Sex Education What Students Say

Sex Education
Sex Education In Schools.

There is a move by the Government of India to introduce Sex Education in School , as a part of curriculum.

“So, it also becomes important to educate school teachers so that they can handle such issues with maturity. One such step has been taken by Umeed, a leading organization of counsellors led by Salony Priya, by organizing a workshop to deal effectively with health and sexuality issues among adolescents. The two-day workshop on July 4 and 5 is being organized at Frank Anthony Public School and will be attended by teachers from almost every leading English-medium school in the city.( Times of India-July,4, 2013)

David Cameron ,the  Prime Minister of UK , is launching Telegraph Wonder Women’s ‘Better Sex Education’ campaign.

I have been maintaining, that Sex is a Basic instinct and need not be taught.

The organism knows how to go about it.

It is not a kill to be taught.

Some may disagree stating that there is a lot of difference between Sex and Informed Sex(!).

The latter, unless it is instinctive,is nothing but a deviation(no psychological; connotation) and mostly leads to Perversions, which one might be unaware of before coming in possession of such information.

Despite the emergence of a Free Society( should this be in only Copulation?), the individuals feel awkward in vocalizing sexual thoughts, especially with those who are close to them even!

The Telegraph of UK conducted a Survey to find out what the Students feel about Sex Education.


I am 16 and I think that sex ed is the funniest and most ridiculously taught of anything. However, it is also the topic that I feel most young people should be informed properly about and not be conformed to using cheesy and corny videos of cartoons, nor should the extent of sex ed in high school be a more sophisticated re-run of corny junior school sex ed videos, or using bananas to practice putting on condoms. It should be changed.

 don’t remember learning much from sex ed. But I did learn quite a bit from Grange Hill.

QuoteI remember all of the class throwing condoms at the teacher, after she handed them out!

QuoteWe had sex education lessons only a few times. But then once in year 9, the boys and girls were split up for an emergency sex education lesson – because my school panicked after two pupils were caught doing naughty things in the gardens on a school trip. In that ‘special’ class, the teacher was great – just open and honest.

QuoteAll that happened to us was we were shown scary pictures, got taught how to put condoms on a fake penis and that was it. We were all already sexually aware from the internet.
The scary pictures made us feel like: IF YOU HAVE SEX – THIS WILL HAPPEN AND YOU WILL DIE.


Preachers Of Hinduism,Indifferent ‘Greedy For Money’

Hinduism is a personal Religion.

It does not believe in Numbers, nor in Proselytism.

As a matter of fact, The Vedas do not mention collective worship at all.

Those who disseminate Knowledge did so, free of cost, after evaluating the student’s aptitude.

Symbolism Of Lord Ganesh.
Symbolism Of Lord Ganesh.

However a token was accepted, of the Teacher‘s choosing, from the students’ parents, either to make people understand that nothing must be gained free of cost or to test the skill-set and dedication of the Student.

Lord Krishna was asked to save Santipini’s son  from a demon in the Ocean, as Guru dakshina.

By doing so, Lord Krishna acquired his famous Panchajanya.

Drona asked, nay punished Ekalaivya by asking for his Thumb, this is an exception, for this act his son Aswathama was cursed to roam as Chiranjeevi (ever living) in the forest.

Or the Gurus asked of their students to undertake a mission for the welfare of the Society.

Viswamitra asked Lord Rama to kill the demons Thataka.

But never they hankered after wealth for their efforts.

One must remember in the Vedic System of Life, the students were living with the Teacher in his household, partaking what was available;their parents, however rich were not permitted to offer anything.

Over a period of years the system of conveying the Vedic Thoughts, The Ithihasa, Ramayana, Mahabharata and others came into vogue.

When it started the preachers never accepted anything but were driven the noble thought of spreading the Good Word.

Over a period of time, this become an Industry where people , in the garb of disseminating knowledge have started making money and only money, with presenting facts that would suit the audience.

The system of negotiating Rates for Pravachana began.

