Sex Education What Students Say

The latter, unless it is instinctive,is nothing but a deviation(no psychological; connotation) and mostly leads to Perversions, which one might be unaware of before coming in possession of such information.

Despite the emergence of a Free Society( should this be in only Copulation?), the individuals feel awkward in vocalizing sexual thoughts, especially with those who are close to them even

Preachers Of Hinduism,Indifferent ‘Greedy For Money’

Till some time back the was this habit of’taking the plate around’ among the audience to raise for some noble cause;later it degenerated into collecting money from the audience for the preacher!

Now with Media networks running wild to make quick buck by presenting miish mash of programmes called Religious, popular figures in the filed of preaching are called in.

What they do more is to advertise themselves, distort stories.Philosophy to suit TRP!

Nauseating is their naked lust for money and fame.

Worse is their treatment of people who attend their Pravachanas or Preaching, Kathas.

People come to their Pravachanas or Kathas to know more of the Subject.

They are treated with contempt,; the man does not even acknowledge you or at times if he inclined will tell you rudely’he has no time”

This applies all the Pravachanakarthas including Velukkudi Krishna who is the craze now.

He stares at you indifferently and keeps mum or looks at some body.

But hear his Pravachanas, you would believe he is embodiment of Knowledge, Wisdom,Eager to help people and, as irony would have it,Humble!

I recall Sri Kripanandavariar , great preacher asking people in the midst of a Lecture for their doubts and clearing them on the spot!

If one were to approach him later, he would patiently explain things till he was satisfied that you understood him!

Preachers of Hinduism, what you are doing is not Dharma and you are insulting Hinduism

Note.People might ask me why I have not said anything about Christian Preacher,..

Well…it is their profession sanctioned(?) by their Religion.

Nor I am saying anything about the self-styled Gurus, like Chandrasawmi,Baba Ramdev or the one who teaches the ‘Art of Living’ as if Hinduism teaches the ‘Science of Death!’

These guys should remember what would be their position that if Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata,Yoga had Copyright and IPR!

‘Prepare Your Suicide Notes’ Teacher!

Seems that there is no end to perversions. In the morning I blogged on a News item that mother and Daughter have acted together in a Porn movie. Now comes a teacher from France ,asking Students to prepare ‘suicide notes” France never lags behind! ‘A teacher in southwestern France has been suspended after asking his class of 13-year-olds […]

Should You Correct Your Child’s Homework?

  I find parents ,under the pretext of helping(/) children correct their Homework.This starts quite early.   The Child,naturally is frustrated.   My Daughter attempts to do the Homework for my Grandson; he either does exactly opposite to her instructions  or throws the Notebook away.   I support him-mind you he is 4!   True, I have […]