Pace Swing Bowling Cutters Details

I am a keen follower of Cricket and follow Cricket Matches Live irrespective of the timings of Telecast to such an extent it makes my children remark that ‘I should be of Age!’


Though I am familiar with the Cricketing Jargon I tend to get confused on the terms in Cricket.


Many people are shy  of asking youngsters thinking that it is beneath their dignity!


I do not contribute to this view.


If some one knows a subject better I will learn, even if they are young enough to be children, in some cases even Grandchildren.


What counts to me is that I learn and one should admit wherever and whenever it is due, in this case I am amazed at the information the youngsters of the Day possess !


Despite this updating, at times I get confused about Bowling styles, especially when new commentators confuse you among Pace Bowling and Fast Bowling.


So, having posted an article on the Fielding positions in Cricket , with illustrations, I decide to post on Bowling to begin with.


Surprisingly the post had a good response, especially from the youngsters  to such an extent that two Boys asked me for Tips!


I advised them to get a Coach or check the link I provided in the post.


I might post on Batting later


What started of as an exercise to get Sun on you, now, has become a full-time professional occupation.



There are two types of Bowling.

1.Pace Bowling where the velocity of the Ball is used and


2.Spin Bowling where the Bowler Spins the Ball.


Pace bowlers are not fast bowlers;

Fast bowling refers to only a subset of pace bowling as seen in the following table.


Pace bowlers are classified according to the bowling speed at which they average in an over.


The following table gives a rough idea as to the categorization of these bowlers.


Classification of Pace Bowlers.

TYPE                                        MPH                                        KM/H

Fast                                         90+                                          144.8+

Fast–Medium                     80–89                                      128.74+

Medium–Fast                     70–79                                      112.65+

Medium                                60–69                                        96.56+

Medium–Slow                    50–59                                        80.46+

Slow–Medium                    40–49                                        64.37+

Slow                                        39 & below                            62.7 & below

Swing Bowling.

Swing bowlers make the ball curve in the air after pitching and one who can make the ball swing in air after it bounces on the pitch either towards or

away from the batsman he is called a seam bowler.


If the ball curves into the batsman it is known as an in-swing.


If it curves away from him, it is called an out-swing.


To make the ball curve, the bowler holds the ball as demonstrated.


  • Swinging a cricket ball by using the correct grip.
Pace Bowling Swing Style

Swing Bowling,Conventional Image credit.

Swing is caused by two factors:

  1. The raised seam of the cricket ball.
  2. Asymmetry in the ball caused by uneven wear of its surface.


If the seam is aligned to point slightly to one side or the other, the slipstream of air moving over the raised seam causes an aerofoil effect, pushing the ball to one side.


The flow of air over the two different sides of the ball causes differential pressure based on the surface qualities of the sides.


This causes the ball to curve through the air towards the rougher side. In combination, these two effects can produce considerable sideways movement of the ball through the air, known as swing.


Dippers are a kind of swing delivery.


A dipper curves into or away from the batsman before the ball pitches.


The Bowling i is the same as swing, but dippers are harder to hit as they almost pitch near the batsman toes.


A delivery pitched at the batsman’s toes is known as a yorker. Hence dippers are often known as in-swinging yorkers or out-swinging yorkers.


Seam Bowling.


Seam bowling is a type of pace bowling. Bowlers employing such a technique are known as seam bowlers or seamers.


The seam joining the pieces of leather is circumferential and the stitching is distinctly raised.


If the ball is bowled such that the seam hits the pitch when it bounces, this abnormality can cause the ball to deviate sideways in its path.


In order to achieve this effect, a seam bowler delivers the ball with the seam held upright, holding the ball with his thumb and middle & index finger.


As he releases the ball, the two fingers roll the ball backwards. This keeps the seam aligned vertically as it travels towards the batsman, making it possible for the ball to bounce on with the seam upright on the pitch.


The direction and degree of deviation from a straight path are dependent on the small-scale alignment of the seam and any irregularities in the pitch surface.


This means that deviation caused by seam is chaotic and unpredictable.


Often the deviation caused by seam is not large enough to cause a batsman significant problems with playing the ball.


Occasionally, however, the ball can deviate far enough to hit the edge of the cricket bat instead of the middle, producing a catch for nearby fielders. Skilled batsmen have good reflexes and are less troubled by seam bowling than less proficient ones.




Cutters are a type of delivery. Cutters are bowled by spinning the ball so that it breaks – it changes direction after pitching.


A leg-cutter is a delivery that moves from the batsman’s leg-side to the off-side after pitching (right to left on the TV screen).


An off-cutter moves the opposite direction. Cutters are bowled at a much faster pace than the spin that spinners bowl. As a result, the deviation is not as pronounced as true spin.


*Batsmen and Bowlers are assumed to be right handed in this post.




 Image :ESPN Sports Media Ltd.

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New Cricket T20 7PL Is Born

A new T20 Cricket is being organised, called  7 PL.

cricket capture

cricket capture (Photo credit: freeformkatia)

Expected to be launched this week, the Game will be promoted by a Dubai Conglomerate,with a Powerful political big wig associated with Indian Cricket being involved.

