TV Show Cancellation Causes Furor Addiction or Political?

The cancellation of two final episodes of  a TV Show caused an uproar in Thailand.

The programmer was focusing on Political manipulation  with a fictitious  prime minister.


Does any one remember  ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’, which angered Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi.?



A Thai TV station’s decision to cancel a popular and edgy soap opera mini-series has caused an uproar among viewers and critics who are demanding that the show’s final episodes be shown.

Channel 3 announced Friday that it would immediately stop airing the prime-time action drama “Nua Mek 2” after “having considered that some content was inappropriate for broadcast.”

The show, which began Dec. 14 and was aired three nights a week, told the story of a fictitious Thai prime minister, his corrupt deputy, black magic and political manipulation. After the station’s announcement, the final two two-hour episodes, which were scheduled for Friday and Saturday, were not broadcast.

The station did not further explain its decision to cancel the show, but a Channel 3 executive told a member of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, Thailand’s broadcast regulator, that the channel feared the show’s content would violate the law, Thai media reported over the weekend.

Some supporters of the series speculated that Thailand’s government, which closely monitors television content, had a hand in the cancellation, but government officials denied having pressured Channel 3 to terminate the show.

“Those who know best (about the issue) are the broadcaster, producers and related personnel,” Prime Minister’s Office minister Warathep Rattanakorn told reporters Saturday.



Criticism and discussion go on for four long hours before the fanclub admin of the actress wrote a message admitting that the message was written that way because of what they heard on “Krob Krua Bungtern” that a new lakorn is airing this week, that’s why they second guess that “neua Mek 2 is ending this Friday.” And alluding things to politician is also “guessing”. The message are as below:

“Hello, last evening we wrote that neua Mek 2 is ending this Friday and someone took our message out of the page to a lot of places. We would like to clarify that we heard from Pe’Benz in “Krob Krua Bungtern” that the lakorn Raeng Prathana is airing this week, so we guess Neua Mek 2 is ending this Friday. We also guess why it end so early because the lakorn deals with politcal issues. This lead a lot of people to turn this into a big issue regarding politics. The truth was this is all guessing. #admin”

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TV Station Telecasts Porn Instead of Good Morning

Anchors at a function
Programme anchors.

The irony is that as soon as the Porn was taken off the air,it was replaced by Religious programme.!

Viewers in Colorado got an eyeful when a local TV station accidentally broadcast hard-core porn in place of “Good Morning America,” which was scheduled to air.

The X-rated footage, which was shown in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colo., aired for only a few seconds Thursday morning and was quickly replaced by religious programming.

It took KRDO News Channel 13 nearly three hours to solve the glitch, which the station said affected only Comcast customers.

Viewers sounded off on KRDO’s Facebook page, several angry that their young children had gotten a glimpse of the inappropriate programming.

“My 7-year-old was watching porn instead of your news,” wrote Megan Ortiz.

“I’ve been on the phone already this morning after the porn that was broadcast while my daughter was eating breakfast!,” wrote Karrie Kuklish. “I’m outraged!!! Sick!”

KRDO posted a statement on its Facebook page around 6 a.m. Thursday, stating that it was working on the problem, which it called “an issue with Comcast.”

Comcast later released a statement of apology, posted on KRDO’s website.

“The issue was a result of human error, which has been resolved, and preventative measures have been taken to avoid this from happening again in the future,” Comcast spokeswoman Cindy Parsons said.

It’s not the first time the TV station has made headlines for an on-air blunder. In March, a pre-taped segment of a KRDO weather reporter cursing and storming off the set accidentally aired.

Helicopter Crash Caught Live on internet.

Horrified internet viewers in New Zealand have seen live pictures of a helicopter becoming entangled in cables and crashing to the ground.

It was helping install a giant Christmas tree on Auckland’s waterfront when its blades appeared to catch cables attached to scaffolding causing it to break up about 25ft above ground.

The dramatic footage was filmed by TV New Zealand and was being broadcast live on their website.

The B2 Squirrel helicopter’s tail is seen breaking up, causing the rest of the aircraft to spin round and crash.

The pilot was seen being thrown around the cabin but incredibly he survived and was seen walking away from the scene with the help of two workmen involved in the project.

Helicopter caught crashing.
Helicopter Crash.

He is now receiving medical attention in hospital but is believed to have avoided serious injury

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