Student Debt

The following is a Guest Blog by Celina Jones. Introduction Financial experts advise against accumulating debt unless there is a situation where it is necessary. In the current economic climate, it is more difficult than ever to get credit on decent interest rates and repayment is also hard to make on time. This is why you should avoid borrowing any […]

Facebook Delivers Messages To Wrong People- Security?

In yet another case of beach of Security,Facebook seems to be delivering messages to  people from whom you want this to bekept secret.       At least be careful in future of what you share.     University of Texas students Taylor McCormick and Bobbi Duncan came out to the world via Facebook, but not in […]

Teachers ‘a Blot’ Principal Gheraoed” He is Right

Teachers trooped in to the Morning Prayer assembly belatedly and the principal called them a ‘blot’  . The children were asked to applaud the Statement. The teachers were upset and gheraoed the Principal, thereby confirming his statement. Instead of feeling sorry for not being punctual the teachers say that the Principal should not have ridiculed them in Public view. If , as a […]