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2.In this sense Parallel verse and the Multi verses exist simultaneously. In the former, at our level of existence we have many possible worlds depending on our intent to perceive. Also the Multi verse do have their Parallel verses depending on the ability of those who inhabit them to perceive. So there are many Multiverses in each of the possible , including ours. 3.This raises some interesting possibilities. a) If one were to go back in Time and sees himself in the past, what does it belong to? Parallel or Multiverse? b) Again, according to Hinduism Rebirth is certain. Let us look some example. I am 64 now. I should have died at least sixty four years ago. My children int he past birth must have cremated, buried my body and religious ceremonies should have been performed( It might nor have been performed as well).


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What is the Work we are talking about? Going to office, 10-5, working in a software company or running a Business, where we earn? What do we do here? We earn money to satisfy our senses. We remain unsatisfied whatever we earn. We remain loyal , honest to others in the work place so that our jobs, businesses are secure. Where is the question of Altruism? At the end of the day, after we do our life's work, what does remain for us?

சந்தியா வந்தனம்உத்தர பாகம் நிறைவு அர்த்தம்

  முதல் பாகத்தின் இணைப்பை இறுதியில் காண்க .   கணபதி த்யானம் .   எங்கும் நிறைந்தவரும் எனினும் பக்தருக்கு உகந்த வடிவம் எடுப்பவரும்,வெண்மையான ஆடை உடுத்தவரும் ,நிலவு போன்ற  ஒளி உள்ளவரும் ,நான்கு கைகள் உள்ளவரும் ,ஆனந்தம் பொங்கும் முகமண்டலத்தை உடையவரும் ஆகிய கணபதியை ,எல்லா இடையூறுகளும் விலகுவதற்காக த்யானம் செய்ய வேண்டும்.   மூச்சின் ஆட்சி .   ஓங்காரமே பூலோகம் , ஓங்காரமே புவ லோகம் , ஓங்காரமே ஸுவர் லோகம் … Continue reading சந்தியா வந்தனம்உத்தர பாகம் நிறைவு அர்த்தம்

Kanchi Periyavar and Ramana Maharishi,Video

There have been a lot of Sages, we hear, in the Puranic Age. The Compassion,Discipline,Self-Denial and Simple Living of these Sages are so unbelievable that one tends to dismiss them as a figment of imagination. But, as if to prove ourselves totally wrong ,there comes a time when Sages of such Nature appear. Along with … Continue reading Kanchi Periyavar and Ramana Maharishi,Video

In Times Of Crisis’ God is Here With US.

I came across a blog which i am quoting below. Hinduism does not blame God for our pain. One reaps as he sows. Then why pray? He gives us the Strength to bounce back. This can not be logically explained. One can only feel it. As one who has gone through pain in my Life, I … Continue reading In Times Of Crisis’ God is Here With US.