Cop dying as callous ministers watch-Tamil Nadu,India.

Please watch the video.This is not a film shooting.Two guys are cabinet ministers in Tamil Nadu,India;one of them is the Health minister. One more gentleman is Health Secretary,Note the the way the bear themselves. In another footage shown by Times Now, a popular English News Channel you would notice a photographer merrily clicking picture.


Why can’t all fast-food restaurants do this? [pic]

Fast food restaurant leads the way.

In Pictures: America’s Best and Worst Banks-Forbes.

Best and Worst Banks US>

Avoiding a Japanese Decade-New York Times Edit.

Many points have been left out. Risk is taken by Banks for large corporations , not for small/individual borrower.If you analyse bad debts , you will find maximum percentage shall be from large/corporate borrowers.Most of the time large corporations are financed based on non economic or financial considerations. Banks must take reasonable risk in lending to small companies and individuals for it shall generate demand and propel economy. Cap on income or tax on income beyond a certain ceiling shall prevent social unrest and morally being paid enormous sums as in Banks/corporations is obscene While lending care also should be taken, whether it be for small or big corporations, in determinig the repayment capacity.. Non Performing Assets should be disposed after 5 years.

How to Train the Aging Brain

Some other ways to train the Brain; Connect ideas to pictures. While reading find the abstract and relate to the article/story you are reading. Try to contradict what what you are reading. For memorizing, combine the words in the sentences in various order .E.g. I came home early. memorize thus. I came;came home,home early,early I.I came ....This is one of the disciplines by which the Vedas , the early Hooks of Hindus, have been memorized and transmitted for over 5000 years with out written form.You can go to any part of India, you will the text recited with no variation in text and and tone/tune.