College Degree In Love Calcutta University


Modern living has become so complex that it requires formal Education for basic Human feeling that are supposed to be spontaneous ans natural.


Course on Love
Degree Course in Presidency University Kolkata.

Presidency University,Kolkat, India has taken the step of introducing a Degree Course in ‘Love.

Now Girls, Boys and parets of these might insist on a Degree as a minimum qualification for Loving/marriage!

“”The new course on love will deal with its sociological implications and will begin from the next semester in January,” Malabika Sarkar, vice-chancellor of Presidency University told IANS. “The course will be taught by the university’s sociology department. It will basically deal with the theoretical aspects of love,” Sarkar said. The varsity began an initiative July to introduce students to a variety of topics, irrespective of their major subject, becoming the first university in the country to offer interdisciplinary courses. Under this programme, science students can get a taste of liberal arts, and those delving into humanities can take up a science subject. “This is the first such initiative in the country. In the traditional Indian university education system, honours students are required to take up two pass subjects. We have replaced the pass subjects,” professor Somak Raychaudhury, head of the varsity’s physics department had said earlier. Raychaudhury said the decision to juxtapose the two branches was taken as students do not take pass subjects seriously. “So, instead of forcing pass subjects on students, we decided to break them up and have a list of 10 papers. All the honours students are required to take up 10 papers. While the science students are needed to take at least two arts papers, it is vice versa for students of humanities,” the professor explained. For example, the physics department has introduced a course, “Physics of Everyday Life”, under which students, irrespective of the stream they are majoring in, are taught how things like a camera work. “The course is open to everybody. An English literature student can take it up. Similarly, the sociology department is offering a subject called ‘Love’ that students from other departments can study,” the professor said. IANS

We Are,Not Because Of, But ‘Despite’

The other day I was conversing with my son.

The talk veered round to life and success.

My son told me that I should have been a President of a Comapny or at least a Vice president and that I am a failure in my life.

My answer to him was,

‘lets us assume I have been a President of a Company drawing six or seven figure salary.

I should either be continuing to work or wold have retired by now.

What would I be doing?

Doing what I wold like to do which I could not in my earlier years.

Now I am doing what I like most, Writing, visiting temples.

I have my children married, and they are well settled and I have grandchildren to enjoy.

I eat well, sleep well.

What more one does want?

More Bank balance?

I can not eat more than three times a day, not do any thing beyond my age with all the money.

Recognition by people?

People recognize you if you have money, period.

And it does not matter.

I will be here and die whether people recognize me or not.”

He replied,

You have wasted your life.

With your intelligence , you should have earned more.’

My answer,

‘Who told you I have not tried?

I was unable to get a job in my prime at a particular point of time , despite the fact I was acknowledged as one of the specialists in my field.

Now  I am being offered way beyond my imagination( at least,by my standards).

When it does not matter to me anymore..

That’s Life’


In Life I have been ,not because of what I did but despite what did.

I come from a lower middle class family, the son of a reputed teacher, not known for wealth.

To visit Madurai was my highest ambition.

Noe I have been abroad quite a few times.

I studied under scholarship.

Did not have money to pay Hostel Mess Bill.

The college had to waive the rule that one should have one scholarship only to grant me another scholarship.

My brother’s father in law got me  into a company at a salary of Rs 100 per month.

I struggled.

I retired as senior management executive, having served MNCs.

My eldest son is a well-known Sports Anchor.

Another son is a senior manager in a MNC.

Daughter represents a US company.

Son in law and daughter in law work in MNCs.

I have grand children.

Even in my wildest imagination I would have thought my family would reach this level.

Well, one can desire for more.

I do not.

I am contented and happy.

Is that not what Life is all about?

Student Debt

The following is a Guest Blog by Celina Jones.


Financial experts advise against accumulating debt unless there is a situation where it is necessary. In the current economic climate, it is more difficult than ever to get credit on decent interest rates and repayment is also hard to make on time. This is why you should avoid borrowing any amount, no matter how small, if you have any other option for getting the money. One type of debt which is unavoidable to a great extent is student debt. If you want higher education, you have to pay for it.


However, the cost of higher education has gone up over the years. Adding the expenses for books, tuition, stationery and all other things required increases the cost that you have to bear. You might also have to pay for accommodation while you are in college or university, making it more expensive for you. Since students don’t have the kind of jobs required to bear the cost, borrowing money is the only way they can get through college. Hence, student debt has been on the rise over the years.


The Convenient Choice for Students

It seems like a convenient option for students to borrow money and then pay it over a number of years. They can borrow the money they need now and then the repayment would be spread over 5 to 10, even more years. That way, the amount is broken down into smaller chunks making it easier to repay. However, the uncertain financial climate has made it hard for students to keep up with the repayment schedule and bear the costs associated with it.


In some cases, they require debt settlement services to find a way to deal with the debt if they are having a hard time paying back the money. When the students finally settle down and get married, they have to continue paying off their debt. At present, over 20% of all households are dealing with student debt. The sheer volume of total student debt has grown exponentially, nearing $1 trillion this year.


Relationship between Education and Economic Insecurity

The problem which most borrowers are facing is that they aren’t aware of the terms and conditions which apply to their loans. Hence, they face trouble paying the amount back. The growing link between student debt and higher education means that debt is becoming a major part of the economic insecurity faced by students after graduation. They have to pay off the amount they have borrowed for the next few years which means it is going to affect a significant part of their lives.


