About Heart Burns and How To Treat It.

Heart Burnis an irritating discomfort and normally you are asked to take an Antacid to get rid of it. What people may not know is that regular use od Antacid disturbs chemical Balance of the Body and it is dangerous to fool around with the Chemical Balance. Some tips were published in the TIME. Best natural […]

‘Burnout in Job’ feeling’ -This too Shall Pass..

Of late we hear the term ‘burn out’ complaints from  people from various Professions. It is not restricted to workers alone. It is being aired by Sportsmen and other professionals too. It is not as though that this is a new phenomenon. You get distracted,become disinterested in what you are doing, not happy with what you are doing […]

About Hyperthyroidism.

  Following symptoms are normally associated with Hyperthyroidism. Exhibition of some or  any of these symptoms need not be due to Hyperthyroidism. Better check with the Doctor to eliminate the  possibility. Thyroid problems can be managed , but they are not curable. However, there is nothing to worry about  if one takes the medicines correctly and follow diet. Check with […]


Nothing to really worry about. During the process, one is likely to become depressed and irritable. please take it as it comes and avoid drugging. Important that those around understand this and be understanding of the individual and do not be aggressive towards them. Menopause Basics What Is Menopause? Menopause is a normal condition that all […]