forward from Mr.Damodaran Nair. This is about a Crocodile guarding Lord Vishnu's Temple.

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