The main issue here is that even students with degrees from known institutes are finding it extremely difficult to find a high paying job. There was a time when having a degree virtually guaranteed you a good job with a six figure salary. With the recession taking its toll on the economy, the number of jobs available to them upon graduation has been receding for the past couple of years. This is the reason why the unemployment rate for people aged 20 to 24 is around 25%.


Even those students who get good jobs after graduating have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars every month as part of the repayment plan. On average, a student has to pay the lender $800 to $1,500 unless the amount borrowed is exceptionally high. Even if the student makes a decent amount of money, the repayment takes away a considerable chunk of it. This leaves a small amount for them to get by and have a family.


The students have a hard time making any major economic decisions. They have to think twice before opting to buy a home or investing some money in any asset as most of their money is going towards the student debt they have accumulated. Moreover, having a family is another decision which they have to put off so that they don’t have to get by on a meager income, especially if they have to raise children.



There is no doubt that student debt is contributing to the growing divide in the relationship between student debt and economic insecurity. If the economy doesn’t improve in the next year or so, it could be some time before students are able to graduate with economic security  For information on debt consolidation companies, you are advised to visit


Facebook Delivers Messages To Wrong People- Security?

In yet another case of beach of Security,Facebook seems to be delivering messages to  people from whom you want this to bekept secret.




At least be careful in future of what you share.

Dear Facebook
Dear Facebook (Photo credit: JAMES ANTHONY CAMPBELL)



University of Texas students Taylor McCormick and Bobbi Duncan came out to the world via Facebook, but not in ways they ever intended.



The Wall Street Journal examined how Facebook changed the lives of two gay college students, when a classmate added them to a public group for other gay choir singers at the school an action that was shared on the students’ news feeds


In another case Bobbi Duncan desperately wanted her father not to know she is lesbian, but Facebook told him anyway. Soon, she learned that another choir member, Taylor McCormick, had been outed the very same way, upsetting his world as well.



The two University of Texas in Austin students had been careful to keep their parents from finding about about their lifestyles. However, when they were added to a Facebook discussion group for Queer Chorus, a choir group on campus, a notification popped up and informed all of their friends.



In the era of social networks like Facebook and Google Inc.‘s Google+, companies that catalog people’s activities for a profit routinely share, store and broadcast everyday details of people’s lives. This creates a challenge for individuals navigating the personal-data economy how to keep anything private in an era when it is difficult to predict where your information will end up.” The Wall Street Journal mention.


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Teachers ‘a Blot’ Principal Gheraoed” He is Right

'Punctuality in School' jpg
Punctuality in School

Teachers trooped in to the Morning Prayer assembly belatedly and the principal called them a ‘blot’  .

The children were asked to applaud the Statement.

The teachers were upset and gheraoed the Principal, thereby confirming his statement.

Instead of feeling sorry for not being punctual the teachers say that the Principal should not have ridiculed them in Public view.

If , as a Teacher, you do not behave properly in Public as befits a Teacher, you deserve to be reprimanded in Public.

Character and Discipline are the hall-mark of a Teacher, not trade unionism.


A day after the national inter college felicitated its teachers on the occasion of Teachers day, it was ridicule and humiliation that they got to face at the hands of the college principal Uma Shankar Singh. Teachers were not only ridiculed by principal but also referred to as a “blot” for a fault as negligible as turning up late. While this could have still been tolerated by teachers, what agitated them to the hilt was the fact that principal asked the students to applaud his “objectionable” comments and it all happened in the full view of the morning assembly.

What followed were unruly scenes at the college campus. Not only the teachers took offence of the principal’s comments and got agitated, students too got involved and started stone-pelting. The tension could be defused only after the police was called.

It all began at the morning assembly, right after the prayer session was over and before students could sing the national anthem. As soon as the students were asked to stand-in-ease, principal of the college Uma Shankar Singh got hold of the mike and started addressing the teachers who were seen entering the college gate as a “blot”. He announced on the mike, “yeh hain kalank number ek…taali baja kar inka swagat kijiye (here comes the blot on the college…welcome him).”

Fifth Grade Student Corrects The Washington Post


Good letter and a suitable acknowledgement.

Washington Post editor and book critic Ron Charles tweeted this photo of colleague Dennis Drabelle holding up a correction letter he received from elementary school students in Bethesda, Maryland, calling it “our favorite correction letter ever.”

Correction By a Student.
Fifth Grade student corrects The Washington Post.

The letter, penned by “Mrs. Reed’s fifth-grade class,” takes issue with an article Drabelle wrote back in April, just before the Titanic’s centennial, which incorrectly states that the ship’s fateful collision with the iceberg occurred on April 15th.

“Based on our research,” the students wrote on a supersized piece of paper, “the Titanic hit the iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912.”

“Isn’t that letter adorable?” Ron Charles rhetorically asked Poynter. “Most of the correction letters begin with some kind of irate statement, ‘Isn’t anyone reading the paper over there?’ This was a nice change of pace.”

Drabelle said he responded to the letter, thanking the students for being “diligent and friendly.” A correction is reportedly forthcoming, and photos the fifth graders sent along with their letter may be reproduced in the Post’s kids section, KidsPost.


Exam Answers, Lateral Thinking?

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It is very difficult being a Teacher.

And if your communication is not sharp, you had it.

I find that all the answers are correct for the questions asked.

Though funny, it shows how sharp the young minds are and how meticulous the teacher should be.

Thanks ,funonthenet.

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