Rig Veda Theorem Unleashes Energy From Space

I have posed an article how the first two lines of the Purusha is used to Generate Electricity.
Check the sloka for words and Syllables.

Check the period in which the Rig Veda was written and find out Daily Cycles.

Use the unit wave length.

Use The value of light speed then, it was as it is measured today.

Use the derived value of light speed as number of cycles of unit wavelength using the principle of simultaneity (which is self-similar and scale invariant.

Taking the log (10) ratio of difference between measured and derived value.

Hologram Aham Brahamasmi Veda Particle Physics

I participated a Function on the occasion of the release of a Book Downloading Vedic Secrets,,From Quantum Vacuum Filed to Gayatri Mantra as a Guest Speaker.

Physics explains that we see things through our eyes in a series of images.

Eyes see these individual images as one when these images are presented to our Retina ,

Based on this restriction imposed on our eyes Hologram evolves.

A hologram is a photographic picture that is composed of a great number of small parts, all of which contain the picture as a whole.

When we break up the hologram in many pieces, we end up with as many small but complete pictures of the whole.

Precisely what the Mahvakyas of the Vedas declare,

“Aham Brahmaasmi”, Iam That

Time Recoils Earth Is 4.32 Billion Years Hindusim

A Kalpa is 12 hours of Brahma. 2 kalpas make a day and a night of Brahma.

He lives for 100 years on this time scale.

How many Mahayugas or Chaturyugas( Four) are there in a Kalpa?

There are 1000 or 1008, Mahayugas in a Kalpa Mahayugas in a Kalpa.

84 Chaturyugas is an hour of Brahma.

There are 14 Manvantaras in a Kalpa.

Check my post on this.( Link provided at the end of this post)

A Manu or an Indra lives for 1 Manvantara.

A Manvanatara is a 100 years of Indra.