Universe Size 13.7 Billion Light Years Surya Siddhanta Science Agrees

According to Suryasiddhanta 1955885109 years have elapsed (in 2009 AD) since the beginning of Creation. Modern Astronomy confirms this.


Hand, Giant Fingerprints Of God NASA

Actually it is not the hand of God. It is the X ray Photograph of the remains of exploded Star. It resembles a Huge hand. And you have an Image in Mars resembling a Giant Fingerprint!

‘Audio’ Of Star Vibration

Using the science of star seismology, astrophysicists turn star vibrations into audible sounds. This is the star Chi Hydrae. Complement with the Solar System set to music. Vibration of Stars in Audio. Does this not sound like basic Folk tune, especially of India?  

Stars hum Music ,Kepler Telescope Records!

  that's so awesome! Music of the stars' now louder Distant star makes music First stellar 'heartbeat' heard Mission guide: Corot The Kepler space telescope measures the sizes and ages of stars five times better than any other means - when it "listens" to the sounds they make. http://current.com/1jjn14c Bill Chaplin, speaking at the AAAS … Continue reading Stars hum Music ,Kepler Telescope Records!

Universe did not evolve violently.Study.

    Until now, the main suspects for what made these supermassive black holes into active galactic nuclei were galactic mergers. The crashes were thought to be what drove matter into the black holes, ramping up their activity. [Gallery: Black Holes of the Universe]   But after looking at telltale signs of galactic mergers among 140 … Continue reading Universe did not evolve violently.Study.

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