The team will be Captained by Indian Captain of all formats MS Dhoni.

“The number 7 is associated with this show as 7 is Dhoni’s lucky number.

“India captain MS Dhoni is the chief brand ambassador of the league and the official announcement is expected in Dubai this week. 7PL, it is learnt, has the blessings of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control for Cricket in IndiaBCCI). However, it will not be an ICC recognized tournament, sources said.

The league – that aims to further shrink the number of overs in a game – will be played between seven teams, each representing the seven Emirates of the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain. The teams will have players from seven countries – India, PakistanSri Lanka, South Africa, theUnited Kingdom and Australia, apart from the UAE. Each country is expected to be affiliated with one Emirate.

All the involved cricket boards have reportedly given their consent to 7PL. The number ‘seven’ happens to be significant not just because of the number of Emirates in UAE; it also happens to be Dhoni’s favourite number.

Scheduled to be played from March this year, the matches will first be played in Dubai – both indoors and outdoors at its state-of-the-art cricket facility that also houses the World Cricket Academy – while the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final will be played outdoors. ”

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Sachin Tendulkar In A Nutshel , Minus His Spirit.

I read an interesting article on Sachin Tendulkar.

It lists hundred facts about Sachin Tendulkar and it is quite comprehensive.

In fact it is  Sachin Tendulkar in a nutshell, though one can not catch his spirit, which has to be observed to be believed, be it being a Team Man,Patience,Composure,

Calmness,Sobriety,respect for elders, encouraging others,his Humility.

Here is an excerpt.


Tendulkar celebrated on World Cup Win.

1) His full name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

2) He was born on April 24, 1973, in Mumbai

3) He has two brothers and a sister. His elder brother Ajit encouraged him to play cricket

4) He was named after legendary Indian music director Sachin Dev Burman

5) His nicknames are Little Master, Tendlya, The Little Champion, and Master Blaster

6) Sachin stands just 5ft 5ins tall

7) He is a right-handed batsman

8) He is also a right-handed spin bowler

9) But he writes with his left hand

10) He attended the MRF Pace Foundation to get training as a fast bowler, Australian bowling legend Dennis Lillee was unimpressed and recommended he focus on batting

11) He was a ball boy during the 1987 World Cup semi-finals between India and England at Wankhende. England won

12) Growing up, Sachin would ask his friend Ramesh Pradhe to dip a rubber ball in water and hurl it at him. He wanted to see the wet marks left on the bat to know whether he had middled the ball…


22) On his debut he wore a set of cricket pads given to him when he was 16 by his hero Sunil Gavaskar

23) He always puts his left pad on first when kitting himself up for the crease

24) He made his One Day International debut on December 18, 1989 – but Waqar Younis got him out for a duck

25) His chosen shirt number when he played ODIs was 10 or 99…

34) Sachin was the first batsman ever to be given out by the third umpire, when he was run out against South Africa in the first test in Durban in 1992

35) Tendulkar’s immense popularity saw him be an early pioneer in India on cricket business dealings, signing a record sports management deal with Worldtel in 1995 worth $5.7million over five years. In 2001 he signed a new deal for $15.2million, switching to Saatchi and Saatchi’s ICONIX in 2006 for a deal worth $34.2million over three years

36) He did not have a bat sponsorship contract until 1996..

68) Sachin’s talents extend beyond batting. While he is not a regular bowler, he can bowl medium pace, leg spin, and off spin, and is often used as a partnership breaker

69) He has taken 45 Test match wickets and is the 10th highest wicket taker for India in ODIs

70) Tendulkar has scored more than 1,000 runs in a calendar year in ODIs seven times.

More Facts at:


Sachin Tendulkar Dancing Rare Photos Essay

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar as a Toddler.

Tendulkar as a batsman Child.

Batsman in The Making.

Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli

Sachin with his close childhood Friend Vinod kambli

Sachin Tendulkar with Vivian Richards

Sachin with Vivian Richards, The Original Blaster,

Sachin Tendulakr and Sunil Gavaskar

Sachin with his ‘Sir’, Sunil Gavskar

Sourav Ganguly and Scachin Tendulkar.

Sachin and .’dada’ Ganguly as Youngsters

Ms.Ambani and Sachin

Dancing with Ms.Ambani

Tendulkar Tennis.

Sachin Plays Tennis.

Sunil Gavaskat Teaches Sachin.

Gavaskar Teaching Sachin.

Sachin sitting  with his son.

Sachin with His son Arjun




IPl Champions Trophy Schedule

Notwithstanding the IPL Match fixing scam, the Cricket fever is hot in India.

Schedule of Champions Trophy  IPL 2013, is here-below.

Champions trophy 2013,IPL Schedule.

Champions trophy 2013,IPL Schedule.

Teams and Players.

To know the team composition, click on the Country in the Format.


India Australia Sri Lanka
Pakistan England South Africa
West Indies New Zeakand