Till some time back there was this habit of’ ‘taking the plate around’ among the audience to raise for some noble cause;later it degenerated into collecting money from the audience for the preacher!

Now with Media networks running wild to make quick buck by presenting miish mash of programmes called  Religious, popular figures in the filed of preaching are called in.

What they do more is to advertise themselves, distort stories.Philosophy to suit TRP!

Nauseating is their naked lust for money and fame.

Worse is their treatment of people who attend their Pravachanas or Preaching, Kathas.

People come to their Pravachanas or Kathas to know more of the Subject.

They are treated with contempt,; the man does not even acknowledge you or at times if he inclined will tell you rudely’he has no time”

This applies all the Pravachanakarthas including Velukkudi Krishna who is the craze now.

He stares at you indifferently and keeps mum or looks at some body.

But hear his Pravachanas, you would believe he is embodiment of Knowledge, Wisdom,Eager to help people and, as irony would have it,Humble!

I recall Sri Kripanandavariar , great preacher asking people in the midst of a Lecture for their doubts and clearing them on the spot!

If one were to approach him later, he would patiently explain things till he was satisfied that you understood him!

Preachers of Hinduism, what you are doing is not Dharma and you are insulting Hinduism

Note.People might ask me why I have not said anything about Christian Preacher,..

Well…it is their profession sanctioned(?) by their Religion.

Nor I am saying anything about the self-styled Gurus, like Chandrasawmi,Baba Ramdev or the one who teaches the ‘Art of Living’ as if Hinduism teaches the ‘Science of Death!’

These guys should remember  what would be their position that if Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata,Yoga had Copyright and IPR!

‘Prepare Your Suicide Notes’ Teacher!

Seems that there is no end to perversions.

In the morning I blogged on a News item that mother and Daughter have acted together in a Porn movie.

Now comes a teacher from France ,asking Students to prepare ‘suicide notes

France never lags behind!

Suicide Note.
Suicide Note.

‘A teacher in southwestern France has been suspended after asking his class of 13-year-olds to write their own suicide notes.

The unnamed teacher gave the assignment as homework to his students at the collège Antoine-Delafont, a secondary school in Montmoreau-Saint-Cybardreports the Daily Telegraph.

The assignment read:


“You’ve just turned 18 and have decided to end your life. Your decision appears irrevocable. As a final effort, you decide to explain the reasons for your act. In setting out your self-portrait, you describe all the disgust you feel for yourself. Your text must bring up certain events in your life at the root of this feeling.”

An anonymous group of appalled parents responded by sending a note to school officials saying, in part, “We are horrified that this type of topic should be proposed to children between 13 and 14 years old,” the Telegraph says.

According to Le Charente Libre, a regional French newspaper, the teacher was not satisfied with at least one student’s suicide note. “Not precise enough,” he offered as criticism.

The teacher has been roundly criticized across France. The local president of the FCPE — sort of a French PTA — said that the homework assignment was “practically inciting” suicide.’



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Should You Correct Your Child’s Homework?


I find parents ,under the pretext of helping(/) children correct their Homework.This starts quite early.


The Child,naturally is frustrated.


My Daughter attempts to do the Homework for my Grandson; he either does exactly opposite to her instructions  or throws the Notebook away.


I support him-mind you he is 4!


True, I have seen most, Imay say, all parents do their ChildrenHome work, under the guise of helping them.


This becomes such a routine the child as it grows up asks its parent, especially the Mother to do the Homework.


And she does.


I recall that my father did not even know in which Class I was studying, though he was the Head Master of the School!


At times, while taking Classes, where I sit,he used to ask me whether I belonged to that Class!


As to my mother, well, what she was interested wa whether I ate properly.


Such was the Freedom parents gave us.


We did our Homework,though it was not as heavy as it is today and if we forgot, faced the Music!


I might add,to emphasize, despite this ‘inattention’ on the part of my parents, I came out District Second and School First.


In their anxiety parents resort to this Homework>


What they do is to de-motivate the child.


Unless one makes mistakes, one never learns, as in Life.


Schools have their own contribution to make.


They conduct Interviews for parents before admitting the Child to pre-KG!


If your parents are educated and give an undertaking that they will check the Child’s Homework daily, the child gets the admission!


Leave the Child be.


“Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My son just started 5th grade and I noticed that when I check his homework, he is making many more mistakes. Should I be correcting them? I feel like if I say “look at number 8 again” that signals to him that there’s a problem. Isn’t that like cheating?

Mathy Mama

Dear Mathy,

You know I’m pretty sure that when we were kids this is one problem that our parents didn’t have. At least mine didn’t. Because if they ever looked at my attempts at math homework, they rolled their eyes and got me to a tutor, STAT.

Yes, in my day, we did our homework up the hill in the snow backwards and our parents stayed out of it. Because they had other things to do and “you’re a bit of a math moron, aren’t you, Marinka?” Sorry. Flashbacks.

But things are different today. We want our kids to succeed and for some reason that often means that we don’t want them to make mistakes. Even relatively harmless ones on their homework that don’t have life-altering consequences.

It’s not cheating so much as not allowing him to turn in his own work. Wait, what’s cheating again?

Ask yourself why you are checking your son’s homework. If it’s to make sure it’s getting done, that’s one thing. But if it’s to catch any errors before he hands in his work then I don’t think what you are doing is helpful. Because making mistakes is part of learning. And seeing those mistakes on the homework is one of the ways that the teacher knows your son isn’t understanding a concept. Or that he’s making a careless mistake. In either event, the teacher needs to know.



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Teachers’ Problems, Unions,Strikes India,US.

The recent strike by the Teachers is causing concern in the US.

The major issue is the Evaluation of the Teachers.

This problem is quite normal in India to the extent where we can predict when the Teaches would go on strike and for what.

Normal issues in India, are.



Reservations for jobs.

While wages is a common problem through out the world, the Transfers and Reservation in Jobs are unique in India.

In State run schools,for getting transferred to  is an Industry by itself.

The minimum going Rate for transfer is rs 100.000!

A sham of ‘Counselling’ is done.

This is a formality if one were to grease the right palms.

Reservation is a process where that if you belong to certain social group(called Caste), you get priority.

Your qualification/experience does not matter.

This is done as an atonement for ‘the Oppression of the Group’ by the Society in the past.

Normally there is hardly anything against this principle , but there are at least two or three a year agitating for inclusion of one or another group in the Reservation List.

It will be interesting to note that till date there has been NO agitation concerning  Education by Teachers.

Wages,yes, they are underpaid by the standards of other professions.

While the Teachers in State run Schools get a Higher pay, teachers in the Private Sector are paid one-third of the State pay( excepting in some cases where they can not do with out good teachers)

While Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Biology and English for Higher class Teachers get a Higher pay other Teachers such as Regional language,Physical Training,LKG/UKG,Computers,Social Studies are paid a pittance.

Managements,since they pay a minimum wage encourages students to have Tutoring done by the Teachers of the Schools to enable them to make extra money and even in this the Schools take a percentage , normally 33 %!

Unions are basically three types.

Of The Ruling Party.

The Opposition and

The Communist oriented, which will switch sides mostly depending on who is in power.

Strikes are not education centric at all..

Academic evaluation system  does exist only marginally.

So there is no question of raising the issue.

Coming to the issue of Unions in the US,

Teachers unions are to blame for low test scores and high dropout rates.

‘Where the unions matter most in the education debate is in their influence on how teachers are supervised and evaluated, who is granted tenure, and who is dismissed. These have all been flash points in Chicago.’

There is abundant evidence that school districts don’t do enough to retain the best teachers or weed out the low performers. For instance, a 2009 report by the New Teacher Project found that 94 percent of teachers in Chicago received “superior” or “excellent” ratings, and just four in 1,000 were rated “unsatisfactory.” Considering the poor performance of Chicago’s schools, there’s no way nearly all of its teachers are superlative. Clearly, the evaluation system is broken.”

The evaluation of Teachers is an ongoing process and as such one can not arrive at a decision on this.

As I have indicated in my earlier blog the evaluation is subjective as the Students are not quantities to be measures and the system of education is not focussed whether it is job oriented or Value oriented.

As there are different grades of Students such as below average,Average and above average, it becomes difficult to evaluate the Teachers on the basis of teaching in a Class consisting of all these three categories.

Teachers unions are similar to private-sector unions.

Like unions representing autoworkers or flight attendants, teachers unions focus on workplace issues. They engage in collective bargaining with management for wages, benefits and other conditions of employment.

But teachers unions are different from private-sector unions in some fundamental ways. For starters, in the private sector, companies can go bankrupt. This generally creates a check on unions’ demands at the negotiating table because neither side wants an employer to downsize or go out of business. Public schools don’t go out of business. Officials involved in the Chicago negotiations said the union’s early demands for salary increases of more than 30 percent were impossible for the cash-strapped city.

In the private sector, there are genuinely two sides negotiating contracts. But teachers unions and other public-sector unions often exert power on both sides of the bargaining table. They exercise political pressure by supporting candidates financially, with coveted endorsements or by calling voters. Because school board elections are often held separately from other elections and have low turnout, teachers’ unions often dominate them. Autoworkers don’t get to pick the board of directors of the car company; but teachers, in effect, can.”


” Teachers unions fight any kind of reform.

Stanford University political scientist Terry Moe says getting teachers unions to embrace reform is like asking a cat to bark, because unions are fundamentally about protecting their members and can’t be counted on to improve schools. Yet there are some examples of labor and management working together to bring about change in education.

In Pittsburgh seven years ago, a teachers union leader and the city’s superintendent began to work together to involve educators in decisions about closing schools and revamping the teacher-evaluation system. And in New Haven, Conn., in 2009, the teachers union and the city agreed on a new evaluation system that includes students’ test scores as well as classroom observations. Last year, 34 teachers lost their jobs based on the new system.

Today, with a new union leader and a new superintendent, reform is slowing in Pittsburgh. And in New Haven, many observers believe it was the threat of unilateral action by the mayor that got the union to make a deal. Regardless, under the right circumstances, even superintendents who have locked horns with their unions say they can be partners to effect reform.”

Generally True.

As is wont in Democracy it more the Party than issues that count.

 “What’s good for teachers is good for students.

Union leaders like to say this. It’s an appealing sentiment, and it’s sometimes true. When the teachers unions protect education spending in state budgets, that’s good for students. But there are times when students’ and teachers’ interests diverge.

Consider some of the big sticking points in the Chicago teachers strike: One major issue was what to do with teachers displaced by layoffs as a result of declining student enrollment. According to sources involved in the negotiations, the union wanted to keep teachers who could not find a new teaching position on the school district’s payroll indefinitely. A similar policy has cost New York City more than $100 million in pay to teachers who are not teaching. That sort of job security is obviously good for adults, but using scarce education dollars to pay hundreds of people who are not working is clearly not good for students.

Teacher contracts are loaded with such inefficient provisions. In a 2007 analysis for the think tank Education Sector Marguerite Roza estimated that provisions that are popular with unions but have a weak or nonexistent relationship with student learning, such as arbitrary limits on class size and automatic pay raises, consume almost 20 percent of an average school district’s budget — more than $77 billion in nationwide education spending annually.

So as we’ve seen in Chicago, what’s good for teachers is only sometimes good for students.”

By the very nature of the group they are representing the Unions refuse to see the larger picture.

It is the basis for their existence.

All said and done as stated in Hinduism Education is personal and it can be imparted best personally paying attention to the student individually by one whose character is unimpeachable and whose authority can not be questioned.

The Society must undertake to support the Teachers and accord them the Highest respect and the teachers must realize that their profession is one of the noblest and they shape a generation and in the eyes of a man a good Teacher is the lasting influence.